31 October 2018


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[Music] [Music] [Music] you that's the new one that's the new skin that has come on in the patch patroller those dents were just from the grand final available now in the shop great little tactic you can use the quick edits and peaks of these walls look at the third party in the despites perfect I'll get some knock I'm provoking the feed there gets the Elam that's number seven which gives them three points from this game the T foo and cloak are there two they're gonna have to look out now it's 17 LPS K he's got to go yeah they're gonna fall all the way down low still sitting pretty with quite a bit of HP a little bit of shield just lost them right there got a med kit right now mm oh my handful Knight 39 meters from Nate he'll drift from cloak just trying to make it away hey zipper how do you feel about I chief you was forced to use the skin like for the major tournament the duo they didn't want anybody potentially colluding so they made everybody use random skins so everybody had random skibs on that's

what it was which is smart it's smart I I think some people are like oh my god why are they forcing them to use skins bro but like MELAS it's smart when your thoughts on epic forcing Tifa to wear skin during the fall scrimmage I think it's funny think about the five how to go about using skins again my starting again do you say that I don't know pretty dope might jump save I don't know play would be bad I know somebody Joe don't play will be done don't play with me I don't somebody jump it you know act like you did it somebody jump man I know y'all did don't play with your name I know I wouldn't jump I don't play with me what is that zombie doing bro yo chill chill [Music] oops oh my god look I know he's dying No Nords Lotus or Mosby very split from each other Mowgli down below but without 175 got a team stuck probably the highest hill top-down view and everybody making funk rotating in ever so gently floating underneath and it looks like something half are there with Nate Hill

as you see the frustration will have to receive word on what exactly that was is it definitely didn't look ideal from my perspective as it seemed like his glider was malfunctioning a little bit so we'll wait for League ops on that one but you can a huge health battle right now it's more Gaussian st. versus NIC mercs innate and Nick and Aiden trailing and getting some damage done if they get these two they're in big bonus territory painted matching this look at what he's doing right absolutely stunning he's got the high ground for the moment the shot comes are you kidding me make fighters it's big bonus as the duo has made this arena erupt almost rang the doorbell bro my bad monkey with the hail brother I thought it was just gonna dance in front of me bro come on bro come on hi hi y'all bed Oh Mike I didn't redeploy my glider didn't redeploy my glider actually didn't redeployed oh my god my glider dint redeployed [Music] my god ever - de'longhi hey this guy should be dead bad just died dude this is so fucking Dom this player is not going there it is

fucking player what else do I got oh it's nice oh let's go let's go alrighty then look at that hey I can see your booty baby Wow oh my god the hooligans are attacking [Music] I'm sticking it okay bro okay okay buddy yeah okay bro no you can't do it well I'm actually genuinely curious I'm actually Jenny clears boat he did got jump or anything you just shot me bro what the heck dude what's his name Claire this no sick gameplay shooting the wall as you can clearly see the walls even shaking the wall is shaking because he's hitting the wall the game is amazing I quit [Music] yo somebody flip it it yo some would flip that that was sig row click there again oh my god that's exactly what you did you're probably strange dive into that is exactly what you get [Music]