14 March 2019

NEW! Tarte Foundcealer Wear Test & Review | Tarte Babassu Foundcealer Skincare Foundation

I normally skip out on Tarte, but this for some reason just really stuck out to me and I had to do a wear test once it arrived in the mail! Skincare and foundation?


okay quick announcements in a different place because with my new work schedule it requires me to film in the morning or daytime and the lighting in my room is weird during the daytime so this is the best we can do and I mean it's really pretty natural lighting so I'm not really that mad at it second thing I look like a drowned rat right now because for my foundation reviews I just like to do them a little bit more chill relaxed vloggy style kind of thing so I promise you I'll be a little bit more attractive than this in about 45 minutes to an hour so anyways today I'm going to be reviewing the new Tarte Baba soo found sealer skincare foundation so Sephora actually did have a deal where if you spent twenty five dollars you could get a sample of this so I just opted for the sample because way too much makeup lately and I just I didn't need to add a whole full-size foundation to my collection so hopefully it doesn't bother you that I only have a little sample size I got mine in the shade light beige it actually comes in 38 different shades so this I was much more interested in than what the face shape tape shape face thing that thingy

because first of all I hate the concealer version of it second of all I just wasn't interested in it but this sounded very interesting to me it sounded as if it was going to be radiant finish glowy just everything that I want in a foundation and it just sounded up my alley so I don't know why they released two foundations so close to each other but whatever this one actually sounds like something I'm interested in so major facts about this guy like I said 30 different shades it is a vegan makeup and skincare hybrid that's an everyday foundation for achieving an ultra comfortable natural radiant finish and custom coverage so the coverage set claims to be medium and it's for normal dry combination and oily skin and also it does have SPF 20 so this just sounded like something else interested in though I will say for something called found sealer I feel like it should be like a high coverage foundation something that you don't need to use concealer with but I mean whatever let's just get into trying this guy so like I said I got mine in the light beige which is for light skin with pink undertones this

foundation will also come full-size in one fluid ounce and it will be at $39 which isn't too bad I'm so into luxury foundations that this doesn't sound too bad of a price I think if I had the option I would have gotten light neutral because I do have more of a neutral under stone and just you know I do have a normal to dry skin type let's put this baby on start off by applying as I normally apply my foundations I always use a Beauty Blender I'm sorry but I really haven't found a foundation that I prefer to apply with a brush ever the sponge just is the best finish and this is really not a bad color on me so I just moved you guys in closer so you can really see like what it's looking like on my skin so with a really light layer it definitely it didn't cover too much so we are going to see what another layer does so I would say that first application was just a super light layer so this one is more of just a regular light layer and I have to say I really like how and this is looking on my skin it looks completely natural I'm seeing no dry spots definitely liked more medium coverage I don't see this really being a full coverage foundation but I'm

really liking how light and natural that looks there is a slight radiance to my skin again just extremely extremely natural I am going to apply one more pump of this and I'm just gonna apply that to kind of my red areas or areas that I feel could use extra coverage so for me I do like the most coverage on my cheeks because that's where I have acne scars and where I just get a little red so we're gonna zoom you in this is what don't look my web so this is what my skin is looking like as you can see you can still clearly see my blemishes but it just it neutralized them so this is really looking like skin so far so good but I just have to say found sealer is the worst name for this ever what so what I'm going to do now is I am going to show you some swatches comparing this particular shade to the other shades in my collection but I will say this is a really really good color match for me I'm actually like surprised so I've given each of the foundations a couple minutes to sit this first one is the tarte found sealer in light beige the founders number review and today the second one is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in light beige the third

one is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation in our 330 this one is the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless in nude beige and then this one is the makeup revolution conceal and defined foundation in f7 so as you can see the tarte one is the lightest one so hopefully if these swatch comparisons help you so now so I don't look so crazy I'm going to go up camera and finish the rest of my makeup and I will be right back hello I'm back okay so I went very natural today just because I'm gonna be out and about and I'll be outside coaching for a few hours this evening so I don't know I just didn't want to go with a full face of makeup so this is how we're looking though I'm loving it my skin is looking super glowy of course with the help of a highlighter but guys I'm really liking this foundation it actually does dry it down a little bit it doesn't go completely to powder but it's not super tacky on this skin so I didn't send it with too much powder of course I used powder bronzer blush and highlight so and a little bit of translucent powder under my eyes but other than that the rest is pretty unpowered I think the foundation

provides enough coverage to where you can't see everything it is sheer enough to that it looks very natural on the skin so so far I'm really really enjoying it it's covering a just enough it looks super good so I really really have my fingers crossed that this wears really well cuz I don't even feel this on my skin this is like a great everyday foundation if everything works out I am loving it so it is about noon right now so it's 11:48 so I will check in in a couple hours to let you know how we're doing so hello at the time is approximately 159 so it is 2 o'clock I am here to check in at 4 of my 2 hours I find that my foundation tends to look the best at the 2 hour mark just because my oils have had a little bit of time to cause the foundation to blend in a little bit now this isn't a super radiant foundation by any means it is a very naturally radiant I do see a little bit of light reflecting off my face but in such a really natural and pretty way so this isn't in any way unnaturally reflective or anything again it feels just as light I don't notice any seeping into my dry patches or even

like my smile lines so I mean it is only the two our checkpoint but my blush bronzer and Haley are all still intact so let me zoom you in so this is how we are looking I'll let you look at the forehead the forehead looks really good too so I mean it looks just as fresh as when applied as you can see with the coverage you can see some acne scars and stuff like that but I mean it's really not that big of a deal overall I look really really good as expected my to our check-in is great as usual I will catch you guys in the next few hours I'm just chilling at home right now but in a couple of hours I actually have stuff to do so oh yeah hey guys so it is about 4:30 right now so I've been wearing the foundation for four and a half hours looking at myself I'm definitely a lot more glowy now just because my oils have kind of come through but like it still looks really good not greasy so I'm really liking the glow enos that I have I will say I do notice a little bit of breaking up of the foundation over here but it's nothing bad at all it's just me being very hyper critical and getting super close to the mirror and looking but like literally face to face a person

isn't going to be able to tell so I am only four and a half hours in so I am a little concerned about how this where time is going to go because it is starting to wear a little bit but not in a bad way like it still looks beautiful and I'm hoping this holds up because I am still loving it so I will catch you guys in the next chicken so it is now officially 8:20 p.m. so I've been wearing this foundation for almost eight and a half hours and I'm here to give you the final check-in so I got home about an hour ago from lacrosse practice and ate dinner and Here I am now so immediately what I can tell you right away is that this foundation is not long wearing if you're looking for a really long wearing foundation this isn't it if you're looking for full coverage this isn't it so I do want to take you in close so if you can see a lot of it is wiped off my nose there's almost no product on my nose there's just enough so that the redness is a bit corrected but still I can see something must have hit my nose and I can see the swipe marks around my mouth it is starting to look a little cakey so despite it not looking great

it's I mean it's really not bad since the foundation is pretty like rajini powder enos and where it's breaking up it really doesn't look bad from a little bit of space I really look okay but I mean I've definitely been wearing this foundation for eight hours and it looks like it which is okay it's not that big of a deal eight hours is a long time to be wearing foundation so overall my thoughts on the Tarte found sealer is I love this foundation I actually think I might pick up the full version of it of course it's not very long wearing but it is such a good lightweight everyday foundation it makes your skin look very pretty and up until I want to say like the six hour mark it looks fantastic and glowy and beautiful if you're gonna be out all day for like 12 hours please do not use this foundation but for a quick every day a foundation to go to work or to go to the store or to run errands I mean foundation is really good it held up the product well my blush bronzer and highlight are still quite visible on my face and like I said even though things have kind of broken down and disintegrated on my face I don't look bad I don't look excessively oily I just

look like it's the end of the day so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this review and wear test I hope you found it helpful let me know if you will be picking up the found sealer or if you took advantage of this deal I think this little guy was I can get a few wares out of this before I actually purchase the big one and you can actually reuse this bottle if you want to put your favorite foundation in to travel with so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you found it helpful I hope to see you in my next video so that means you're gonna have to subscribe anyways I'll see you guys in the next video bye