26 November 2018

NOVEMBER FAVORITES 2018 | Makeup & Skincare

Today's video is my November Favorites 2018 | Makeup & Skincare! I chat about my November Beauty and Skincare Favorites and a couple of items that flopped ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel today in today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys my November favorites I'm so excited there are definitely some amazing products right in front of me to talk about today I also have two flops that just didn't work for me so let's get into all of that really quick if you guys are new to my channel hello my name is Jenna it is so nice to meet you my channel is all about high-end and luxury makeup it is what we chat about here is what we love so if you love that just as much as I do then I would love for you to consider subscribing before you go and without further ado let's get on to it my favorites the first product was highly recommended for me from a lot of you I'm so excited I was able to get my hands on it because it has been sold out off and on on Sephora this is from Charlotte Tilbury and this is the Hollywood filter I do have the shade number three this is a tad deep for me it's light to medium skin I think the one that would be like best would be just for light or light neutral this product is perfect for priming the skin if you want a really beautiful glow by

itself it's not going to make you beam from space or anything it's a really nice subtle healthy glow by itself so you can definitely do that for light makeup days if you want or you can put it underneath a foundation that's not as luminous that you just want to pump up a little bit more and this is a really perfect product for that it's a perfect multifunctional product this has absolutely blown me away a lot of her products really do so I'm so excited that this was another one that I was able to absolutely love the next product is also from Charlotte Tilbury and you guys this one really surprised me if you guys have been around for a while you do know that I'm not a personal fan of cream products as much like liquid products as in liquid highlighters or liquid blushes they're not my favorite things so when Charlotte did her Victoria's Secret model look I ended up recreating it on my channel and the highlighter she used is this one this is the Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wand easy highlighter this is a cream product it does have a really really nice like plush applicator so it's nice and soft on this

again it's not going to tug at the skin either which I love and this is amazing because this does not disrupt any of my cream products or powders underneath what I do is I just put it on the side of my face and I blend it in with my Beauty Blender or you can do with your hands as well it's really really easy and this is a perfect spot light highlighter again not like a beaming highlight with lots of glitter or anything like that it's just a gorgeous subtle gleam to the skin really really liked it and when Charlotte was describing it she said that it was like a ring light kind of on your face at all times I would agree with that that is kind of what it looks like it's got a really nice beam and gleam but it's not shimmery sparkly or anything like that it's just a really nice highlight look to the face so I really really love this the only downside that I'm worried about is that I don't know how much product is in here because it looks like it would be quite a bit but a lot of this is err like it only really starts about here so I'm kind of like you were expensive buddy like how much is in here but anyways it is worth it for me I'm really

really obsessed with it my next favorite is a lip product this is something again that kind of surprised me that I ended up loving so much it was featured in one of my videos where I talked about products that I picked up and forgot to use this is from the Sephora collection and this is the melting lip click in the shade caramel this is a true hybrid product this is kind of like a lipstick gloss and balm like all in one it's hydrating and moisturizing like a lip balm it's glossy like a gloss and it's pigmented enough like a light sheer lipstick so all of this together is kind of what this product is I do think that it is really really nice for those days when you just want to be a little bit more put together you want to quickly grab something and put it on your lips this is super easy to use as well you're not gonna need a mirror to like make sure that this works perfectly and it's all in the lines kind of thing this is when you can just easily pop on and it just gives you your lips but better kind of look definitely a really easy to use product so I'm glad that I discovered this because I nearly forgot all about it

entirely the next product is a fragrance and this is something I received as a gift the Sephora swag bag from the Sephora event in LA I did do a whole video on that and the contents of the bags so I will leave that as well in the cards for you guys but this perfume is like me and a fragrance this is so beautiful a perfect balance of floral and citrus like freshness it's so nice it's also super good for you as well this is from clean and this is the Aqua neroli fragrance first of all they gave us a full-size amount in this way bag which is amazing the second thing is that this is a clean brand so there's none of those fillers or bad for you items in this perfume so I love that it does have these Sephora Green Seal of Approval they have that new green seal logo now on certified clean products which is awesome and this smells you guys like heaven this is so so good I've been using it pretty well non-stop since I've had it and you really don't need a lot this has been so so pretty so I do think that if you're looking for a new fragrance this month or for a gift for someone this is amazing especially if

you know they can't have certain things on their body like irritants and stuff like that this clean brand is perfect so I do think this is an amazing fragrance okay now let's get to skincare I do have two favorites that I've been using a lot this month the first one is from pharmacy ever since I hauled this you guys I have been loving it this is something I was so excited to update you guys on what I thought because a lot of you asked what I was thinking of this product and to update you guys this is from pharmacy and this is the honeymoon glow with serum this is an H a resurfacing serum so it is one that's going to sting a little bit not super bad though like I do also have the drunk elephant baby facial that is when you have to remove because it is a lot stronger and I find that it stings a little bit more than this one this one you can keep on your skin though so it's kind of like a gentle sting if that makes sense but I can tell that it's kind of doing its job because when I wake up the next morning my skin is visibly smoother I do feel like the texture has gone down as well I will say as well just another

thing for those of you that have been following along for some time you do know that I'm still currently kind of attacking my acne situation at my chin and this is something that has not irritated it it hasn't made it worse it hasn't inflamed anything so that is why I love this product it is so gentle especially on anything existing like anything existing like acne or things like that it doesn't do anything worse for us so I love that so in combination with this serum I have been using a new lotion and I hold this forever go you guys but I had so many moisturizers to use up first I didn't want to open it to air and I finally get to use it I'm so happy this is from drunk elephant this is the protein II polypeptide cream this is amazing well worth the price a lot of people think that drunk elephant may be overpriced or not worth it for the price things like that I do think this is worth it I haven't tried a lot of their line I've only tried the baby facial this the sunscreen is really good as well but this is one that's been a standout for me this month because it's just so so so good you open up the cap and it's really nice and sanitary you

push down this lid and the cream will come out of the hole so you're not putting your hands into a tub multiple times and potentially opening it up to bacteria and stuff so I really do like that I have been really enjoying this in combination with the serum and when I wake up in the morning I have like baby soft skin that has been retexturize it's just amazing and as I said before the serum is not irritating my acne this is not irritating my acne either if anything it's allowing the optimal kind of environment for healing for me so that is amazing definitely recommend this one as well okay now let's get to the flops I do have two one is from my t.j.maxx haul and you guys initially my first impression was yanks this is a interesting product and I've tried it a few more times and I'm like yeah this is definitely not going to work for me so I'm really glad that I got this at a discount they are also on sale right now at Sephora and it two-faced so now I kind of know why anyways this is from Too Faced and this the melted latex liquid lipstick the reason why I have a problem with this the color you guys is amazing I freaking

love this color and I wish that it worked out but this is thick thick thick thick sticky like I said in my other video it's like spreading honey on your lips and then once it dries down it just accentuates everything what gets just like the product that doesn't work the best for you in a tube is this one oh my word anyways this is the color of it it's so pretty dude I like it's a really nice peachy nude which is so pretty I have a lot of similar shades in my collection so I don't mind that this is a huge pass but I wouldn't even recommend it for you guys like at all this is just not something I would even recommend getting on sale just stay clear away now onto the last product of the video this is my last flop as well this I do think is something that may work for some people but I do think that it just isn't a good fit for me this is from Beauty Blender this is the insta clean spray now a couple of you guys really really enjoy this product so I'm not going to completely tear it down or anything but there is a really good reason why this didn't work for me first of all this is a waterless sponge and brush spray so you don't need water to

clean your products that is what it's claiming when I tested this out first of all first sponge my sponge okay this is also kind of like real life whatever I don't clean my Beauty Blender as often as I should I probably go like a week without cleaning it at the most which is like yikes that's a lot but anyways seven days sometimes my sponge is incredibly like full of foundation or product like when you squeeze it out you can tell there's some product in there so I tried using it at like its absolute dirtiest point which was after a week of use and I needed aid a lot a lot a lot of product to clean it out so I sprayed the heck out of this product onto my sponge it then tells you to Pat the product dry and I still found that I had to kind of wring it out over this so if you have access to a sink then I would probably just use water anyways and soap but when I was patting it with a paper towel it just took forever to pat down so I do think that if your like spot cleaning for this like you take your sponge it's clean you do one application of a foundation or whatever and you spray it down with this maybe I think then it would be more purposeful

for you but you do run through this really quickly like I don't hear anything anymore I don't know if there's anything left in here but I've used it a couple of times the first time on a really really dirty Beauty Blender sponge the second time after i deep cleaned my sponge I did some spot trading with this and I still found I was spraying a heck of a lot over the sponge just to get it to clean off so this unfortunately is a pass for me I do understand why it works for some people though so I do think now that you have heard my experience I'm sure it will help you decide if you think you would get a lot of use out of it and whatnot but I do think this is pretty pricey for how fast you go through it it's not something that I see myself using all the time just because my experience is proving that I may as well just deep clean my brushes and wash them normally anyways guys that is it for my November favorites let me know down below what are some products that you are loving this month I would love to check them out I always love your recommendations if you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to let me know as well by giving

it a big thumbs up as well as don't forget to subscribe to my channel I would love to see you guys again and until my next one guys take care thanks so much for watching bye [Music] everything a weapon through has made us wrong you won't believe we've had a great but so is there's a light inside of us it's your story