06 June 2019

New Melt Cosmetics Impulsive palette | Swatches and First Impressions #PaletteJacking

The new Melt Cosmetics Impulsive palette is launching in store today ! Will you be picking this up ?! I literally couldn't wait to get a hold of this palette to play ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel

alright so in today's video I'm going to be starting a new series and it's where I take my friends eyes shadow palettes and I just give you guys my initial thoughts on them the reasoning behind it is either I didn't pick it up because it was too expensive or it just didn't catch my interest so the series will be called palette jackin I know clever right so in this video I'm going to be talking about the melt cosmetics impulsive palette can we talk about this color story so pretty this is releasing on Sephora today I love milk cosmetics I just recently started getting into them maybe over the last year and this eyes shadow palette is beautiful my only gripe about this eyeshadow palette is how big it is and it's very heavy and you have all of this kind of wasted space on the side here like it kind of does like a ladder step up and I feel like it would have been cool to have something kind of come out of the sides here like if the palette kind of extended out but I'm like it's so big and bulky for no reason I also don't like the fact that there's no barrier between eyeshadows so I could close this and eyeshadows can transfer

from each side but the color story in it is beautiful I'm like I am living for these greens right here let me show you guys swatches on my arm you do this really quick BAM pigment these are so soft the color go-getter like oh my gosh freaking it beautiful red metallic pinky shade Oh CEO super pretty bronze color changer all that green oh my gosh the pigment in this valley it okay so I only own the smoke sessions I have the Gemini pilot and I have the 27 palette baby girl stack and the blueprint stack and out of all of those I definitely feel like their stack eyeshadows before oh that's a pretty color I feel like their staff eyes shadows are better than the ones in their palette this color is like a really pretty champagne II shade but it has little flecks of like light blue glitter and it's so pretty I went to the gym tonight and I freaking did arms in there on fire oh that was unexpected in like the palette it looks like it would be like this I see color but it kind of changed like this really pretty greeny gold shade alright have six more colors I'm running out of space ooh that's pretty really pretty lavender elbow

swatch I guess oh that blue is everything oh my gosh [Music] Wow you guys see the pigment like look at that alright here we go here we have swatches swatches sloppily swatched on my arm but this is what it looks like on my skin tone my arms are like shaking holding this up and then the back swatches here you guys see that so got to get my armor break it hurts hurts now let's see how it performs on the ice I already have on my base I have on my brows I have my mascara tight line I have on highlights bronzer all that jazz this is about the eyeshadow palette so we're gonna focus on that I'm going to start with a fluffy brush here and I'm going to be using the color game-changer to start and I'm just going to pop this in my crease here I'm really curious how these perform I don't know if anyone else out there has issues with the gym and I palette blending out like it tends to get kind of patchy on the eyes my smoke sessions doesn't do that I feel like my 27 doesn't blend out the best either this guy here it's kind of grouping right there

all right I'm not mad at that I'm gonna go in with the color a profesh which is like that deeper green and then just pop it a little bit lower using that same brush and I'm not gonna do like a full-on look I just want you guys to see how these eye shadows blend I'm getting a little definition there and that is pretty little more game changer I don't know if it's from my eyeshadow primer or just the eyeshadows themselves but I am living for that green it's super super pretty I'm going to clean up my brush take that same fluffy brush take a little bit of 2012 or just like that mustardy yellow kind of pop it at the top just to soften this edge here Oh pretending alright let's take a flat brush and I'm gonna go in with the shade CEO I feel like with metallic shadows like flat brushes are okay but I feel like my fingers gonna have more impact so I'm just gonna go on with my finger a little more pigment out of that this is very soft it's a very soft bronzy shade very pretty I'm not mad at it I'm not mad at it at all and I want to deepen this up with boss lady what do you guys think comes out looking really big blended fairly well together

alright let me go on the other eye with some different colors here I'm gonna use bold and pop this in my crease whoo that's a pretty transition whoo I like that a lot this is not getting Skippy on my eyes whatsoever so I feel like I didn't blend out my eyeshadow primer or let it set long enough cuz it was just kind of catching versus this side just blends out really nicely or it's because this eyeshadow performs better one or the other but I'm pretty sure it's just user error I'm gonna go in with the color dream big ooh these colors are blending and not there like seamless look at that this time that sounds not bad but you guys know I love my man warm tones who doesn't love a good warm tone kind of want to switch it up and try the purpley shade here I'm just gonna pop this on with my fingers this color reminds me of something from Pat can't think of the name of the shape but it's like it's really pretty purpley blue I'm pretty sure it's in one of her palettes and that blends together pretty freakin well not mad at that I'm gonna take a little bit of popping bottles which is that color that I was

surprised by a little bit more this is such a pretty color like it's like a soft gold but it has this really pretty reflective like green glitter in it so I just wanted to do a really quick demo for you guys just to show you how they blend together how they work with each other only playing around with like five or six of the colors I do want to play around with palette a little bit more and give you guys a full-on tutorial but these are my first impressions on the palette I love the color story I feel like melt cosmetics eyeshadows in general they perform pretty well sometimes some of their stuff is a hit or miss but for me everything performed pretty well except for the gym bag how it is just me I like this I like this a lot when I pick it up I don't know some of these shimmer birds are very unique and then these greens man these greens kind of get me into this fiery red shade at the top here super duper pretty I do melt cosmetics I don't know I'm gonna have to play around with it some more but I think first impressions I'm still gonna give this palette a pass for me

but maybe they'll change down the line once I play around with it some more thank you so much for watching I really hope that you enjoyed this series and you continue to watch it if you are thinking about picking up the melt cosmetics palette let me know in the comments down below and I will see you in the next video [Music]