27 November 2018


Products mentioned *Mac fix + * Born this way concealer * urban decay powder foundation * Naked flushed palette Hey guys my name is dayanna and I'm a 16 ...

after show you in the city right between

with the cars pastor hey guys it's Diana and welcome back channel super early it is like eight I think and don't go to school until nine so I decided to record this video and show you guys how to do a no makeup makeup type of look yes okay so for this the no makeup makeup look yet to make it like less obvious are you're wearing makeup if you know what I mean so I start off by just brushing my brows like I have super duper thin eyebrows and most of my school knows this so filling them ain't want to make it obvious that I'm wearing makeup so yeah so now what I'm going to be doing and just brain on my fix+ brave just start off its like a wet base I'm letting the skin absorb everything and then I'm gonna go weakling in with my born this way to face concealer and the shade porcelain just came out some sealer you don't really want my foundation if I know I can make up look and this concealer kind of works as a foundation as well because it's super full coverage foundation so you're not like worried and there's coming up police disgusting pimples that decided to come the day before I started school I had a week off

and embrace a tapas net we're gonna do a video where I was going to school I'm doing my makeup cuz I hate wearing my go to school but I woke up at 7:00 and I don't start school till 9:00 on Monday so I was like you know might as well I'm just gonna blend this all out you neck's what I'm gonna do next okay so next I you don't want your concealer to crease over like time that you're at school your school usually eight hours so I'm using my Urban Decay um naked Ultra Definition powder foundation and just applying that not a lot so it's not really obvious yeah like powder on your face and you gotta stop my voice sounds so ugly in the morning I don't know why it's like I thought I saw like good grandma hello okay so next I'm going to be using my Urban Decay Naked flush palette and so I don't even know what I'm saying okay so to do this he's just you're just using a little blush cuz honestly blush makes your makeup look way more natural and makes it look more like you're not wearing makeup you

and next I'm going to be going back in with my ultra definition naked foundation powder and just putting the powder all like around my face so the point is is like you're not coming and need cleanup like you're like out a bunch of freckles all over my face and I have pimples as you can see like two big pimples on my face which are super annoying and disgusting but you know it's normal let me go back in with this thing I don't even know how this videos like turning out cuz I just I'm just tired and I'm just gonna be using the highlighter and you know putting it like right here and then I'm gonna be getting this little brush and just trying to blend it out so it doesn't look obvious that you have like I like her obviously it's gonna be you're gonna be able to tell someone like come up to you closely but from far away not really so I'm gonna be coming me they don't my lashes what does kill my mind I go don't Amazon FYI and you see just curling your eyelashes it makes you look more awake I guess it just you know pulls your whole

face together again I wish I have really really natural long guy lashes my us were just like medium no should that short but they're not that long and then I'm gonna be using my baby lips look um I'm you know what clothes just have my name right themed I feel like everybody's have these like when they're in sixth grade or something I got like way more weight or do you also wanna this this is the one that's left is this is my favorite one okay so this is like hmm I live inin let me just get it like from close up and I'm going to spritz my face one more time with this so this is the luck for today it's really as you can see it's really light it looks like I have no makeup on it just makes me look a little bit more awake and more more more blessed I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give this video a thumbs up subscribe turn your personification bow so you know when I have a new video up and yeah I just you know and leave a comment down below if there's any videos you'd like to see any suggestions and yeah so please peace out bye