26 November 2018

No Makeup Makeup Look

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hello everyone welcome back it's Rita

for today's video I wanted to do kind of like the ultimate a realistic no makeup makeup look so I know whenever you hear like a no makeup look here in YouTube and then you watch the tutorial it's like 12 different products right so no so for this look I literally I'm gonna be using five makeup things that's all that I'm gonna be using not counting like the two brushes that I used but it's just going to be five and make up again with my actual makeup I wanted to kind of like show you what I used for my skincare so since I'm not gonna be using any kind of primer or highlights because I didn't pick those products among my 5 makeup products I wanted to give my face a very glowy base and for that I did like use a glow moisturizer that I usually wouldn't use because I always go with like my regular moisturizer or for this look I thought it would be like a good way to kind of like double a skincare in something that maybe like glowy primer will give me so I'm using or I used for my stinker the a glam glow glow starter I've got this little sample from my Sephora box and this is just a mega illuminating moisturizer so like the name says said this is like a

skincare product it's a moisturizer that's gonna double up to give you like a very glowy base which was exactly what I wanted to do for my face today since I'm not gonna be doing any kind of like glowing products as per say in my makeup so for my first makeup product I'm gonna be using this pressed mineral foundation by copper effects it's just something that I normally don't gravitates towards because for my face base I always go for foundations and then I just kind of like set my foundation with just my regular Cody err spot which is a translucent powder so to actually get a little bit of I would say coverage and my skin since I'm not gonna be using any concealer at all so my face is just gonna stay there it is the imperfections are gonna stay and the redness around my eye around my nose because like the name says it like if you want to go for like a natural no makeup makeup look your skin is supposed to look a little bit red you're supposed to like show like your marks or your freckles whatever you have in your skin so it makes no sense to kind of like go and cover everything with just like a BB cream or like a concealer because it's

obviously gonna look like you have something on your skin so something like this like a powder is gonna be like way less noticeable so I'm just gonna go in with like a kabuki brush and I'm gonna go into the product and I'm just gonna like buff this all over my face and this is really not going to give me more much of coverage but it's kind of just going to kind of like tone down the excess glow or like just just kind of like giving me a tiny bit of coverage is not going to be nothing that's gonna I'm not gonna be using any concealer so I'm just gonna let my skin pick through as it is I'm just gonna do a little bit extra around my nose to kind of like help just a tiny bit with the redness but you can still see like my nose is red so that's okay like around my nose because the whole point of this makeup is for it to look like you're not wearing anything so like the little redness and the little marks are gonna help it look like nothing on your skin now for my second makeup product I'm gonna be using like if I go like this is just like no makeup right but if I go with like a blush I think it's more noticeable that you're already looking like you are using

something so I decided to go for a bronzer which I'm gonna be using a Chanel soleio 10 but this is a like a mousse kind of like a mousse cream bronzers that's what it looks like and I'm gonna go in with my usual bronzer bronzer brush this is the elf stipple brush and this just going to give me like still like my face kind of like really natural but with some dimension because if I just step out right now like this it just looks like I'm completely flat on my skin so I'm just gonna go in with this all over where I really put my bronzer so like on my my forehead right here kind of like carve a little bit my cheeks and they're not going to give me like a lot of color or anything but it's just going to kind of like help carve your face and for it to not look flat so bronzer is all done and I actually packed it up pretty heavily but still this is like a very kind of like natural bronzer that even if you kind of like pack it up it's still gonna look very natural and skin like so that's why I actually why I picked this up because comforts like other bronzers that I have

especially their powders they're gonna be way more noticeable than like a cream like a cream product so I think my face like my face babe is looking really good and it's pretty much done that's I'm gonna do for my face base and then moving on to me like if I want to look kind of like a little more presentable and a little bit more put together even if I'm going for this kind of look I definitely need to set my eyebrows I need to put on some mascara and just like a bronzer I packed it up on my face really heavily I'm also gonna pack up my mascara because I'm not gonna be using anything else on my eyes except for mascara and again I'm gonna be using the l'oreal voluminous it's just I've been really enjoying this mascara like more than I thought I liked it so I'm just gonna go in with some coats of this mascara and that's gonna help me kind of like kind of almost like put together this whole look lots of coats of mascara later on my eyes are done and I think just in any kind of look mascara will kind of like pull it all together and even if you're like in a rush and you don't have time to do anything if you at least put like

a little bit of mascara it'll make you look more awake I'm kind of like more just like put together in a way even if that's all you have I think mascara is like one of my favorite makeup products because it's gonna make everything look so much better okay now for eyebrows I mean I have like three hairs of Oh eyebrows I do have to do something to them I don't want to go in and kind of like draw them in and fill them in as I would usually do because it's gonna be way too noticeable since I'm wearing nothing else on my face and specially since I don't have any concealer around my eyes it kind of like makes them way darker if I fill them in so I'm gonna leave them as they are and I'm just going to use this little spooley kind of like make them in place put them in place and then I'm just gonna go in with the essence make me brow which is like this um there's plenty of this kind of like Jill eyebrow gel mascara so that I kind of like have fibers in them so that's gonna help you to kind of like fill out your brows just a tiny bit but you know still look very very natural so I'm just gonna go and in with this product

you okay so my eyebrows are all done and as you can tell this product gave me kind of like a bunch of definition like an ad in a natural way so it just helped to kind of like define my are my eyebrows and make them just a tiny bit fuller or like in a very natural credible little makeup makeup way so now for my lipstick I have two options of color but it's the same lipstick so I think this is like the ultimate no makeup of makeup look lipstick if you go for like a lighter shades so I'm talking about the NYX butter lipsticks and I have two colors kind of like a nude one and kind of like a more pinky but there's two both very sheer but will give your lips kind of like an extra something but still look pretty natural which is kind of like worthwhile we're trying to do with this makeup so I'm not sure if I'm gonna go for them for the a nude or the pink so I'm gonna swatch them right here so you're gonna see that they're both still pretty natural but they kind of have a little bit of a tint like a very pretty kind of like light tint to them I think I'm going to go for the pink color so I'm gonna go in with this color

this lipstick it just gave me like a very kind of like light rosy tint to my lips like very sheer that you could actually also get it with like a tinted lip balm but since I don't have any tinted lip balms I just went for an actual lipstick but that has like a very sheer like a very sheer color to it so this is literally the final look I'm not gonna add anything I think it's a great makeup look for when you're in a rush like if I was not talking I would have done this whole thing in five minutes or less it's really easy and it's a way that you're gonna feel kind of like a bit more put together without pretty much any effort even if you want to skip some of these of these steps like maybe I don't want to do any bronzer you just kind of like part of your face a tiny bit to kind of give it just like a sheer coverage add some mascara and put on some lipstick and you're gonna be good to go but you know I do think that the bronzer since it's a very natural an act like a very natural looking bronzer I think kind of just frames your face a little bit better and it defines your cheekbones without it looking like you're wearing something like too

drastic or too strong in your in your face kind of like if I go for a blush it's gonna be very noticeable that I'm obviously wearing a blush compared to kind of like today's very sheer bronzer that maybe it looks like I have nothing on my skin I'm gonna just get a little bit of Sun or you know something more natural I guess so yeah I mean I do have kind of like more to cover around my eyes because of the vitiligo that I have but I don't care like I can go straight out the door right now and with this makeup and I'm gonna look and I'm gonna feel really good about it and I'm gonna feel presentable and I don't have anything to like kind of like hide away with concealer or powders or foundation I just do it on a you know more regular basis because I like to do my makeup so if you feel like you want to do something real fast and easy I think makes a great makeup option okay you guys so like always I'm rambling too much so thank you so much for watching if you did like this video give it a thumbs up and please subscribe thank you so much and I'll see you in the next one bye