04 November 2017

NEW YEARS EVE MAKEUP | Griffin Arnlund

I am partnering with Walmart as one of their Beauty Bosses bringing you a shimmer and glow glittery makeup look, all with products from Walmart who offers ...

what's up you guys it's Griffin and welcome back to my channel for today's

video I am actually partnered with Walmart and I am bringing you guys one of my favorite looks. I've created it before just because I wanted to practice a little bit before I brought it to you guys because you know I never want to like bring you guys something that I personally can't do myself. I'm really excited we're doing kind of a gold bronze makeup look and we're adding some glitter into it. Perfect for homecoming just a little extra pizzazz. I am Walmart's newest Beauty boss and I'm super excited to be partnered with them. They actually have some of the best beauty products out there they have millions of beauty products and when I say millions I am not joking they have so many brands so many shades and everything I'm looking for it's available online and in store. I hope you guys are ready and let's get started. I have my bag of makeup I'm so excited because all of this makeup is brand new. All right so first up we are taking this Found smoothing face primer it blurs all of your pores which is amazing. I have found...get it? that it works really well for covering your pores. It's super silky and it also has an extract of bilberry and peach fruit which is super moisturizing and great for your skin. I love that it's ninety percent natural which everyone also like who doesn't love that? So we're just going to take a little dollop of it like that much on the back of your hand and then put it all over your face. It's so weird because a lot of primers that you feel that are a little bit more on like the pore filling side if they feel a lot thicker but this one has a thinner consistency but it still fills the pores which is amazing. Alright so now we are going to take the l'oreal 24 hour Infallible pro glow foundation this is in the color 207 sand beige it has a very radiant finish which obviously I'm going for for this video because we're doing glitter and all of that like metallic type of look. Wears up to 24 hours which is amazing especially for homecoming or prom whatever you're using this look for. So it says a pro tip is to shake well and dot onto skin and rolling motion and for flawless coverage.Sshake that bad boy up and put a little bit on the back of my hand and then we all dot it onto my face. Alright so you guys know if you've watched

any of my previous videos how I am obsessed with like the sponge Beauty Blender type of things but lately I've been really really into brushes. So I'm just gonna take a brush and blend it out with that so we're just going to blend it in in a circular motion this is blending out it's so nice. Okay so here's the thing I had always heard of the Loreal infallible like I had always heard of the regular one being amazing but I had never even heard of the pro glow until I was like I want to do a glowy look and I looked into it and I was like oh my gosh I definitely have to try this one because I want the look to be glowy and everything. Wow it goes onto your skin so seamlessly. It matches my skin tone perfectly it doesn't oxidize I'm really loving this and this might be my new go-to foundation and it has sunscreen in it which is amazing because like you never want to go outside unprotected. Now we are taking this LA Girl Pro concealer in the color porcelain and we are just going to take this and put it underneath my eyes this is such a good thick concealer like it's a good like it will cover your under eyes so I really love that and I like to use concealer to kind of highlight or like a pre highlight almost so like anywhere that I would put highlight on my face besides like on my cheekbones so like I put on my nose and on my forehead a little bit so like I'm just putting it basically where I want my face like glow so for the rest of the face I'm going to blend it out with this just because I feel like you can blend it in pretty evenly. For under eyes you need to go in with like a soft touch because that's a very sensitive area like on your face and I think you can blend it out better with just like a finger anyway see I think it's ridiculous that people think that you need to spend insane amounts of money to get the same look so now I'm going to take my Cody airspun setting powder and I'm not going lift it up because this is a case for explosion I kind of accidentally tipped it over earlier and there's a lot of powder everywhere so I'm just keeping it on my lap this is by far my favorite setting powder just because I don't know what it is about it honestly it doesn't have flashback which is really nice and

it sets everything extremely well. We're just gonna tap out my under eye and make sure that everything is all set there are no creases and while still looking up I'm taking my brush and dipping it into the powder I'm coming back to my eye now I'm going to take the covergirl trublend bronzer. I'm really excited to use this this one I haven't tested out yet because when I tried to look I tried it with a different bronzer that I wasn't a huge fan of this one has kind of a glowy look it's a baked one so it has like almost a different texture to it it's really nice so we're going to take a buildable cheek brush lightly dust it around in here so I have a lot on the end of this. Now I'm just going to take the corner of this and tap it off and grab my mirror and contour now will contour up here bronze up the entire face a little bit. Now I like to blend it down my neck because I also like to contour right here a little bit. I tried this exact color of the Milani baked blush a really long time ago and I fell in love with it so when I went and got the other color like I fell in love with it and I didn't think about this color again but then when I was out and picking out products I saw that they have the color that I wanted all along so now I have it and I'm really excited to try it. It's their most popular color I believe it's called Luminoso and it's their baked powder blush. So basically how I do this is I load it up like crazy because we like to glow. We know what we like here and plus this is just like the most beautiful blush ever. So we tap off excess, even blow it in a little bit just to make sure that there's absolutely no excess. But we also like to just make sure it's all over the bristles so that's why we like load it up first. Now we will take away any excess powder with this. Okay so now since we've taken away the excess powder like I said sometimes it over takes the face so we're gonna go back in with a little bit of bronzer and just like kind of touch up the entire face. So first we are going to take this master Prime long-lasting eye shadow from Maybelline. We're just gonna take this slightest little dot on each eye and blend it out. Now we're going to take this LA color five color matte shadow palette and this is in the color tan khaki they have a few

different sets of these that I really really love but tan khaki is the one that's most similar to this look that we're doing. Those are the shades in there. As a base we're going to take the a from the word matte oh that's kind of cool. okay we're gonna take the word or the letter A and put it all over my lid. Now I'm going to take the first T and apply that to my crease. Now we're taking just a little bit of the second T and putting that in the outer corner. Okay before we even start doing the glitter I'm going to take a smaller brush and smoke out my bottom eye because I know that's gonna be very difficult to do after the glitter so we're gonna do it now. Basically we're gonna use the same colors start with the lightest and smoke it out the most and then as the color gets darker you bring it closer to the lash line. So we're going to start with that first color that we took and then we're gonna take the second color and bring that closer to the lash line and then that third color in there we're just gonna put it on the outer corner but like closest to the lash line and that's how you smoke out your eyes. So now I'm going to take the master Prime long-lasting eyeshadow and put some on the back of my hand to highlight so I put a little bit on the back of my hand and now I'm just going to take a fan brush and lightly dust it through it and then apply it. Now that we have all that little glow done and I can turn my head to the side and I look like I'm glowing I love it that's sorry that's my favorite part so I get really obsessed with it okay so now that I have that down I'm going to get into my glitter I found these gold and glitter flakes which I thought would be so cool to incorporate in the look so I got the city color sparkle and shine glitter primer which has like a glue or not glue but stickier consistency so that the glitter can stick to it and we're going to use this little angled brush it's a brow brush but we're using it to apply glitter oh my gosh I know as soon as I take off this little like safety thing there's gonna be gold flakes everywhere so now we are going to take this city color sparkle and shine glitter primer and take the little brush that's with it and just apply some of the stuff on the

back of my hand we're gonna take this little brush and apply on to my inner corner and then we're going to take a little bit that's on the back of my hand and pick up some of the glitter. Oh this is so cool and then we are going to take the same glue and put some on the outer corners so like instead of a wing we're just kind of creating like a little moon shape around my eye of litter flecks so just like wherever the glitter sticks there's literally like unless you do each piece of glitter individually there's no way to really control it so you kind of just have to like mess around with it and see how it goes and if you don't like it you can adjust it so now I'm going to do my other eye and I'm just gonna put it in fast motion so you guys can kinda see the whole thing without having to like talk through it. you can just watch. Make sure that you're very very careful whenever you're applying glitter near your eyes because we don't want to get any of it in her eyes. Alrighty so now we are done with these gold flecks but that is not the end of this look I definitely want to add more gold into it and spice it up so I'm just gonna take an abnormal amount of this on the back of my hand just so I have a lot to work with and so now we have to finish off the look and right now we are going to take the flower zoom in three in one mascara. This is actually from a line with Drew Barrymore and I'm really excited to try it because I've heard nothing but amazing things about it. I'm just going to take I got the color like the blackest mascara that they had and I'm just going to apply it to my bottom lashes so I would put mascara on my top lashes but I actually just had my lash extensions of redone. Now we are going to take the hard candy stroke of gorgeous soft glide along where eyeliner and the golden color and apply that to at my waterline now we're taking my two favorite favorite favorite favorite colors from the vivid hot lacquer Maybelline New York color sensational lift. Like I don't know why I had to say all that but these are my two favorite colors. This one's more of like a pinky tone and I'm just going to add a little bit on and then I'm going to blend that with this one which has a brown tone to it. With

that being said I think this is all of the look. All right you guys so that was it for this week's video I hope you liked it if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up if you try this makeup look literally tweet me pictures because I'm so curious to see how it turns out on you guys if you guys want to buy any of the products I will have all of them listed down below so you guys can go buy them check them out let me know we think of them Walmart has some of the best beauty products at the lowest prices so if you guys want to go check those out make sure to click the link down below and it'll take you to everything that I use or you can go in store it and check things out for yourself or even just browse their website but thank you guys so so so much for watching this if you enjoyed it make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe also check out all of my social medias I will have them linked down below and hopefully I will see you guys later bye