28 April 2016

NEW Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer-Mood | Kitty Kat Does Makeup

I hope you enjoy my review and swatches for the NEW Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer. I thought this was going to be similar to the Becca Backlight ...

okay guys today this is gonna be a

pretty quick video on two different primers that wanted to compare because I thought these were going to be very similar so I have the ambient light correcting primer and mood light then I have the Becca backlight priming filter primer I've had this for quite a while and I love this primer it's like a luminous kind of primer gives your skin a nice glow it does have shimmery particles in it and so when these little bastards came out I thought these were gonna be similar now I only bought one of them I didn't buy all three of them so I can only speak about one of them I don't know what the others are like so like I said this is moonlight and these are $44 which I feel like it's a little expensive this is I think $35 but it's still expensive and I think them both one fluid ounce they are it feels like there's not that much product in here but then again you know this is mostly glass whatever but I do love the squeezy tube because you can really get to it until the very last drop let me just go ahead and show you the swatches of this so you can kind of see what the color looks like so when I got it I thought the color is going to be very pink I

don't know why it but I thought the color was gonna be pink and it is it does have a pink tone to it but it's more like a baby pink so there's the color as you can see it's just like a nice beige color and this when I first got it and I just watched it I was like what is this why are you today oh why did I buy this but I'll get to a review in a minute but let me just keep telling you about the swatches so it's not a shimmery it doesn't have like a shimmery color to it it just is I don't I can't even explain it but I guess there's something in here that's like light reflecting or blurring there's like some sort of blurring technology in this and this stuff is awesome it goes on my skin before I put my foundation on it like smooths everything out it's not that slick kind of primer which I hate this is not slick it just is a nice I mean it still smooths the skin but it's not that you know you know what I'm talking about it's not the slip and slide on your face this does not create a slip and slide on your face but it makes your face just kind of like smooth and even evens everything out and makes your face look flawless and then when you put your

foundation on holy shitballs holy shitballs my foundation looked awesome I'm like what the hell happened to me did I like do my skin just get amazing overnight I don't think so I think it was this primer there's something about this primer I can't even explain I cannot explain it but it made my makeup wear so much better my makeup just looked awesome and it just felt better and it lasted all day and it didn't get gross sometimes by the end of the day my makeup will look like cracky and especially like in the fine lines and what not then that just gross but I think it has something to do with this I have dry skin and this doesn't attach to the dry skin patches and it's magic but I wanted to talk to about this too because this is one of my favorites but I love this one because it gives your face a nice glow whereas this one is more like evening out and blurring and makes your foundation last whereas this just makes everything look kind of dewy and luminous but I wanted to show you the to swatch just so you could see what they look like so there are the swatches as you can see they're totally different

totally different so this comes in dim light luminous and then mood light dim light it's kind of dark so I did not get that because from swatches that I've seen online it looks really dark and luminous light I think is like a lighter shade and I don't know if I asked you myrrh in it or not I need to look up videos on that so the Becca backlight primer I am curious to know if it's like the hourglass luminous because I would assume luminous it's gonna be more shimmery I'm not sure if the formulas are all the same or not but I'm curious to know if the hourglass luminous one is like this but as you can see these are totally two different primers there's nothing the same about them if I were to pick one out of these two I might say that it's the hourglass one this was my favorite for ever but I'm gonna say it's this one I think this is my new favorite it is awesome I don't even know you guys just need to try it because it is freaking phenomenal whatever it does to your skin so those are the primers like I said I wanted to compare the two to let you guys know what they're all about

but the moonlight hmm mullah I actually love the mood light in the hourglass ambient lighting powder as well freakin love it great primers this one's better love them both but I just wanted to give you like a mini review to let you guys know how it is sorry I didn't buy all of them I just didn't feel the need to have all of them but at least I brought you one of them and that's all that matters right give this video a big ass thumbs up thumbs this up it's that easy just click that big s thumbs up it's easy thumbs this up I am make sure to subscribe subscribe to my because it's fun subscribe to my ass because it's fun and until next time I'll see you guys later bye it's spring and I'm wearing a penguin shirt and I don't care the Becca backlight primer mmm let me just go ahead and it's my hair shut up sorry guys hold your horses technology is awesome because I can look up on the fly and then luminescent luminous holy cars