20 December 2018


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hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I'm going to be doing a review on the NYX can't stop one stop concealer I haven't heard anything about this product so I just wanted to do a review for you guys and I will sent this from influencers so I wanted to kind of see how the concealer worked since I'm gonna be out today I want to just go ahead and test the concealer out for you guys so they've sent me the concealer here this little box clearly this is the concealer and now that I'm looking at the shake because I haven't opened the shade it is really light natural ten so we're gonna see how light this is I haven't even washed it or anything so I'm gonna take the packaging off so you guys already know about influencer I've done several up there like I've opened several of their boxes here on my channel I will leave a link down below for you guys to sign up with influencer I'm just totally free you get you get sent free products to test out and try and review and every product that you try out and review you you're open to getting new new products either from the same company or from different companies

so just sign up and see if you like it the concealer is eight dollars and fifty cents it's supposed to be twenty four-hour highly pigmented shape sorry it's 24 highly pigmented shades lightweight formula waterproof provides beautiful coverage and lasts for 24 hours and it just tells you on this little card how to use it their tips and tricks on here I did go on the NYX website and if you hear something in background that is Zara and Zoe and Greg so they are here so I went on their website and I was looking at the reviews on this concealer and most of the reviews on this concealer is from influencer people so that's one reason why I wanted to kind of do this on my own but there is a review for like three stars and they said that it's okay need more time need to mix it it's a little thick and drying for me I while his skin so they did receive a sample or something like that the Kanta said poor texture pros is to use so I want to see what that review was about it does have some four stars and it has some five stars so I want to test it out to see how I like it

even though you know I am part of the influencer crowd I still want to give my honest opinion I do feel like this shade it's going to be a wee bit too light for Jackie so I may have to mix it or just kind of use my powders to kind of help bring it back to the right color the applicator is pretty nice it's really big and it has it it bends a little I don't know oh and it is flexible so that's a good thing you get point 11 fluid ounces in here for 850 which is not bad at all so let's just see how good it is it don't smell like anything this one's good oh she is kind of thick and she is very bright so I'm complaining about the color because before you get sick anything from influence so you fill out a survey of like your skin tone and like the foundation color you normally wear the concealer color you normally wear so that's why I was just like I didn't put this color on there so know where I got this from okay so once I'm gonna blend it out with a brush and the other side I'm going to blend it out with a damp sponge so let me go damping okay so this time I'm gonna go

ahead and use the brush it's already starting to set so that lets me know the starts pretty fast and I do have the silly fan ID so that could also act with the drawing of the concealer because it's blowing around some cooler air because I have a Huron and I get hot pretty fast that blended up pretty nicely um the cover it just okay it kind of disappeared a little bit so we'll see how this site goes I actually like the sponge a bit better as far as like keeping the coverage but it made it it made it a little patchy so I don't know if you guys can tell and it drives really fast so I have to really buff it out on my chin in my nose but it made it a little patchy here on the side of my face versus decided it's like a lot smoother this site you can see some variations of the foundation and my skin like it feel like it kind of pulled up some of the foundation cuz of the sponge so I'm just gonna add a little bit more concealer on both sides because I am leaving today so I want to still look flawless try something different with my eyes and the eye color I know the stuff that used a sponge art

I'm just not loving it but I am gonna go ahead and set it this thing can throw my creases a little bit it's really thick though I'll take the Maybelline loose finishing powder to set my concealer I'm alone with the Maybelline fit me powder pressed powder it's the matte one to go ahead and finish up my face also blending this with that part that loose powder under my eyes to come and blend it out because that concealer really was right it really has some nice coverage once you get that powder on there I guess you'd like that flawless finish okay it takes away dark spots and blur so it does look like really nice and smooth under my eyes my chin and stuff so it has a really nice finish I'm gonna go ahead and finish on my face and then I'll come back alrighty guys so it is a different day same review for the Knicks of care stuff one stop concealer so what happened was I did my makeup and you guys saw my first impressions on applying the makeup and what happened was I was running late for work so I had to just bounce and then the kids were going crazy so I didn't even get to show you guys the completed

look or come back afterwards and show you guys how it looked so what I decided to do is go ahead and I did use the concealer under my eyes and my nose and my chin and I'm gonna wear today and come back and show you guys how it look because I do have my opinion already based on this concealer but I thought it wouldn't be fair to show you guys how it looked at the end the end of the day since I couldn't record that part for you yesterday so I decided to do it today and then share my feeling sorry had my feelings on how I feel about this concealer the what changed from yesterday to today is I did turn myself in off today when I applied the concealer because yesterday I said it dried fast and I had the scylla fate on it still dried the same way and I did do the same technique where I used a sponge on this side and a brush on this side and once again I still feel the same way that the brush is better than the sponge I just did not like the sponge with this concealer at all and I even tried a dry sponge instead of using that wet sponge and I still didn't like it so I am gonna go ahead and wear this for the rest of

the day for the rest of the day and they come back and tell you guys how I feel about the concealer but I really just want to tell you guys how I feel about it now but it's fine yeah so I did set it with the same maybelline powder and everything the only thing that's different is to makeup look and you know I have on highlighter and all that but I'm gonna wear it for the rest of the day and then I'm gonna come back and show you guys how it looks at the end of the day oh and by the way it is 10:37 so we'll see how long it lasts if it creased right now there's not really much creasing right now there's nothing really happening to see it's pretty matte to see how it goes okay guys so it is now 533 you can't see that 533 and I've been having this on for about what 10 1 2 3 about seven hours I feel like that is a good amount of time because as you can see I am really or my skin hasn't been this oily since before I got pregnant with Zara so I guess it's going back to how was but I look super oily I went out today I just didn't do anything to my

face okay so I zoomed it for you guys to see that it is pretty matte under the eyes but it did crease a little bit in my little creases but in the chin area and it's still there and then the nose it's just really cold my skin is just really oily I don't even think it's the concealer just my skin is pretty oily all over not quite sure why that is happening but my skin is really pretty oily all over but it did crack under the eyes okay so I told you guys earlier that I had my already opinion based on this concealer and to be honest it's not the worst concealer out there but it's not like the best concealer especially for especially for the price I just feel like for 850 there's other concerns that I would probably reach for before I would pick this one up I did not like how this concealer blends out I just absolutely do not like how this concealer bleeds out I used a sponge which is the Real Techniques Beauty sponge and I used a brush and the brush that I used the brush that I use was the elf small stippling brush and this is I use this brush for like all of my concealers when I want to blend out and get a flawless

look when I don't feel like using a sponge or if I don't have a clean sponge so I do use this brush like a lot so I was quite surprised that that brush just did not do the trick so I was just not happy about how this concealer blended out the first time I applied it you guys saw it was pretty patchy on this side with the sponge and even with the brush it kind of just wasn't like the best and then the color that they sent me was just not the best color even though we felt out a survey so I'm not faulting with the concealer because of the color but it would have helped if it was more in a color that I can use it's just in this weird like light shade in the consistency the consistency is pretty decent it's pretty thick as you guys can see um it dries really fast for me it dries really fast because let's put my concealer on and then take my time to blend it out but this concealer does not give you that much time it starts to dry up pretty fast even as I'm talking it's already started to dry up so it's already hard to blend out but the fact that it dries really fast makes it even worse so that's something I didn't like um it does last for a long

time I really can't test it on the transfer thing but it did crease in my lines under my eyes what I purchased this thing so I probably not just the overall like use the overall with skywards performance of the concealer I just did not care for so this is gonna go on my no I do not like concealer pow I'm sorry NYX I really like NYX products but I just did not care too much for this concealer so I don't know and I did do a review of the foundation but I had lost the footage so I didn't even get to post a review and I kind of felt the same way about the foundation it's just dried really fast and I didn't like the consistency I didn't like how it bled out so that's why I've never even went because I hadn't returned the foundation I never went and bought it again to shove it to the review for you guys cuz I just didn't like the foundation either sorry to say that but I just didn't like that and it didn't like the concealer either so well so I hope you guys enjoyed this review I hope it was helpful for some of you if you was thinking about purchasing this concealer maybe it may perform better with the foundation that's probably another test

I may have to do but I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I can't wait to chance two guys in the next video bye guys