20 December 2018

Nichido 7x Volume Curl Mascara Review I LENLEN

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hi guys and welcome back at the channel

to this video got got by now another product review Club guys don't or determinable a which is e mascara from me cheetah yes cuz they accepted of horses up nidito is a 7 times what you mean inhibit Linea mosquito policy you must skyrockets of malaria phenom more falsies in my eyelashes Casillas mother should go and get some ugly bacon so now you enjoy a tiny review for this sole market and Adam Cole Pentagon is 7 times volume curl mascara nobility a guy so what so on for only 280 pero naka discount shop for 25% so yeah I'm get it in size nothing let's open it super excited telecom only to us a moral action and clinically new 7 times volume solid seeking gonna of volume now [Music] actually guys megaphone thing I shadows become their major dynamically no shade no laughing you know eyeshadow to say para net trippin colonic mahabhava rainbow a mini : eyes shadow so let's see comas my enhance new acting eyelash using this neato 7 times 2 volume mascara I chemically Mia is this 7 times volume killed mascara boost dramatically

volume curl and leave for a perfect look Wow BAM the bottom the bottom meow Malaga you I near seven times volume curl mascara it's a color black and the holiday the new earning a manufacturer you much number in your and consumption maybe this is made in China summer edition still disagree this is the 12mm and this is a manufacturer of a product affixes corporation from a know often City Philippines so I'm having you guys know and let's open it so the retail a new one in deep a curve and he deep past lucky open young one new Jean Marie usually in the maximum mascara is major blue typed elegant when you say Mariner colleague is Fanning on our side tsubasa Ecola gentle formula that curls lengths them and volume eyes your lashes while giving nutrition and protection the lashes it eats a fantastic look of seven times volume eyes curl and separate lashes Wow so there's an identical calling in illiyyun so whereas on direction coupons I apply so what we going to do is apply the latisha normal in are going that did summer I do

mascara and the Ninomiya play goes as you can see genital on Cahaba I'm arcing eyelashes I have a normal leg longer arcing lashes as you can see Hindi Mashhad muhabba and indeed in rapid-acting lashes so let's see common gun open volume by Stone adding mascara say I play commonness a little suburb alongside nothing I don't mathematical shiny apply parenteral in a mug volumize [Music] as you can see major Nakuru nominal difference pero you expectation when a major compiled in several times volume pero pero hindi KO passion and she mathematical connection place a metaphor she drove my five minutes nag nag like a pattern of Anna young product parole as you can see pero imagine and like gentleman and length young arcing lashes so yeah and this is this is my normal lashes and attorney marrow a product so as you can see measurement allocation difference pero mejor but occasionally apply better I think this is good enough but a

surprise new major unloved patient learns about legatus image on vertical dementia so let's try on the other side como conventional normal effect because I guys soccer in must prefer cool mascara a sudden Simone forces could say must normal and natural looking young latina so let's see delegate movable side okay I'm done again with this side and as you can see major hindi chavala mines the 9th annual Kenya name tag name a flash experiment begins volume yes hindi neena performed no miles and even us uh Baba Joe couple couple shocked all day and like data status in the column come back again one I don't know come up it's at the ass parody - Shah Baba young as you can see the logo over apnea measuring the canal and Allegan have to say I'm here up like a anomaly at konglish esta kalambaka problem is Mila d today an agenda panel again so what I can say is you can young volume lang is hitting in a performance terrible pairing life is good so every patch columns only completing : ha nd - Sibylla but no heater nothing your final look ok so this is the final look guys the

completely nail I think application as you can see Myranda metallic an improvement and like I mean dupatta Anika applied and Prada Melanie rapidly gained an applique toward its Ababa Cassie the morning will Akasha the Mortimer a Palazzo Indonesian again normal-looking Akasha for every day castle of hindi nia sharma ball Yuma's young in expecto and imagine a lagrangian and definition you are a shadow a brighten up young acting eyeshadow because of this castle must post office and the in Telugu as in volume and curl see global peloton leg in Tina tiara mascara to help this product this is really good to minimal 11 now super platinum black namaskara by the way guys in the vanilla dinner any product slashes copolymer eternity no but a volume is known product night nearly vida and I think that's it and I hope the enjoy case I think product review Santa Monica wanting I didn't know how for this product if you want to try building a house of Watson and this is very affordable and you can buy it anywhere okay see in my next one guys bye [Music]