15 May 2018

NO Eyeliner Eye Makeup Look | Juvias Place Masquerade Palette | Afifa Aadil

NO Eyeliner Eye Makeup Look | Juvias Place Masquerade Palette | Afifa Aadil Hello everyone, Hope you like today's video. If you do, don't forget to hit that like ...

hello my friends welcome back to my

channel today I'm doing a no eyeliner eye makeup look I'm using the Judas Priest masquerade palette for this eye makeup and yeah I hope you like it but before we begin do not forget to subscribe to my channel now I'm starting off by applying tape under my eyes and then I'm going over my eyelids with the primer this is the MAC Cosmetics painterly paint-pot now I'm taking the jus vs plays mini masquerade palette and I'm starting off with the shade Cairo I'm applying this shade as a transition shade over my eyelids so this is gonna go or the crease and just around the crease area I'm gonna blend it really well and smoke it out as much as possible the brush I'm using for this is the morphe 27 brush the tape that I applied into my eyes is from Sephora and I know it looks more like a Sephora advertisement but I basically purchase it online and this is the first time I'm using it taking the shade Zullo from the same eye shade palette I'm gonna apply it just inside the crease using a blending brush this brush came with the coppers dream set by morphe and doesn't really have a number now taking the shade zooboo and applying it on the

outer corner of the eye I'm gonna blend it towards the inner corner but not all the way in I'm using a pin blending brush for this this is the morphe am 507 and i do go back in to the eyeshadow palette to pick more pigment taking the shade Fulani and sort of mixing it in with the shades over on the outer corner I'm gonna deepen that part you can see it gave more depth to the outer corner of my eye I'm going to take the shade Giza from this palette and I'm gonna apply it using a brush that's been sprayed with the Mac setting spray this is the mac fix+ and i'm gonna apply it using the brush number 239 by mac you can just use any eyelid brush for this tab I'm taking that subha shade which is that purple shade and applying it on the outer corner again so that we can blend that with this shimmer shade and with a clean blending brush I'm gonna just soften the edges of the eye shade I'm taking the Nastasia brow Wiz and just filling in my eyebrows this is the shade medium brown time to take off this tape and now I applying the lashes this is the Noelle lashes by huda beauty I'm priming my face with the first Ally

unicorn essence so that I can apply the foundation and do the rest of my makeup I'm using the Loreal infallible Pro matte foundation in the shade 103 and with a damp Beauty Blender I'm gonna apply it all over my face now I'm using the tard ship tip concealer to conceal my under eye circles and I'm also applying it on the chin on my jawline a little over my jawline and on the forehead so that I can highlight those parts of my face as well and with that same damp Beauty Blender I'm gonna blend this all in using the Laura Mercier translucent powder I'm gonna bake the under-eye area using the morphe 9c contour palette I'm gonna control my face so applying it under the cheekbones on the forehead under the jawline and also around the bridge of the nose applying some translucent powder to fake the rest of my face while my face is baking I'm using a lip liner this is the Buddha beauty gossip girl lip liner applying that super shade under my lower lash line to give a more dramatic effect I'm using the Sigma Beauty inner rim brightener in the shade final touch and now taking off this excess face powder

using benefit they're real mascara just to cover my original lashes not applying it all the way to the top of the falsies time to put some blush this is the nice torrid blush I'm using the Maybelline master chrome highlighter I absolutely love this highlighter although it's a drugstore product the quality matches any high-end highlighter and to be honest it's actually better than the most high-end highlighters I use I'm using the Jota beauty Gossip Girl mini liquid matte lipstick it's a very pretty pink shade so this is the completed makeup look I did not use any eyeliner this was actually a request by one of my followers so here it is my no eyeliner eye makeup look I hope you like it and I think I did this one part of this so before I start posing more I'm gonna apply the highlighter to my brow bone which I clearly missed here so yeah there you go I'm gonna apply some highlighter to my brow bone and yeah now it's completed so I hope you really liked this look and if you do please do give this video a thumbs up hit that like button and if you're not a subscriber yet please do

subscribe to my channel I make videos every week on every lifestyle and fashion I'm doing more beauty these days than life gel in fashion but I promise you there's gonna be more fashion related posts coming soon too so thanks for watching all the details for these products are gonna be listed in the description box below so do check that out if you have any questions leave a comment below I do respond to my comments and that's the fastest way to reach me and ask any question so yeah hoping to see you in my next video till then take care bye