20 December 2018

No makeup-makeup look.

Hello friends I am Ritisha. A cabin attendant. Will post videos related to my lifestyle,fashion makeup etc. Tried doing a no makeup makeup look for you people.

hello people so I'm starting with the

video now the first thing that I'm using is the primal and the primary spell Acme called blue perfect I'm going to apply it all over my face focusing more on the t-zone and I'm using my fingers to apply it second thing is the foundation and the foundation is fernika called skin genius so I'm dotting it all over my face and using a Beauty Blender to blend it girl to not forget your neck you don't want your neck and face look different and I'm going to use the same foundation as a concealer on my face not using much products for the base because you don't want it to look cakey then I'm going to blend it again now I'm using the a Deus banana powder to set my under eyes using a brush I'm going to apply it under my eye and over the eyelid and we will leave it for some time and with whatever is left on the brush I'm going to apply it all over my face to set the foundation so till the time the beating is going on I'm going to use a logical brow powder to do my eyebrows through the brush I'm using is my mini so I'm going to use a spoolie and combing my hair then I'm going to use the angled brush to fill in the eye

probes we won't use much products on our eye because we want it to look as natural as we can make it look now the sting of the banana powder I'm using savannah colors please don't mind the packaging because I use it almost daily so I'm going to use the brown color and I'm only going to contour my eyes that is it not doing much with the eyes as I said because we want to make it look natural so I'm going to apply the mascara now the mascara is the back called volume blaster I love this mascara I'm sure you guys can see the difference alright so I'm using the same palette by Savannah colors it has called the brushes as well so I'm going to mix the two blushes I'm gonna staple it on my cheeks now using the naik highlight of taking the golden shade I'm going to apply it on my apple of the cheeks because I don't know why I am but I love it I love how the blusher looks after applying the highlighter and I'm going to take the highlighter and just good you touch it on my higher points using a nude lips by Miss Claire the shade number is five nine it looks exactly like my lip color

alright people's from done with the makeup now I hope you guys like the video and the look tried my best to make it as natural as I could thank you so much for watching it bye