23 June 2017

No Heat! Natural Hair Care Tips For Curly Hair & Renpure Shampoo Review

Holistic Practitioner, Justine Haynes, explains some ways to have healthy hair - especially for naturally curly hair. Plus a review of RenPure Shampoo, if you are ...

hello there and welcome to today's happy

health pick where we will be discussing healthy care care some of my favorite tips that I have learned over the last ten years plus of being in the health care industry and world I have learned especially with dealing with naturally curly hair a lot of people have asked me how you get your hair so smoothly the notes naturally curly and how do you keep it healthy and go shiny well today I'm going to talk about comb those tips that I've learned so number one one of my favorite tips that I've learned in working with my hair and naturally curly hair but really anyone's here I really like to wash my hair upside down I am looking to get that extra volume in my hair extra brown without using blow-dryer without using hair sprays I don't use any of those in my hair they use no blow dryers and no hairspray no gel and a lot of times people are blown away with the fact that well how do you get you know such healthy looking hair and soft curls without using product and a lot of product commercial product so this is what I do number one get volume is I'll wash my hair upside down so you're going against a cuticle and you're raising it

up and then when I dry it is how I just wrap it up in a towel and that's turban and then when I let my hair down then I don't comb it so sometimes I mean obviously I pull my hair but if I'm looking for a lot of volume in my hair I rolled comb it that day when I wash it upside down and then I just hate a little bit and by a little bit I need little like a little swipe with your finger and then rub it between your hands Oh coconut oil or olive oil so it's a very light shiny coat on your hand and I mean really because otherwise you'll get greasy looking hair and that's what you don't want so obviously we don't want that so then I just will scrunch my hair and maybe dress part it wherever I need it to go and I just let it air dry from there and then as a dry mopping up also found is that out I will also just crunch it just a little bit so that it's maintaining the look that I want as a strong fish and that's what I used for for doing it with volume in mind when I am styling my hair that way if I want to go with a straighter look when I'm not using a blow dryer or straightener I will pull my hair back into a bun and I

will actually comb it for that I'll comb it right after I wash it and condition it and I will pull it back into a bun and then usually the next day as my hair is drying girl the day when I let my hair out fits just basically lady so it is dried straighter so that's a way that I achieve a different look with naturally curly hair so yeah I've tried a coconut oil and olive oil I've also tried grapeseed oil on my hair these things work really well but you have to figure out the amount that your hair needs everybody's hair is going to be a little bit different but keep in mind these are oils that you're working with so he careful because you can get a greasy look very easily don't go too close to the roots when you apply the oil so just start towards the bottom and then wherever your hair like in the middle of my hair sometimes has a techie geeky Jersey so I put them in the middle but I don't go all the way up to the roots or like run it through my hair because I have Italian hair oh so it's like it gets greasy kind of easily so those are some tips that I have learned to achieve a straighter look to to help with volume and the twist control lash

Styles Nicole I use the oil and that's it I don't I don't use any hairspray or or gel or anything like that however I do I have learned how to make them at home and a healthy weight so I will include links for that where I have them on my Etsy store in they don't cost much money at all but once you learn the recipe you know you have it for life you can make it over and over again so I have those available as well and well as your own shampoo that is a next topic that we'll talk about real quick shampoo there's a lot of healthy shrimps their market but they can be very expensive and you go through them so quickly there ways to make your own shampoo like I talked about I've been in this help industry for over 10 years now and I've tried several healthy shampoos I'm trying my share I try to make my own several times I have my favorites that I've made and it's actually a Victorian chair jelly the waste it's an adapted recipe that I've come up with a Victorian method of how to wash your hair at home it's very frugal and it's very fun it is so easy that's the thing that I need right now my life is easy ways to eat healthy so I have a

quick review though of one I travel often with my family and I have with my husband's work and so when I'm on the road sometimes I cannot travel with all the ingredients that I need to make my own shampoo or so or whatever so I have to come up with health my favorite healthy shampoos that are on the market and readily readily available in grocery stores so my favorite that I have found is rent here and I'm not paid to recommend this company but I love this brand they this one is argan oil and it's made with zero sulfates parabens guys we say daily and propylene glycol there's none of that junk in there shampoos and conditioners and I love that about them and their prices are very very reasonable like the other day I bought this really big bottle and that is a pretty big bottle it's 32 school announces so I got this for $4.99 and that was a real real great buy for our family cuz this left us without a month and for being healthy hand through and with seven people in your family that was a pretty good time I'm really happy with that but this one was bamboo and green tea and that smells amazing and I go at night when your gift can't wait

you take a shower because their hair is also good and this is the newest one we got this desert our new one coconut cream so it also wonderful if you'll think you're going to the saw the smells are amazing I'm not exactly sure how they came up with the blends of smells that they have but they smell so good and they're all natural fragrances but you don't have to worry about all the chemicals and I'd love that and so I could recommend them more I've really enjoyed their shampoos and conditioners both so I know that's a huge part of hair care is making sure that your hair is nice and clean and not laden with chemicals and so I can't recommend that more I really enjoyed using this hair line of shampoos and conditioner so the reason why my channel is called happy health is because I feel that helps to be something that's a happy part of our life you should not be endured so I hope this helps you have some happy health tips that you can apply to your life and enjoy being healthy and I hope that if you have any other questions just let me know Abby Blagg asked and answered rather and I

will put the links to the shampoo making your own shampoo at home and so some things like that I'll put a link to that in the description box and then I hope that that helpful see happy helps to you