22 November 2018

November Faves! FAB Drugstore Palettes and Must Have Skincare Finds!!

Monthly beauty favourites time, hope you had a great November!! Let's chat about some amazing drugstore eyeshadow palettes and some skincare that is ...

hi guys welcome back to another video

and today we are chatting about everything and that I loved this month I actually have 2 eyeshadow palettes to talk about two highlighter palettes two lip glosses lots of things to talk about so let's go ahead and get started so the first items that I want to talk about are two complexion items that I love both together and separately I'm not totally sure when my vlog is going up and I know I've mentioned it in other videos and people were like I didn't see this vlog and I'm my apologies I thought it was gonna go up earlier than it did but I had other videos and anyways if it's live I will link it down below if it's not it's coming but basically I walk on the CN Tower and it's one of the highest like freehand walks in the world or something it was wild so when I when did that Smashbox actually invited me to do it and I wore of course their studio Skin Foundation and I hadn't worn this in a while really really love this I have a full dedicated review on it so I will link to it down below but great foundation a great range in there I do love Smashbox is complexion products I absolutely love their stick that has the built in at

cream contour but I hadn't used this one in a while so highly recommend this it held up very well but also to help ensure everything stayed in place I used the cover FX high-performance setting spray and I've heard amazing things about their matte setting spray so I definitely need to try that but I've been using the high performance and I think it does a really good job it doesn't necessarily mattify the skin but I think it does a really nice job to help not only keep things in place but keep them looking a vibrant and kind of just lasting on your skin throughout the day so if you do have oil it may not necessarily stop the oil but I feel like it does help to kind of keep things looking fresh and keep them in place doing a really good job of that so if you hadn't tried this one yet this one's a little bit newer to their line I really like it the first eyeshadow palette that I want to mention is from colour-pop and I used this in a recent like chauchat get ready with me colour-pop haul video and I had kind of wanted their other palette they've got like a new pink one out but that one was sold out and I ended up

with this one and I'm actually so glad that I did similar to like the emily noel palette that i or the Urban Decay Born to Run I've really been enjoying pallets lately that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and I've really been enjoying playing with different colors but I don't want to get a palette that's like a completely cool tone or completely from left field because it kind of leaves me in a place where I'm unsure so this is a really nice kind of like Gateway palette or just a palette that I find really excites me and makes me want to try new things and I found the quality was amazing I love the shade range in here and it's different enough that you can create some different looks but you can still get your basic looks out of it too and especially because it's so affordable the quality is amazing there's only twelve shades in there I think they've just done an incredible job with this palette what is it even called the good sport pilot yeah the good sport palette so I really really like this if you'd like to see it in action I did use it in that color pop video which will of course be linked

down below but I gotta say really really impressed with this I love their yesplease palette as well I did a three looks 1 palette on that back when that first launched that will also be linked down below but if you were kind of eyeing some color pop or if you needed to get your color pop order to $50 for free shipping or whatever it might be definitely take a look at this one another eyeshadow palette that I really enjoyed it's from ELF this is from their modern metals collection and similar to the good sport palette I feel like the shades in here are really nice you're getting some really beautiful mats and they actually perform really really well because these kind of deep jewel tone mattes can either just not perform at all and the color doesn't show up on your eyes or it's too dark and doesn't actually look like the purple or the blue that it's supposed to be and I gotta say I was really impressed with this I used this in an Instagram tutorial which I would link down below if you'd like to see it in action but this palette the face palette and the lip gloss that comes in the modern

metals collection I think is super impressive so definitely recommend you give this a try it's got a gorgeous olive green in there really really love the palette and I love the face palette even more I mentioned this I think I mentioned how I use this in a get ready with me recently and it's also in that Instagram video but this is just I think that's called the cheek and highlighter palette but I love like I'm wearing this combination of blushes today and what I noticed about this is how actually long wearing it is because times with drugstore blushes they don't have a very good lasting power but I really feel like the lasting power and this is nice the highlights are gorgeous if you have a skin tone like me this is like my dream palette perfectly again I especially love the outer sides the inside is not like my absolute favorite but these two tones and these two tones I think are incredible and the middle still absolutely works for me beautiful beautiful quality if you're in Canada I did have some questions when I posted about this collection as to where to find it I always buy myself online this was sent to me from ELF but anytime I

purchase from them I pretty much just buy it online because in store they almost never stock the new stuff and online I can use my Ebates they had sales and I've done some elf haul so I'll link to those down below as well if you want to hear more about my shipping experience but really really love this to highlighter palettes that I want to chat about this as well I don't know that I've ever had this many pallets in a video but anyways the first is from Bobbi Brown and just is it doing it look at this packaging I mean come on and the box that it comes in has like velvet on the outside of it it's just the most giftable gorgeous thing I've ever seen it is the highlighting glow highlighting powder duo so I'm wearing the gold shade today again I used it in that get ready with me and it's so beautiful if you have a makeup junkie in your life or you are one yourself and you're looking to gift yourself something this is beautiful to be completely honest I've only used the gold side of my face I have swatch the pink side and it's still it's really nice it's not too light or too icy I still think you could use it on a skin

tone like mine the gold is my preference and I'd used whatever highlight it was that they launched several years ago three or four years ago and I found it to be a little bit glittery but I don't find this to be glittery it has that kind of gel a texture that it's just so glowy and so impactful without having like a bunch of glitter in there so you ran into that problem with the previous highlighters I think that this is so gorgeous it's very very intense but it doesn't look too metallic and chunky on the skin which is the most important thing to me and then a drugstore highlighter palette that I'm so impressed with is from quo this is their and glow palette a lot of the time with drugstore pilots especially quo things can run very pastel very light and get a little bit chalky on my skintone but I feel like the colors they included in here are so beautiful I used this one recently I put that one on my inner corner they make great eye shadows and I think the selection of shades is really beautiful really really interesting I will be talking about some holiday drugstore stuff in an upcoming video and I did film a little tutorial on some

quote idols for Instagram so if that is live it will be linked down below how many times can I say that take a shot but um really really impressed with this I wasn't totally sure how I was gonna feel because sometimes I find for the most part quotes face products are pretty much a hit some of their eye products are more of a Miss but this looked really promising to me I dug my nail right in there it is a soft formula but yeah really really gorgeous excited to play with it more I haven't put this purpley one on my cheek yet but I'm really really looking forward to it super super impressed with this and kuo is one of those brands that you know you see a Shoppers Drug Mart you don't hear a ton of people talking about it so I wanted to point this one out as so far my favorite of the quo holiday launches if you missed my current favorite foundations for oily skin you may have missed the announcement that the twelve days of foundation starts up on November 26 I'm super excited I will be reviewing twelve foundations in 12 days and because I'm reviewing twelve foundations in 12 days my product use has been a little bit limited or I've just been a

little bit lazier because I'm spending all my time testing foundations editing the videos etc etc so that all twelve days go up in 12 days because as I said I don't know when I said this but I was talking about recently how people always start vlogmas or they start these series and then don't realize how much work it is and they don't pre film and then the series just is like oh I'm actually not doing vlogmas anymore blah blah blah blah am i not me I'm being prepared so I have been free filming all my videos before I go on vacation meaning I've been thrown on a lot of lip glosses and I'm so into lip glosses again especially like just really juicy kind of pink looking lip glosses and these have been two of my favorite basically any of these essence XXXL long-lasting lip glosses they're pretty thick they're a little bit sticky but super long-lasting I was wearing this one yesterday and I loved it so much in baby dolls favorite there's another one that I really like from this line they're more of less sheer but I have a hint of color and depending on the shade you pick up like any of the deeper ones will have a little bit more

color this is more of like a hint of color but such a cheap great lip gloss cheap and price not in quality and then a classic this is the NYX butter gloss in vanilla cream pie yeah vanilla cream pie this has a little bit of a milky look on the lips a little bit more color I would say than the XXL and that they smell so good these are some of my favorite glosses ever and I never talk about them anymore oh my god was like a vanilla ice cream cone but beautiful colors in this line huge huge range super affordable really really beautiful and not as sticky as this one I don't mind a sticky gloss but they still do have a good lasting power very easy to throw on as well and I feel like I should give them a little shoutout because they don't get enough love anymore I did a video about a month and a half two months ago now on my favorite oils for oily skin but I'm still always playing around got this one recently from indeed Labs and I love indeed labs they're Canadian brains their skincare is incredible available at Shoppers Drug Mart and this is the squalane face oil so there's squalene and there's squalane this is the lane the a I don't totally

know the difference but what I can tell you about this this is a 100% squalane this I'm pretty sure it's changing my skin for the absolute better I love this I saw results after the first use i basically been using it every single evening mixing it in with whatever serum that i'm using this and i've heard great things about the decime one but I kind of backed away from that brand for a little while because they were getting a little bit I was like I don't know what to do with you um and indeed to send this along highly recommend it if you have oily problematic skin I truly feel like this is not only helping to balance my skin to lessen the oils that are coming through my skin feels smoother it feels more plump in the morning it's not heavy it's not greasy on days where I'm not wearing makeup I'll apply this as well I don't I wouldn't generally play apply any oil under makeup but on no makeup days where I'm just chilling at home I'll put this on and I wear night so freakin good all of their skincare is incredible I don't think again they get enough talk like some of the other brands that I'm mentioning today but this to me has just been my

absolute favorite product of the month I can't stop using it and especially with skincare I'm always trying new things and if there's something that comes along that I feel like is really doing something and I continue to use it that really means it needs to be pointed out to you so I highly recommend this not totally sure on their availability in the United States but of course on their website there's like a where to buy if you'd like to check it out it might be available at Target I can't remember but either way if you can get your hands on it highly recommend it and not only for oily acne prone skin it is recommended for everybody it's supposed to help with fine lines wrinkles hydration all that good stuff so love it so I'm gonna mention a product that I've only used once but the one time I used it I really really enjoyed it and I don't want to wait another month to talk to you about it in my December favorites it is the TLC's sucker Sakaki baby facial from drunk elephant you know how much I love this line it is not a cheap line but the products the ingredients and the results are not cheap either with Christmas approaching put some of their items on

your wish list really really love it this is a 25% aah a solution 2% BHA with chickpea flour and for my Canadians this puppy is not allowed here well it's not allowed to be sold here because of the percentage of a a chaise and the like Canadian rules against having like clean beautiful non textured skin apparently same look like that des iam red serum that came out so annoying so if you want to get this you you're gonna need an American peel box or pick it up when you're in the States keep your eyes peeled for it then they're not gonna like take it from you at the border but it just can't legally be sold here but oh my god it says it's a next-generation mask is a facial and effectively yet gently exfoliates poor lining and gets rid of dead skin cells a whopping 25% AHJ glycolic lactic citric salicylic acids these are all things that my skin really loves my skin really loves AJ's and you just leave it on for about twenty minutes on clean skin and follow-up they recommend with their marula oil and don't be like me you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I almost threw out a mini marula oil that comes in this package which is

a great way to test out the marula oil you can also follow up with any moisturizer you want but basically they're saying think of the TLC friend booze as nightly maintenance which is their kind of pink capped serum that I use and then the baby facial facial is like a one-week kind of deep cleaning of the skin and that AJ gets in there if you have sensitive skin I'm not 100% sure I don't know like exactly what they say about it but I my skin is not really sensitive to this kind of thing I left it on for about 20 minutes my skin felt incredible there's a little bit of a tingle so you don't want to do like really anything else to your face that night just wash it make sure it's clean and then apply this and then follow up with an oil or a moisturizer you don't want to go in and let exfoliate your skin and then do this or something like that because this is your exfoliator especially at a level like 25% AJ but it's nothing to be scared of it didn't hurt in my face after using it and still feels incredible I can't wait to use it again you're always busy use it once a week though so it's only been once but my god

it was a delightful time that we had together so if you have textured skin or anything like that recommend it recommend it recommend it perhaps you can even get a sample from it at Sephora and try it out on your face but it was delightful and lastly I have a cleansing balm that I want to mention I have a favorite makeup removers video going up at some point in the next month so many holiday things and new launches at this video like I found it a month and a half ago now and I still haven't had time to put it up because I'm like I just three to four videos a week and I have so many videos and ideas like it's just it's out of control it's amazing but I'm like I don't have the time so this is the rhodiola pink diamond 2 cleansing balm it's infused with vitamin E and their signature diamond powder to remove makeup and also transform the appearance of the skin I use this primarily as a makeup remover followup with my cleanser you'll see it in action in that vlog that I mentioned but it's supposed to dissolve makeup nourish the skin boost Regan's and hydrate the skin and it feels really beautiful there's a great draw job removing my makeup I use

this last night and I guess my boyfriend has never seen me use a like a cleansing balm before I don't know but he just like looked at me and I was like kind of rubbing on my eyes and he was just like what are you doing why is there like a makeup all over your face I'm like it's the process of removal okay get out of here but this does a great job removing my makeup doesn't leave any residue on the skin but still feels really hydrating it's a great texture if you have not gotten into the cleansing balm world I cannot recommend it enough and I've said it before but just the satisfaction of going in on dry skin with like a balm and just rubbing it all over your face and just seeing that mess and then rinsing it all off and all your makeup comes off feel super clean and then follow up with your moisturizer in the or so your cleanser moisturizer and the whole shebang I love it so much so if you haven't dabbled in cleansing balms that's a great one also stay tuned for the makeup removers video that will have BOMs eye makeup removers cleansers all that good stuff so those are all of my favorites for the month and as for my subscriber of the month it is a makeup

junkie I'm sorry I don't know your name but I know that you are a makeup junkie and I appreciate that you always leave a really great a meaningful comments on just about every single video vlogs food videos included so I really appreciate that you are taking in not only my beauty videos but the rest of the videos that I've been putting out cuz I truly have been loving doing my wedding in two days and my weekly vlogs especially are so special to me so thank you so much for your support as always if you'd like to connect with me you can find me on Instagram Twitter and Facebook at Samantha Jane YT and I'll see you guys next time bye