31 January 2015

New Vans Unboxing #31: New Silhouette For Me!

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Oh see the ball get meta flood get quick

run don't see Doug did any of you guys ever have that one sibling that would just beat the shit out of you for no apparent reason I did and it was my fucking sister dude I don't know what was wrong with this girl but for whatever reason she had like this vendetta against me she would really just beat the crap out of me maybe she wanted to show some kind of superior elderly dominance I have no idea anyway I remember one day I was in my room knocked out kaolin sleep and my sister just burst into my room now I'm a heavy sleeper I didn't hear a thing she comes in and she gets on top of my bed no I'm still a old la-la-land next thing I know she pulls the blanket off of me and just starts beating the crap out of me I'm talking about so Mike Tyson Muhammad Ali float like a butterfly sting like a bee type punches just wailing on me for no reason you know me I'm only eight years old at the time but I'm taking it like a straight-up man all right I mean I kinda remember crying like a little bit whatever anyways so she finally stops beating on me and leaves the room now I'm fed up you know what I mean I

haven't no shame gonna be beating me up no more I'm tired of this shit I'm tired of it so I go and I call my dad and I tell him like yo you need to get here ASAP my sister just beat me up so my dad comes to the house and you can tell he's pissed because a he had to leave work early and B he's not showing no emotion he's just looking at us nodding his head up and down that was some scary shit you parents ever do that that's them that's the shit you need to worry about so after we both finished telling our sides of the story my dad takes his belt off and brings my sister into her room and I already know what's going down she's getting all whooping now I'm eight years old I'm laughing carry on pointing my fingers having a good old time and I eight years old the way I envisioned my sister getting her whooping she was just taking it with no care in the world cuz I just seen her like that like a stone-cold killer you know what I mean but at that time I didn't care I was the happiest kid in the world that the person I was beating me up every day was finally getting she deserved her but whoop so I'm

laughing carrying on have a good old time pointing my fingers I don't even kid you know what I mean next thing I know my dad person in my room waiting from beat him all my sister points at me it tells me to get in the room dude you guys would not understand the amount of confusion that was going through my head at the time I was so confused and lost I didn't even know he was talking to me I had to look around to make sure there was nobody else in the room because I couldn't believe that he'd be talking to me why am I getting a whuppin she's the one that beat me up I don't know one that called you why I already got beat up I don't need to get beat up twice I get beat up twice moral of the story don't snitch now let's get into the sandbox all right news comes in your typical new gr vans box which honest I don't like that much kind of prefer the black and red one but I digress shwoo these are the vans to sella brown and white from the belt pack the entire upper is made up of some like it's extremely like smooth I don't know what this is it looks like it could be like oh it might be short-haired suede it's

kind of moving like extremely short like no get suede that's what it looks like I honestly I have no idea do you guys know let me know what I really don't know anyway so this like I said this is the felt pack so on the interior of the shoe the interior lining is like a felt material like a wool I should say a wool material as well as the entire tongue is made of wool on the tongue you actually have an O TW collection hit and a leather patch right there then you have like this leather lace loop right here and you also have a leather pull tab on the back with OTW and like embedded in this weird way on the back and connected to the OTW on the back is your vans tab in Burgundy like a burgundy type cutaway it also comes with one set of laces these burgundy rope laces you got your white ultra cush midsole and outsole and sickman sleek these things are super duper super light like I said this is my first awesome also comes with this which says OTW vans Casella correct me from wrong to Sela handwoven vans heritage checkerboard but yeah these things are super duper light I can't wait to get him on feet look calm

my first pair the total the total it's very it's very wide so I don't know if you can you tell but it's kind of it's kind of wide if you ask me we it is I thought these things were is pretty slick pretty sleek they actually sold out of these on the Vans website but you can get them on Karmaloop all you small foot people they do have them in sizes seven eight and a nine and a half I believe just go check it out right now they're doing this crazy 60% off sale so make sure you use my rep code right here on check out to save some cash on the insole you get this ultra cush in song with you know you got y'all know how the ultra cache works on vans but you also get this like so woven woven ona watching woven wool padding on the toe or the bedding of the footbed which is pretty gnarly so I'm pretty sure that because I do wear my shoes without socks sometimes so pretty sure that's gonna be super comfortable to the touch to the foot once I get them on feet and with that being said let's go try these bad boys on [Music] are you so all in all this is a pretty clean kick they felt a little stiff at

first but I think after a couple of wears they'll really break in I think it looks really clean and looks dope I'm definitely gonna rock it like this that being said it does feel a little tight when I'm wearing socks so I suggest going to half size up but other than that dudes it's a clean kick dope colorway and I'm honestly really impressed with my first two solo alright dudes that's gonna do it for my video today please please please leave a comment below telling me if you guys enjoyed my content let me know if I made you laugh a little bit because that was definitely the goal of this one make sure you guys follow me on Instagram snapchat and Twitter at ot dub I say this every time but once I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram I am doing a complete collection video showing you guys every kick that I have so make sure you guys hit that follow but if you guys did enjoy my content make sure you guys give me that special thumbs up hit that subscribe button if you haven't already I got tons more content coming and it is your books dumping them out peace oh let's go with a surfboard you get some golf clubs from my dad

I'm about to start drifting some skis black people don't do that shit but I saw into the white people