08 April 2019

NO FOUNDATION || Concealer ONLY MAKEUP || Tiffany Markesh

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel! For today's video I decided to show you guys my go-to no foundation, concealer ONLY makeup look! I hope you guys ...

hi everyone welcome back to my channel

it's your girl Tiffany markeesha and I am back with another video okay alright guys so today's video I'm going to be I'm going to just I'm going to be showing you guys my just concealer no foundation makeup glowy look okay all right I don't have any eyelashes on you can do until that have it on right have anything on my face can't even tell that I have anything on my face right now yeah all right so if you would like to see how I do this just continue watching and let's get to the beauty Oh see you at the end okay so to start off I always pry my face no matter what I um no matter what I'm doing with my face if I'm gonna put any like any type of makeup on the face always prime my face so I'm going to use the Too Faced hangover primer and I'm just going to put a little bit my hands and just put it everywhere because I just put it everywhere just because I like primer on my face okay and then I'm going to take the Mac strobe cream I love this especially when I'm just doing concealer and not actually putting foundation all over my face because it gives you a glow like a natural looking glow so I'll put

that everyone it's gonna make my face pop you know that's gonna make it pop and glow like you can already see I am shining and ignore my breakouts I know I'm breaking out you see right here yeah so that's really cool okay alright so now that I have done that I am going to go in with the NARS NARS concealer and I use medium one point 5 which is macadamia and I just put this unlike my darks like this dark spot right here I feel like a little bit right here to brighten it up and then some right here my under eyes alright then I'll take my Beauty Blender and I'll just dab it in a little right and then I'll blend this in like this I'm going to go over this with the darker color so don't worry about it being so light oh wow give my eye but I have dark circles sometimes they're not that dark but they're there so I just do that to brighten up any dark areas oh wow that literally just came hmm that's cool all right so now I want to take the Born This Way multi sculpting concealer and if you watched my previous videos you know I use this also for foundation but I love the way this is as a concealer

and a foundation so I'm going to use it for my concealer as well and it's very buildable so why not I'm gonna take a little there little right there just like that all right take oh wow all right so I want to take the Beauty Blender I'm going to blend it in just like that just blend it into the skin get it on the eyelids not too much on the eyelids though because you still want the natural look all right and then take it over here to get those lower goes and go back over this spot where I actually put some oh wow look how pale my face is tomorrow why do I look so pale wow I don't really look that pillow all right anyways so now I will take the Maybelline age rewind and I will just put a little bit right just a little bit just so my face has a little bit of definition not a lot see just a little I'll take the Beauty Blender and that mix it in yeah yeah yeah alright just like that and then to set it all in I will take the huda beauty I just see I don't really put any down here because I mean I really just want to brighten this part of my face up and you know give a little

shape to it right here so yeah I'll take the huda beauty maybe if I can get it open I'll just put a little lot actually yeah there we go just a little right here to set it cuz I get a little early so yeah I just set it on in well understand why I look so bright and then I will take my coverfx powder setting powder translucent powder or whatever and I'll put that right under here to brighten just like that I'm gonna feel can tell that it's brightening but a problem I promise it is promise so yeah that's what I do oh and then I've also take my NYX matte bronzer and I didn't grab the heart okay then I'll take this just a little bit of this and just go over my cheekbones just take my highlight my twenty highlights okay you know add some highlight every time I wear this someone's like oh you have on the Rihanna Fenty and I'm like you know I do you know I do what you ask like I can tell you right girl alright so to finish it off I'm going to take the fix the mist and fix from Make Up For Ever it is to the number two and I'm going to spray

it on my face it's soaking yes got all in one mouth okay so now I'm not going to do my eyebrows so I'm just going what I want to do is I'll take the little spooley thing whatever whatever this thing is called and I brush my eyebrows up it's like this brushing them up trying to let them grow back so they look more full but I kind of need to be done but I'm not gonna touch them why don't I take okay then I'm going to take the benefit gimme brow right here just to like fill in any empty empty spots oh and I have this in the color 5 right I just go like this brush up give it a few strokes whoa buddy give it a few strokes fill in any missing spots just the filler and I do the other eye that's like this alright then I'll take this again just the brow pencil and I'll go do it so then I will take the 24-hour brow setter from benefit and I will brush my eyebrows up and I like this because it literally makes my eyebrows stay in place like they're not going anywhere until I wipe them all right I did that now I'm gonna take the spoolie thing again and go up and put them exactly how I like them I want them to go this way all right then I'll go back

through and I'll just drag the thing along and I won't start at the front because I want those to the up because it's more natural actually over and over just a little bit okay yeah and then I'll just bring it down just like that okay and I'll do the same thing on this side okay so now I'll actually make the decision on if I want to just have my regular eyelashes which I don't really have any eyelashes so it's kind of not abruption so I'll either put mascara on and put eyelashes on or just mascara on depends on nine times out of ten I'm gonna put lashes on because your girl as you can see you don't have lashes over here you this is the NARS climax mascara that I'm using by the way all right so now that I finished my face with no eyelashes off this is weird but hey hey chill day okay we're not trying to get all you know whatever and ignore the fact that I got the mascara on my I don't know if y'all can see it but I'm waiting to add rise for it to for me to actually take it off

but I want to take my fighting booty lip gloss and I'm going to apply it on my lush lush you know hey I'm almost out of it actually like ant out of like I'm like scraping for more okay scraping and there we have it here is my concealer only routine alright guys that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it it is quick it was quick and simple because it was just the concealer look so yeah um that is how I do my makeup when I just want to cover up a little bit of flaws you know now look like I have on makeup because you can actually can't even tell that I will makeup at all just you can tell that I have mascara on my eyelashes of course and then I mean obviously the the glow right here but that's it you can't tell anything else is on my face so that's what's a plus plus that's like yeah okay yeah awesome let me in this video alright guys make sure you like and subscribe hit the notification bell down here so you are notified every time I post thank you guys for coming and watching my videos I appreciate you guys so so much and yeah head over to my Instagram give me a follow say Dana requests and

yeah alright guys I will see you guys in my next video hello