04 May 2019

Nykaa Hot Pink Sale | Mini Haul + Review | PRODUCTS TRIED ON.

Hello everyone This video is about Nykaa hot pink sale may 2-5, 2019. I ordered few makeup products and i've tried it on . Here's my review on it. Hope you like ...

everyone Anika and welcome back to my

channel so today's video it's going to be about this mini Nike haul and a try on I just got back from college and our go and when I reach through my phone that Monica person had a ride so thence there's a hot pink sale going on in naica started from May 2nd and delay is for me that is when I'm shooting this video so it is still going on and it will be till May 5th all the items like most of the items were on sale they are still on sale so I decided to you know like order few items from my craft because I've been eyeing some makeup products from a very long time also I haven't unboxed it yet even though I want it because I wanted to do it in front of the eyes and you know give sort of review of how the products where the delivery time and all the sort of things oh yes this video is going to be all about that and it's a very just random video this parcel came I happened to you know make one beater so I hope you guys will like it and I will start unboxing [Music] [Music] so basically I had ordered three items from my car the first one is this

Maybelline Maybelline fit me foundation which is my favorite foundation I've used it before and this is my third purchase to be exact thought or food and really do remember so this I got it for 375 it was on sale and if you guys are a mere Bellinis product user then you might know then that we get this foundation for five hundred rupees I still remember my first time I had to pay five hundred bucks for this foundation and now it was on sale so I got it for 375 so this was the first product and the second one I ordered was this Wet n Wild photo focused natural finish setting spray so this is the makeup setting spray or which we applied after the awful makeup is done you know just to make it last a bit longer I this is my first purchase like this my first investment on any sort of settings because I've had friends who used it before and the reviews were quite good so its original price was $4.99 but then since it was on sale I got it for 374 fees which is again a good deal so yes this is the second item and the third one is this wet and wild color icon eyes shadow so I got this eye

shadow only for 68 rupees on speed the real price of this eyeshadow is 135 so yeah and that was pretty much it for the product side order so I'm regarding its package delivery time the application and everything you'll have to wait for this video to ends because I'm going to use this products now and see like how it is how it's the application the pigmentation and all of the things also I know that this fit me is going to be awesome because have used it before but I am quite unsure about this eyeshadow so let's see how it goes and let's start with the makeup start with this sunscreen which from Lotus this is UV screen matte gel SPF in this is my favorite sunscreen well now next for the base I'm going to use this black new primer let me absolute blur perfect makeup primer I'll be using just a little [Music] time for some foundation now take Annette my friends often suggest me to use a brush instead of hands but I don't know I just feel more confident using my fingers for blending because mr. Lundy's brushes properly so after this is done I am going to set

all of this or using this next I'm going to draw my eyebrows [Music] eyebrows are done as well now I will be doing my eye makeup and this is the part I'm really excited about and this is the eye shadow it's a shimmering kind of thing so I am going to apply it here [Music] I don't know if you guys can see through the camera but I like this one I wanted just this kind of eye shadow you know not a bit loud just a perfect blend of Newt and so I'd really like it for the eyes I'm going to use this like me and I know also these days I like putting a stroke of Kajal under my eyes I think it makes your eyes look really pretty so yeah I am done and for the lips I'll be using this ever on lipstick in pink shade and sorry I took like about to put on this spray I am an idiot I know so I am going to just put my setting spray okay done so this is the final outcome now let's come back to our mini hall review so the first is the packaging I think the packaging was I would give a 5 out of 5 they had put it all the day I put all the products in a bubble wrap so that it's protected and yes I would give

it a 5 out of 5 and for delivery time it took almost one and a half day and which is quite quick because you know when you start order stuff online then it will take appropriate to four days or sometimes it may take even a week so yeah that also I would rate that also I would give it a five out of five so now let's talk about the price so if I were to buy this products from many beauty stores nearby then it would of course we are out eleven hundred and thirty four rupees but since I got it on sale from mica I I paid only 777 in this way I was able to save three hundred and sixty piece which is a good thing I guess I mean who doesn't like to save money and now the final thing left that if the products should be so coming back to fit me foundation I would give it a five out of five because that is my favourite foundation as I told you guys would and the next is this setting spray so I quite don't know how is it because I just used it now and I don't know I mean how long it's gonna last so let's see that and for the third thing that is the small weight in while eyeshadow I loved it I love I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful that is you know it

has this little shimmer on it and it's just a perfect nude and that was pretty much it for today's video guys thank you so much for watching this video till the end and regarding the night car hot pink say it lasts till tomorrow that is fifth so probably I am going to upload this video today itself so you know you guys can check out the other products as well and if you guys like if you guys really want a good eye shadow then I would HIGHLY highly recommend you to get that wet and wild eyes shadow because it's just sixty three and it gives a really good pigmentation which is a good thing so yeah thank you so much for watching this video to the end don't forget to like it subscribe to my channel and sorry for that irritating noise because I'm shooting outside