24 March 2019


Open..♡ » Email: beautypagebychichi@gmail.com » Instagram: beautybychichi Hey loves! So i've been hearing about the new Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer ...

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you guys I do have a review on the new primer that everybody and I'll only mean everybody's been talking about and it's a new milk makeup hydro grip primer and so for to send me this as a perk and I've been using it for about like five to seven days now so I do have like my final thoughts on this product but I do want to go ahead and show you guys what it looks like on the skin the pros and cons and all that good stuff so I guess once again I see my son with thoughts on this product right here then go ahead and keep on watching alright so what I always do is read the claims on the packaging and it claims that is a hemp derived cannabis extract plus blue agave extract activate all-day hydration and hold can I read y'all connect he's dead alright but basically it claims to give you all the hydration and holds and I've noticed that milk makeup has a lot of cannabis products and honestly I don't know if there's any benefit when it comes to skin care if you guys do no please don't know down below but I just really haven't heard of any um and on the back that says to put about one or two pumps in the back of your hand put a

thin layer on your face and allow one minute for it to absorb into your skin let's go ahead and try this out and I do have a small sample of course and I want to show you guys how this product comes out because it's so different it literally looks like slime like it's so sticky and weird and just what it looks like on but when you put it on your skin it actually feels really good is very cooling on the skin and it claims to give you all the hydration on your skin and I noticed if you do have oily skin it really doesn't make a difference it doesn't make me any more greasy towards the end of the day it just feels really good and gives me like a nice grip when it comes to my foundation and concealer because once I apply to press on my skin y'all they are not moving at all okay so why don't you blend it on your skin you kind of feel it getting tacky and y'all can see like my skin just looks a little bit sticky right now so hopefully y'all can see it on camera but it's very very sticky so I know it's working I'm gonna put some on the other side of my face and it doesn't have any scent to it you guys like it doesn't do anything too crazy on the skin it just gives you a

nice grip to your foundation and concealer I did kind of wish that if filled in my pores or something like that because I know it doesn't do anything for that by the same time y'all I still really love this primary my skin is ready to go and I can usually tell when it's sticky once it's ticking you know it dried on your skin and one thing I do want to mention when it comes to this primer make sure you blend it out like really nicely and evenly because if you don't you guys you will get patches on your skin when you apply your foundation concealer because I noticed the other day when I applied it right here and I didn't blend it out that well it looks very patchy on my skin so make sure you're careful with that so move on to foundation concealer I'm using my confess Power Plate concealer and foundation and I love using old products that I know work on my skin because if something goes wrong I noticed a primer or whatever I've tried that day so I'm first going in with some foundation and I have it in the shade g100 and the funny thing about this foundation is it's low-key also kind of like sticky on

the skin like it has like a grip to it so these two together I just feel like the work and taking my Beauty Blender I'm gonna pass it on to my skin and I know a lot of people ask this question do you feel the stickiness once you blend you know your foundation all that good stuff you don't feel it being sticky at all but you kind of tell that your foundation is a Heron onto the primer that you first plays so I just blend it into my skin everything just blends really nicely on top and I forgot to tell you guys that this product the full size is $30 which I feel like is a great price because the full size comes with 1.52 or 1.52 when I say like that 152 I'm flooring ounces which is so much product on for $30 I think that's really good but that's just my opinion and even though this video is not a first impressions I kind of love doing videos where I've tried the product out already because I think I'll tell you guys how I feel about them the best way to apply it and so on so I do hope you guys enjoy this even though it's not a first impressions um because I can give you guys a lot of background when it comes to the product

and to conceal my under eyes configure my cover effects power-play concealer in the shade and d2 i don't seem to go ahead and become another one because i ran out of this like there's no more product in here so i'm just applying a little bit underneath the eyes because honestly i don't have any in here so i really don't have a choice but some on top of my lip right here and there's some on my floor heaven so i'm just blending it onto my skin and when it comes to high-end primers gel at honestly I don't feel the need to spend so much money on high and primers just because I don't see the difference between them and drugstore that's just my opinion I have tried a lot of primers you guys and honestly when I go back to drugstore I flagged they're the same exact thing just one is higher when it's lower and like there's just no difference to me about this primer I do feel a difference that you can't find anything like this in the drugstore like at all hour so to sum I can see I'm taking my hoodie Beauty easy-bake powder in the shaken off of course I use these all the time so nothing new here so I'm gonna go

ahead and let my face bake and I will be back to start the wear test for you guys I'm not gonna do eight hours or anything like that probably a couple of hours because I do have some errands today and whatnot so once I'm done with that I'll show you guys what my skin looks like so alright so I'm back on my face completed and a medical head and do some errands we're really quickly you guys I want to show you these glasses I got from P Australia I got this one right here and also an olive green one because y'all know I love all of that it's my favorite color but let me show you guys what they look like because I love them so these are what they look like on the face you guys and I think they're so cute like I'm obsessed with them but there's $65 and for $65 and I'm honest you guys look quality it's not there it just feels really like you know flimsy and like it would break on me so I'm not sure how long these will last but at the same time I can do really cute these are the desi Perkins um blue light mini sunglasses and they're just so cute on the face so once again show you guys what they look like

because I know some people wanna see on the face but the quality I'm just not sure it will last a long time but yeah let me go ahead and do some errands I'll be back to show you guys what my face looks like I've been so I'm back from doing all my errands and this is what my face looks like you guys I'm a little bit dewy looking at the camera I can see them a little bit dewy but it doesn't look bad and it's been like five five and a half hours so I can complain but one thing I do wanna say about this primer is is best for those who can't get like foundation to stick on your skin especially around my nose and on my chin my foundation usually wears off throughout the day or doesn't stick when I put it on my face but y'all like on my scan of y'all can tell on camera everything is on my nose perfectly and on my chin my nose used to be like my biggest issue because it will so patchy and cakey because I couldn't get it perfect ever but with this primer yeah like literally it sticks on perfect it looks good I have no issues at all so with that being said I do recommend this primer you guys because it makes your

skin look good throughout the day like it has a little bit of hydration but not too much and even though I do look a little bit dewy right now it doesn't look bad at all and if you do have issues when it comes to foundation sticking on your skin this is the perfect primer and the best part is is only $30 for 1.5 to 4 ounces which is so crazy to me because you get so much product for that price I think it's really good so I do hope you guys enjoyed this video don't get let's cry my way out I love you guys so much I'm really about to go ahead and eat and sleep and do nothing because I am so tired okay I love you guys and I'll see you in my next one