27 November 2018


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everybody welcome back to my channel my

name is Courtney and I'm here today with a collective makeup haul so I stopped at Walmart Walgreens Target Ulta and I ordered some stuff off of elf so I'm going to jump right in because it's probably going to be a little lengthy so yeah the first thing that I want to show you guys is this little cup which I thought was cute it's a brush holder and I picked this up from five below I went in there and I just felt that this was really really cute when I saw it so I had to get one and while I was there I also picked this little eyeliner up it's a $3 foam tip eyeliner so I decided to pick this up as well so the next products are gonna be from Walgreens so I picked up two profusion palettes I went there specifically looking for these this is a blush palette and I think that they're really really pretty now out of these six shades only this maroon looking chain in this pink shade are matte and the rest of them are more like a shimmer satin but I just thought these colors are really pretty in I love that they have the little trim here for their holiday palettes and these are only five dollars so I thought they were really cute and then of course I had to

pick up an eyeshadow palette and this is I guess it's called bold and this is for five dollars as well and here are the colors in this palette I would do swatches but I feel like it would take longer so I'm not going to do any swatches so now I'm gonna jump into the things I picked up at Target I went to Target specifically looking for these palettes you guys did see me already do a review on this profusion confidence palette it's so pretty I will open it so you guys can see the colors the colors and this are just extremely pretty and I knew that I had to have it I'm not someone who picked up the Sochi palette so that's why I got that one and then the other one that I picked up is wanderlust this this is really pretty as well I haven't opened this at all but the colors and this are so pretty so I can't wait to play with this just think it's really really pretty I always go to the fragrance section which is kind of like by the nail polish and the Kaboodle's little make-up you know cosmetic bags and boxes and stuff like that and anyway I am always looking for the brand good chemistry the perfume and

queen bee they are always sold out at my target ends I probably I guess I could go online to get it but I just I want to just pick it up in the store but every time I go in there they are sold out however they did have the body sprays and I didn't even know that they made this in a body spray because these were I guess we're always sold out when I went to but the perfumes are on display so you know that they're there so this was $9.99 and it smells so good I don't know if you guys you know heard of this brand or you know even notice out there there but this smells so good when you're in Target go ahead and check this out again this is my good chemistry and it's intercept queen bee that's the name of it give it a try it smells so so good so the next two products that I picked up are from Olay these aren't new and actually we're also looking for these but they didn't have it although was on Ulta online but this is the ultimate hydration essence and it's a calming essence I think there were two other ones but I decided to go with this one and then this product is the globe loose white charcoal clay stick and it's

a mask but it's in stick form I've never seen a mask like this before and I've never tried one I was really interested in trying this this one again is for to make your skin glow E and I guess brighten it and all of that they did have two other ones one was in one was pink and I'm not sure what the other color was but I went with this one because who doesn't want to grow now we're gonna jump into items that I picked up from Walmart oh so this item I picked up from five below is a makeup man you just kind of set it on your vanity or wherever you do your makeup and it helps you know to keep the area clean it's just something cute I picked that up again from five below but I picked this tray up from Walmart because I don't have I didn't get the desk from Ike and that has a drawer I got the cheaper desk which was like $30 it's just a plain white desk that has that nice finish on it so you like wipe it off and stuff like that but yeah that shiny finish so I need somewhere to house like the makeup that I use on a daily and so I figured this would help me I think I'm thinking about

doing shot my stache I might start that in the month of December but I figured this would be helpful for that reason so I picked this up and this was less than five dollars so hopefully it'll work for that reason until I upgrade but yeah that's what I bought this for and then my next item is this perfume this is Airy by ariana grande you guys saw my last also haul that I hauled the just right candy I think it's called perfume but I saw this and this was with all the gift sets and I just decided that I wasn't going and pick it up this for 1998 or 1988 you get the little perfume this was the bottle that I was actually talking about when I said it's a clear bottle with the white puffs and then they also give you a little body lotion here so I thought this was really really cute and I don't know I just decided to go ahead and pick it up because I really did like this said and I figured for 20 dollars it would be okay until I got my hands on a big bottle of it but yeah I had to pick this up because I wasn't even expect to see ariana grande's perfume in Walmart but i'ma definitely use this so I think that this set of brushes by Mota because I needed some

new brushes but these were really really pretty and I just I've never actually tried the motor brushes I know a lot of people hauled them because they are cute but I've never actually tried them so I really know if they're good because I haven't heard too many people talk about them they do come with a little makeup bag anyway they're really really pretty so I decided to go with those because I did need some and I forget how much they were but they weren't they weren't that much so yeah so right next to the next section I found this little guy and this is a rose quartz roller it's supposed to improve skin elasticity and it's supposed to improve your skin tone to help you look well-rested and younger and I'm someone who loves a sheet mask you guys know I love a sheet mask just I just love masks engine rules but I really love sheet masks and I heard on a Korean chant of Korean skincare Channel that if you use this like it's good to use this afterwards like with the products are still on your face if you kind of like roll it over your face I'm not sure but I just thought I wanted to give it a try these are like popping up they're like the new little trendy tool

I don't know it was like three dollars so I decided to give it a try it's cute and it's pink and so I figured I would just add this to my little skincare spy moments that I have cuz I don't really do whole night so that kids but yeah I decided to pick this up and then I also picked up another nail polishes it's my favorite brand Sally Hansen instant dry and this is in the color just in wine I thought it was really pretty this is like me during this time especially for my toes so I picked that up I also picked up this setting spray my wet involved I just never tried this so I hear really good things about it so I decided to pick one up when I saw it usually they're sold out of my um Walmart I also picked up this little um so this is my Rimmel and it looks to me like it could have been more of like a bronzer type but it might be too late I'm not sure but I thought it was would be really pretty it's a radiance brick and it's got basically some shimmer into it but we'll see I guess like a swatch it to see how it would look now oh no that's not gonna work I can't even see this yeah well that's not gonna work this is definitely I guess more my skin

tone when you swatch it although it does look darker y'all can't tell cousin lights but it looks darker in person but I'll probably just use it as eyeshadow cuz I know it'll show up there so the next thing that I picked up was a jump in next brush and I did go ahead and take it out of the package because I'm trying to speed everything up but this brush is really really cute I love how densely packed this is but I really like that it's triangular shape I didn't notice that it was triangular shape until I took it out of the package so that was a cute surprise but any kind of reminds me of the Sigma ones so yeah I'm excited to try this and this is in the number 708 so I love that the body works like the next person but if they're not having to sell I usually don't shop there I usually honestly I wait to the end of the year to stock up and I usually don't shop during the year unless I need like wallflowers or something like that to be quite honest so when there's not a sale and I need to read up on something I go to Walmart so I picked up this body ecology moisturizing body cream and coconut hibiscus and then I also got the

little hand cream to throw into a purse but yeah I just picked these two up because I really do like that sin I felt like they do a good job all the sins in the body ecology don't smell um they don't some of them don't have a smell but this scent is actually pretty decent and the last thing I picked up is this telescopic mascara because this is one of my favorite mascaras especially for my bottom lashes because I just love the way the brushes on this it kind of picks them up really well so I had to get some more of this so now I'm gonna jump into what I picked up from Ulta which is not a lot you guys see that my bag is small and this bag has been sitting for a while most of the stuff that's been sitting for a while actually and I picked up this my LA girls I've had this when I first saw this on Oates's website I knew that I had to go in stores watch it because the packaging was just phenomenal but I had to go swatch it and when i swatched it i really did like it so i'm gonna go ahead and swatch um one of these shades because it's just a very different shade and it's gonna be this white shade I see a lot of people

holding it but no one's really doing swatches which is fine you know that takes a very long time and you're doing a haul video but this white shade for me when i swatched it it's it's called angelic this shade is called angelic and when you swatch it or at least when i swatched it in store it's not white it comes up with a pink purple type of and I just thought that that was so pretty you guys see that oh can you guys see how that looks pink on my hand I don't know if my light is washing it out but literally when you swatch it it's this color pink and I just thought that was really pretty and the more you add on it starts to shift and turn into like a lavender purple color I don't know how to explain it but I just was really neat and of course I like the other swatches as well so in this packaging y'all know how I am about packaging we're not gonna go there but yes and then while I was in there I was looking for this metallic ahi trio collection by morphe these are liquid eyeshadows in I was particularly drawn to this one because of the colors in this one you get this maroon in color this green color which you guys know

that I love and then you get kind of the champagne tea color I do have the maroon and champagne color color on my eyes I'm gonna go ahead and do quick swatches I swatch this in a store and I was like yes it feels really really nice going on your skin but it also dries very quickly which a lot of these liquid arm eyeshadows don't do the drugstore brands they don't dry quickly and this one did not get patchy I know some of them get patchy as well I used to love the ones from Nick okay from the beauty supply store but those got really really patchy and then these would make my eyes itch so I had to throw those out and stop using them but those are the swatches for those and I think that it's really really pretty again they dried down quickly and they don't patch up on you like they don't get all patchy it's just really really nice and it's a very nice vibrant color I like them a lot and the last product that I picked up was a lipgloss from morphe and this is in the color trippy so I picked this up I love the little packaging that they have like their lip glosses are really nice but this is just a really cute lip gloss and I liked it

because of the different ships in this lip gloss as well I guess that's just the thing that I like I guess you guys could just say that cuz I feel like I've said that in a couple videos now but hopefully I'm putting enough on so that it will come up for you guys you can see the color there it's really really pretty it's here and I really think that it's just a gorgeous color and I can't wait to use it again I love their packaging I will be going back to pick up some more because there were other shades that I wanted but they were sold out in my store so I probably will get it online if I go back and they're not there but yeah I actually do like the lip glosses from morphine and last but not least is the items that I purchased from elf so I think there's some things for outfit they were having a 50% off sale some things for 50% off and some things for 30% off all three new items were not obviously discounted but I decided to just go on and grab a few things because I wanted to take advantage of the discount and I just love the old friend so the first thing that I picked up where is cleansing wipes because you get

a pack of two in this and I believe they're only like $5 I also picked up these because I believe there are originally $2 but because they were 50% off they were only $1 and they are the eye tape I have used these before this is not something that is new to me trying to find a strip here I do use them I do feel like honestly for I use them more for liner because I'm not the best what - why you guys will see me wearing liner all the time I I do have for someone today but I think that they are helpful with minor but I also use a liquid liner I feel like if you're using a liner that comes in the pop the little pops the cream liners there it is the the Cree minors then the tape would be better and like clear tape instead of this just because of the way it glides over this guy it just I'm not sure how to explain it but but I do like using these if I'm using one of those felt tape or ink pens or even the brush ons just because I don't know what it is but I just feel like this one is better for me when practicing you might not need practice but it I'm not the best when it comes to minors and then I picked up the elf solid sponge cleaners I did get some

backups because I really do like this this is gonna be mentioned again in my November favorites but yeah this these are me purchases I needed some backups a lot of people don't talk about these but these are my jam so here I picked these up another item that I had to get backups for was their on eyebrow pencil I spoke about this in my October favorites and I do get the color neutral Brown so yeah I picked up two of these because this is my new so this is it right here now I believe it's only five dollars so I got them for 250 because of the 50% off and then I picked up this silicon glitter application brush here I don't have a silicon glitter application brush on I do have a silicon brush by our real techniques that I love and so I figured out what to get this tried because holidays are coming up I am someone who loves glitter and I feel like this would be really good with my arm makeup by melanin girls this power late I feel like I would I'm hoping to use these in conjunction together and see how that works for me so I'm really excited about picking that tool so I also picked up this new glow do we miss argan oil and

coconuts this is just the cutest packaging is it not like maybe pink in light blue so cute so I picked this up and this is new I mentioned this in my new releases video with that I also did pick up the coconut golden highlighter by them as well it's really small I thought it I mean it does look small on the website but I thought it was gonna be a tad bit bigger we see how small it really is oh it is really small but the packaging is so cute yeah I am and then I also picked up that poreless putty primer as I said that I would I'm excited to use these things on like I really am I'm gonna take this out show you guys what it actually looks like so this is what that looks like and it is pink the putty is pink so it doesn't have a scent but I'm excited to use this as well I also picked up one of their primary infused blushes because everyone raves about these I know if you of her name is tres when I ever heard read about them but the one that she uses looks like it was too deep for my skin tone so I didn't pick that one up I went ahead with always cheeky so this is what I love the packaging and then I also picked up the modern Meadows lip gloss

and it's just a gold lip gloss it's really really cute Packaging on this is really nice I think now that I got this um and I place my order I want to go back and try the pallet I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it but I think I didn't want to go get that powder try the modern melancholy is for $12 but yeah okay I wasn't expecting there to actually have any kind of color to it but it actually does I'm not sure that I will show up for you guys though but it does have um goat litter in it so you guys hopefully can see that here it looks really really nice in packaging is gorgeous of course I'm also gonna show you guys what they just give you and a random packaging I might do a video like a get ready with me I'm testing out new products I know I definitely want to do a video on this highlighter I might do a separate video on that I'm not sure but they did give me this matte eyeshadow which I am NOT going to use I probably just end up giving that away to somebody they also give me this lash kit which I'm also not going to use and I'll give away to somebody and then I have this moisturizing lipstick and very it's up blackberry which I will use cuz you guys

know I love lipsticks I actually really do love elf lipsticks to have really good lipsticks and this is an intense ink eyeliner which I will use with their little um sheets to little Kate sheets so yeah that actually wraps up my haul I do apologize if it was too long go ahead and thumbs up this video if you like things that I've purchased let me know if you plan on getting anything if you have anything how you feel about it I appreciate you guys so much for watching don't forget to thumbs up this video and subscribe I'll see you guys in the next one