27 November 2018

NEW MAKEUP RELEASES | Buy It OR Anti-Haul It?! November 2018

Today we are talking about what's new in makeup! This is an anti-haul and makeup wish list all in one! What are my thoughts on each product and will I buy it?

hey guys how are you today if you're

looking at me and wondering it's Heidi having a bad hair day today the answer to that is yes now I've come to the realization with my hair that pretty much every day is about hair day but today isn't necessarily today so ignore that I think there's always something that I'm asking you guys to ignore and every single in my videos also I've got a cold if my voice sounds weird that's why but anyway today we're gonna be talking about new make up releases so if you guys are excited for that please give this video a thumbs up let me know in the comments down below how your Thanksgiving Wes this is the first video going up after Thanksgiving you guys I had the best for Day weekend so with work I actually got Thanksgiving and Black Friday off plus one usual weekend and this was the first weekend in the longest time that I have just sat and done nothing I mean like I shopped you know I'm Black Friday we went to Thanksgiving at my family's had my husband stay on these house it was fun but like other than that we're just like chill we went out to eat we did our shopping it was wonderful so nice to not actually have anything that I needed to

do I mean I was gonna paint my bedroom this weekend that didn't get done but next weekend anyway anything you guys don't care you're here for new makeup releases that's time to help you make it releases if you guys liked this video I think already said this give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more videos like this let's get to it you guys I always start with something that I'm really excited for the first thing that I'm really really excited for is a new palette from Linda Hallberg cause that is it that's cosmetic so just Linda Hallberg but they're coming out with this for oh I'll let me scoot over okay hopefully you guys can still see me but they're coming out with this for piano eyeshadow palette you guys this is so beautiful this is custom metallic mysteries to palette it's for I guess it's not really a palette it's like a quad but every single one of these shades is stunning this looks like such a holiday palette such a Christmas palette this one is actually I'm not gonna buy it for myself but I did send it to my husband and I was like hey if you're wondering what to get me for Christmas this is it right here so yeah

I told him to get me this and I also told him to get me the crayons that she has because she has this red one and I've always wanted a red cram that I can use on my eyes or like it's like a pencil but you can use on your eyes your lips your face anywhere I really want that one just for my eyes but I want the full set so I sent him that and I told him to get this one for Christmas so yes this is definitely definitely Alma's this one came out November 26th which I think the day that you're seeing this this would have been yesterday the day that it came out so definitely go check it out if you guys are interested in that one she actually also came out with another palette her other palette I'm not quite as excited for but I'll show you guys the palette it's called the infinity deep palette it comes with three metallics one shimmer and one matte shape now this is a very pretty palette but I just don't feel like this is something that I need I feel like recently I've been buying so many of like the really warm red orange bronze he kind of palettes because that's what I've been into right now I don't feel like I need this palette

this one is $45 and this one came out already as well so I have everything down in the description box if you guys are interested but that one is not one that I'm gonna get now if I'm being honest actually a lot of releases at the moment are not super exciting to me now this could be a good thing because the hospitals are coming and I need to save my pennies to buy my kids Christmas presents my family Christmas presents I got a lot of presents to buy this Christmas so it's probably best that I'm not super excited for a lot of things I'm honestly a little bit bored by a lot of new releases but there's a few things that I'm excited for anyway let's get back into it al cosmetics just came out with a new eyeshadow palette as well so this is the what to call them on their Instagram they called it the little black dress of eyeshadow palettes the new classics full of 10 miss neutral shades over I don't know what the shadow is actually called but it's $14 very similar to the other palette that they came out with like a month or two ago and as far as like the size of it goes the shape all of that the shades inside I'm not interested in these are very

very very neutral shadows you guys know I'm not gonna get this this looks like it would be very very soft neutral shadows too which is just not something that I go for if I'm gonna go for a neutral shadow it's gonna be really intense really kind of stop pop in your face even though it's an angel if that makes no sense but I'm not gonna get this one but this one is already out if you guys are interested I think actually a lot of people will like this palette so I think it's good for like the everyday kind of person that wants a really soft eyeshadow look I just don't think it's for me this is the real-life super shock shadow vault that has also already released so this is my colour-pop cosmetics it's all of those super shock not all of them it's a bunch of super shock shadows in one giant vault collection this thing is $99 which actually is a good deal if you're looking at how much you're actually spending per super shock shadow it's actually a good deal if you like all these shades if you love super shock shadows if you feel like you need all of these this is actually a pretty good

deal I personally I love the formula of super shock shadows I love how pigments if they are how creamy and smooth they are but I don't find myself reaching for them I actually decluttered all of the ones in my collection because I went a full year without even looking at my super shock shadows they were just too much of an inconvenience for me to use I've talked about this before the whole like having to unscrew it and then you know dig out the product and use it a special kind of way for it to show up really nicely and then you have to screw it back on in a way that you're gonna make sure it doesn't dry out it's just a lot it's too much for me I don't have time for it I mean it's gonna be quick easy boom boom done that's what I need so not gonna get this but I do think it's really pretty I'm like oh that's so nice to look at but I'm not gonna get something just cuz it's nice to look at okay next Cambodia actually came out with a Lolita collection which i think is actually really smart on her part but I don't know if she should have come out with this a couple years ago when the whole Lolita thing was huge

everyone liked Lolita everyone wanted Lolita nobody could get their hands on Lolita this thing was in high demand that's what she should have put out this collection I still think people will buy this collection I do but I think she could have actually done a lot better with it if she had come up with this years ago this comes with an eyeshadow palette which is gonna be $39 and comes to eight shades it looks like they're all matte yeah eight matte shades it comes with a lot an eye liner that is that kind of Lolita shade and then you've got your glimmer veil which is a shimmery Lolita interesting I'm not gonna get this I'm not gonna buy it just because I don't like the collection I don't something that I mean right now in my life but I'm interested to know you guys let me know ok so the next thing is another palette from Zoe cosmetics this one also came out yesterday if you're seeing this on Tuesday the 27th this one comes with 10 I'd shadows and I liked the green corner in this palette I loved that really deep deep green and then actually okay all four of those greens are stunning to me that corner

I would buy if it wasn't a quad I don't feel like I need this full palette though I don't know you guys this one it's like it's pretty but I don't feel like I need it I just feel like that was a lot of makeup right now pretty I don't need it that's why I feel about this one as well but this one is out if you guys are interested in picking it up BH Cosmetics came out with the zodiac palette this came out on November 22nd so last week's Thanksgiving Day just came over the 22nd it comes with 24 I chose 12 shimmer 12 mat and won a highlight shade in there or like highlighter actual highlighter this one is $24 I actually think that the other palette that they came out with that was in this same layout was prettier than this one I am NOT a huge shame at this one man okay you guys know I've talked about these piles before in the past I don't like BH Cosmetics baked formula and I haven't tried it in a few years so it might be better now than it used to be but I'm like hesitant to try anything based from them anymore the baked shadows that I share from them were just too soft not pigmented enough and when I see this when I look at it it

looks like that's what it would be so I'm not excited for this them at all but this one is out if you guys want to try it I think I am struggling with my cold today you guys whoo let's toss something that I am actually excited for here we go I actually found something unexpected Cooper these are from Jake at Beauty there are only six dollars a piece and they're the vanity goddess chromatic pigments so they're just like a really nice metallic pigment shadow these are so pretty I want these absolutely I'll take every color yeah so these are on their website already you guys these are so Oh beautiful absolutely gonna try those Oh another thing that I actually think is really pretty but I'm not sure if I'm gonna get it is female Cosmetics melt smoke sessions how it I think the shades in this palette are beautiful I think the greens I've really really wanted to try about cosmetics greens ever since they came out with their Gemini palette was it the Gemini the one I had the other greens in it and the greens and that one looked so beautiful so I've wanted to try their

greens ever since then and this is like almost an honoring palette you know got some Browns in there but then you've got those really pretty greens at the end to allow the shades in this I don't like the little stamp that they put each one of their August shadows and that may be the reason that I don't pick this palette out it's just not my favorite so this came out on November 23rd if you guys are interested you can pick it up there but I'm not gonna get it just because of the stamps that are almost out so I think that's like two things in this video that I'm like 100% getting and then there's a lot of things that I'm like me this is boring so that's kind of how I feel Tiffany makeup releases again this is great for me because I need to be saving my money for the holiday gifts anyway so that's fine that's great anyway well let me know what you guys are getting or not getting in the comments down below and I'll see you guys in the next one bye you