26 November 2018

Nude makeup look


because is a nude eyeshadow palette so I'm going to apply with this color here since I want a new look I'll be right back with this eyes and I'm back sis I'm doing a nude loop I'm not going to marry matches because so much I'm going to church so I'm going to use my mascara on my eyes so I'm okay I tried this the first time I'm doing a makeup without my eyelashes so I'm worried through which priming my face but I feel like spray in my face I already primed my face before I start my makeup then I'm going to use this foundation stick on my face so if you can see my face you can notice that you will notice that the foundation I use is a little bit or two shades darker than my skin so I'm going to use I used a concealer I like a pro concealer to conceal or should actually highlight my face so I'm going to blend kay see how it blends so easily and I'm going to control my face with this foundation stick control here sir to blend I'm going to be using this I already highlighted and control methods and I used this palette and palette powder palette to control my face I use this shape to control and I

use face this sheet to her right after so I'm going to remove my excess powder with this sheet [Music] I have to highlight my face nest and enough before I write in my face hole it sets my face with this perhaps prick then I'm highlighting my face with a big uns up here perfect burger and I think this brings ice is a baby everything so I'm going to spray the brush that I'm going to used to bronze my face I hope you can see the Glee I'm lying in my lower eye line with this does no more of life as you know I'm lining my lips with this with a beauty lipstick the shield Coco there's just a very simple look you can take to church and I'm using this lipstick is also infrared of Buddha beauty and this is what the final look is like it's just a very simple loop you can actually take to church or anywhere but since I'm going to church I don't actually like simple loops because they seem very boring to me but since I'm going to church I wish you the slip thank you for watching