17 July 2009

Non-surgical jawline reshaping - anti-wrinkle injections Melbourne

A non-surgical procedure using 'anti-wrinkle injections' (the real name of this product cannot be used due to TGA restrictions) to help to slim and reshape the ...

- Welcome to the Victorian Cosmetic Institute.

My name's Doctor Gavin Chan and today I'll be demonstrating jaw reshaping with a non-surgical technique using anti-wrinkle injections. The actual name of the product we use I can't actually disclose due to regulations from the TGA. But it is a commonly used product for relaxing muscles in the face, like the frown, used by millions of people around the world. In this case, we'll be using it in the jawline or more specifically in the masseter muscle, which is one of the muscles responsible for chewing. If you just take a look at Michelle here, she's one of our receptionists, she actually has quite a strong jawline, and a little bit of prominence in the chewing muscles, the masseter muscle there. She suffers a little bit from teeth grinding, she says, at night. And that can be one of the contributors to a little bit of squareness in the jaw. Now Michelle would like to actually have it slimmed a little bit and we can do this by a few simple injections into that muscle to help relax the muscle and slim the jawline down. It's a very popular procedure because it gives the face a very slender appearance as well as enhancing the cheeks. It also helps with medical problems like teeth grinding, bruxism, and it can help a lot with headaches.

For people who grind their teeth a lot, they often get a lot of headaches, especially in the morning. So I'll give you a demonstration of this procedure. Now, if we look at Michelle's face, she's actually got a prominence in her chewing muscle, or the masseter muscle over here. If I could get you to clench your teeth. You can see that bulges out there. Relax, clench. That's quite a strong bulging of that muscle there, which is actually widening the jawline. Also, clench your teeth again. You can see there's quite a prominent temple muscle here, which is called the temporalis, the temporalis muscle. This muscle is often treated as well in the case of people who have migraines or headaches. This can often be a cause of those headaches. But today we'll be focusing on the masseter muscle, the muscle here. So the first step is to mark out the muscle. Clench your teeth. Relax. Clench your teeth. Relax. Clench again. Now I'm just gonna put in a few dots where the muscle is quite strong. And the other side. Clench your teeth.

Relax. Clench your teeth. Interestingly, this side is not quite as powerful as the other. Now it's important also that when you place these injections, that I don't actually go into the muscle which causes her to smile. So can you just smile there, Michelle? There's a muscle which goes from the corner of the mouth up to back here and if this muscle is hit, then you may get a little bit of droop in the mouth. So we keep our injections pretty low. That's important when treating. Okay, now for the actual injection process, there's a little bit of discomfort involved. For those who are worried about a little bit of injection discomfort, you can have some ice or some numbing cream. Michelle today has had no anesthesia and we'll just ask her afterwards how she felt. So give us another clench. Okay, here we go, a little scratch here. And it's quite quick. How was that, Michelle? Was that alright? - It was fine. - [Dr. Chan] Yeah, was it painful? - No, it wasn't too bad at all. - Not to bad, yeah?

Clench your teeth. And last one. Clench your teeth. Okay, right, so that's one side done. It's quite a quick procedure. So I finished the injections in Michelle's face and there's a tiny bit of swelling but usually this subsides in about half an hour. The other possibility is that you might get a little bruise in the area treated. And usually that can be covered with a bit of concealer or make up. The results from the procedure actually take about two months to work, unlike other parts of the face where we use this product, where it usually takes two weeks to work. And what Michelle will notice is reduced bulk in the sides of her face and a slimming of the face to make her face appear more like an upside down triangle. I think this will be quite a nice change, enhance her cheeks, and slim the jawline a little. So in summary, this procedure will, it's a relatively quick and simple procedure. It takes a month or two to work, and it usually lasts for about six months or even longer in some cases. But it does require periodic re-injection. So if you're looking to reduce the size of the jaw and improve the shape of the jaw,

this is a good non-surgical procedure, which doesn't require any cutting or stitching and it takes about five to 10 minutes and works quite well in most people.