20 December 2018



hey everyone welcome back to my channel

7 today's YouTube video I'm going to be doing a natural everyday glam just because I haven't did one of these on my channel and I know a lot of people who watch me at least I think they're gonna want something like bless and glam and more like everyday and not every day divided but I'm like a bitch because like I'm lazy and I'm homeschooled and so I don't really go out much like just to the gym and so just like that and you don't want my go to them but anyway so we're gonna be doing it naturally everyday I am just let me look a little decent and not like this it won't look like a bit yeah that's what we're gonna be doing today this is your first time seeing me don't forget to hit that subscribe button like and comment all your from if you're a returning subscriber hey how you doing ok so the first thing that I like to do before I put anything on my face it's like to moisturize with this aloe aloe vera stuff I gotta have a dollar train it works so good like come to treat come through cheep-cheep-cheep come Fucci do not just use the stippling brush to put it on just because if there's anything on my hands here that

can cause acne and I'm not about that so it's gonna put some on the back of my hand can moisturize at my face and don't forget your name just because you don't want to be like die there it's because it is whenever I live and it be job and I really like do you use the stippling brush is because I don't know I don't personally like when stuff gets in my hands it's just like like it's just so annoying and the next step before I move on and while this is sitting I'm just ugh ever start lip scrub just because before I start my day and get on outside of doing something I always want my lips to be very like they don't need to look crusty that's on down and these are really good they're only like 12 dollars I think and they're like I've been using this for like ten months and it's still a lot in here and then add chapstick as well now before I do anything else I'm just gonna use this wet modeled photo focus primer water and just shake it up just because you want something on your face after moisturizer some people might want to skip this step but or my eyebrows are so light and um I have been like shaving them so they'll go up higher instead of like taking up a

whole eyelid space so for browsing are you taking the wet-and-wild of photos focus no got wet and wild or talk about brow pencil and it's in the shade medium a brown and I'm just gonna be focusing this on the outer part like where the tail should tell should be even though it isn't there because it's gone because I shake it off just because it was going like really down and I don't want to go out like that way and not down because yeah so I'm to be taking that and just yeah and this is like really cheap and it works really really good and it is quilty free you something like you look like you have brows but in reality you don't and then I will just take the elf clear brow gel and mascara it's like clear on both sides and I'm just gonna be using the eyebrow side to like keep in place the next step to cover up all your pimples in case they're looking like rough is I don't know what which they will be you're just gonna take some concealer and I'm just gonna dot it on places that really need it and then you're just gonna take your

morphe sponge like your morphe sponge that I have and you're just really taking some of that primer water and just spreading it I did dampen it but just to get a little more wet and you're just gonna go over that really easily and then very very lightly I'm gonna be taking the cutty airspun power and just shaking it and then getting just a little bit from the cat because I don't want a lie and you're just gonna like get just a little from the cap then you're gonna tap it on the back of your hand so that it like gets all the excess off and you really want to make sure that you like set your eyelids just because they will crease they will crease and someone will definitely not you have makeup on there wherever it may be and then you're just gonna take your eyelash curler and curl your map your eyelashes just so that they're like up just just so they're curled very nicely and then you know yeah then take the clear mascara shot side and just like put them on put that on there and then the next step that I do if I'm like I'm thinking I'm looking a

little pale from all the concealers that I might have used I was gonna take my bronzer brush and I'm not gonna actually penny bronzer on it but I am just gonna kind of like you know so any residue that's on there like get on there and then just take your blush brush company on it it is kind of just kind of add a little bit of blush like it literally looks like I'm not wearing anything and have a little under your eyes that's a natural like you're taking me Jeffrey Stehr highlighter in the shade peach goddess a dipping and highlighting where I wanna this isn't obviously natural but it does give you a club which I love you then I'm just gonna taking this elf crease brush I don't know how it's bust because it's literally so small and I'm speed dipping into the highlighter and I'm going to highlight my brow bone and my inner corner and then I drop a Highlander I almost I'm just go go everyone fights just because if there's any like powder from the whole light I just do that and one of the last final steps I like to do I like to take this rebel on slumping a lip cream and I just like to put that over my lids over top

of the UM chopstick and then I was gonna set my face but the photo focus primer water again one last time just so that it stays nice in place all day I hope you enjoyed this video I know it was short but I hope that you achieved a sum and natural every day no makeup makeup look with me so I got this is the end for this week's video I hope you learned something and I hope you like this video don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe and comment like comment something that's different about this that you do and yeah don't forget to check out all my social medias my makeup Instagram is right here so don't forget all of that I'll see you guys in the next video peace [Music]