14 June 2018

New makeup from - Maybelline, L'Oreal, Sinful Colors and more with swatches

Hi everyone. Here is some new makeup that I found online from Amazon and in store at CVS. Hope everyone had a great day. Thank you so much for watching.

everyone welcome back all right got a

kind of random haul for you one of these I forgot to show you that I found at t.j.maxx a while back the rest is pretty much Amazon and a couple items from CBS that I found recently I found this is TJ Maxx Oh God probably over a month ago this is the Bobby Brown all day all night long where I kit and this was 25 bucks and in it you get the soothing cleansing oil a brush her gel liner and two of the eye crayons which you forget me say I love her eye crayons that's an oldie but a goodie but I remembered finally to put it in the video uh Amazon okay I'm to watch one of the other Ulta halls I picked up I chose you the tea tree oil from the body shop which is not a hundred percent tea tree oil so I did find this one it was on one of those daily deals so they only have so yeah you have to buy it kind of quickly or it's it goes off the deal this is from first botany cosmeceuticals Australian tea tree essential oil this is 100% tea tree oil this is four ounces I only paid eight little over eight dollars for this I mean the tea tree oils I you buy it at Sally's small

jar small bottle she's around nine bucks so this is a great deal but it is real tea tree oil so bonus maybelline these are at Ulta now because I saw mine line these are the new master chrome metallic highlighters this is number two hundred molten taupe as you can see that's right there I know I'm self-tanning so it doesn't make it top up I say themself thousand times of I'm self tanning and the other shade 150 molten peach this is gorgeous [Music] oh love love love love love I lost I find for me Blaine Barry black met Barry black male 120 I'm shine something from the color sensational I think these are new though but something about shine but I got 120 Barry black male let's see if they could just swatch it's very creamy I've worn it once so it looks scary in the tube but you get this beautiful moisturizing berry shade so this is going in my bag I don't remember bring that back up um Totti made me buy this the l'oreal infallible Pro matte liquid lipsticks in lit chocolates does smell like chocolate I picked up shade 842 this is why I don't watch someone else's lip swatches

because it looked fabulous on Tati and it looks like concealer on me so this is going to Jeana tomorrow do you know won't mind if I swatch it it's a very pretty shade it just not my shade I guess there's um maybe 12 shades when I was at CBS picking up a couple other items they had display but it only had like four shades and this was one of them so I need one of the darker shades so we'll see what happens with those so that was but I grabbed that on Amazon - also on Amazon I got this set of five liquid matte lips by a love L ver 8l hi ve on her so you can look it up if you want the shades aren't named they're just one to five because it was a set of five I want to say this was only maybe eight bucks so I definitely grabbed it again I love this shade this shade this shade this is questionable this I could probably pull off too so if anything I'm just gonna give this one right - Gino with the infallible cuz at this point they almost look like they match but I know that other ones would be too late I were uh well shades shades I work six so order on numbers I wore this one day and it actually wore really well so I was pretty impressed I'd have to put it to

my dentist test but we'll see yes I just happen to be strolling all the way down at the end on a cardboard huge where those displays from sinful colors and I think it was oh what's the pearls name not like Demi Lovato ah I don't know her name there was a sinful colors display there was um some stick highlighters things like that I picked up a lipstick in indulgent two zero six zero so it's just plain black packaging lipstick and very pretty lipstick I've worn this too again another berry shade of course and then this actually liked it has a kind of cushy feeling to it he'll play you're a decent lip color so it's like this it's called outspoken it does have like the squeezy tube and it's a really cool purple color I don't like this Sandi's go like this right there and the only problem is of course it gets you know messy at the edge so you can just wipe it off nobody no big deal I want to say both items were one was four dollars I want to see maybe the lipstick was four and this was maybe five so that was decent priced and the colors were pretty there wasn't a lot of colors but I'd never seen the display like I said I was like all the way in the back

of the store it was weird and I think that was all from Hamazon CBS the randomness there yeah I still got more for you alright everyone have a fabulous day I'll see y'all soon bite