21 December 2018


Wassup Guys today I will be reviewing NEW FULL SPECTRUM COVERGIRL MATTE AMBITION FOUNDATION in the shade Deep Neutral 2 & FULL ...

I'm on my way and I am currently right

now headed into work so I just want to start off by saying that this look that I got going on right now got me feeling some type of way like this foundation that I tried is something else like look at my skin mmm I'm feeling real glowy real just real real hmm okay I love how my makeup looks today and I am just really impressed with what I have going on right now so I hope all this can last all day okay I am testing out a new foundation right now if you watch my previous video you know that I am testing out the new full-spectrum covergirl matte foundation and if you can already tell from what I just said a few seconds ago is that this foundation has me looking really really good like zing I barely even heard about this foundation I actually just went on Ulta and it was like in the new arrivals and so I was like you know what let me just order it let me see what it's about and let you guys know and I am really impressed like seriously impressed it went on so well it just was perfect foundation went on so well the concealer went on so well like I'm like what's going on in like what am I missing

obviously I was missing this one so I'm glad I really got it now and I'm trying it on so if you haven't already noticed it's not gonna be my second time kind of splitting up my video instead of doing like all in one video like a full makeup look and then letting you guys know kind of like in the same video how the makeup is turned up what I'm trying to do is kinda like split it up because I want you guys to really be able to experience like with me how it's looking throughout the days and then you'll be able to see how the foundation not only how it's lasting throughout the day but you know how it's looking on my skin how has it settled like I feel like all of things matter also how does it look in different type of lighting I feel like all of those things are like he points into finding the perfect foundation so that's why I decided to do this like this because I feel like if I just concluded within like in the previous video you don't really get the full effect you guys don't really get it but with this you should be able to see like how it settles into my scenes a lot of times foundations can turn orange foundation can just oxidize a lot a lot

of things go on with foundations throughout the day sometimes and so I want you to be able to see everything about it and see like how it's going with me and being able to make your final decision so this is really to help you guys make the best decision when it comes to picking out the perfect foundation because I know that I Charla out a lot of foundations but you know you know fun they like everybody and it really is hard when you're just the average girl and you just want a good foundation to wear so hopefully this helps you guys out and I'm just gonna vlog my day and which is gonna go from there and by the end of day we'll be able to tell what's going on with this but all right so yeah I will catch it with you guys in a bit hey guys so it isn't now around my lunch time and I am literally just about to go and lunch but I want to check in with you guys to show you guys like how the makeup is looking because girl girl it is flawless right now okay Allah it's like look at that focus mmm I don't even have any lines around my mouth that's how good this whole look is going I'm just having a really really

good makeup day and I'm really really impressed one thing I wanted to tell you guys is that I noticed is that when I went back and looked online he said that this full specs from foundations was actually made for a woman of color which I don't even know that I didn't even know none of this so it's just really really cool that I'm trying this out like that was like awesome once I went back and read that that this is for you know us girls out there yeah I'm really doing good with the foundation like the best I've seen in a long time like honestly and I'm breathing impressed so I'm just gonna keep on wearing it and I'm gonna check back in with you guys right now I am currently fasting I have another like hour and a half I think before I eat so your girls passing 18 hours I'm doing so good right now it's okay when this way snatch you guys won't be able to tell me that so yeah I hope you forgive me you guys later let me go in edit the video oh I am just now getting home okay after a hour long of being in traffic I have never ever ever been so close to home but couldn't get there because there was a traffic buildup at first we

had a train situation and Danny became a seven car pileup accident like really like I hope some people okay because I'm pretty sure it was like bumper bumper bumper probably something like that they got them in the wreck probably just driving too fast and they all readings each other but it was just like oh my gosh we just spent the longest time in traffic so I'm just like completely exhausted today was just the longest day and I've been up since maybe like for something that's no I've been up since 37 this morning so your girl is just exhausted okay but I have so much stuff to do that I just can't go flop into bed you know I got I got things to do I got priorities I have videos to post which the good thing about it was because we were in that traffic and Michael's driving I got time to edit so I'm pretty much done with the part one of what's connected to this video which is great because hard sometimes coming home I've been to edit and then get it up to the same night they get always tends to not be up until like 9 10 o'clock which I try my best to get it up early but something always happens gotta come on cook and all that type of stuff you know

you know you know anyway I want to show you guys meeting some better life so I want to show you guys like how it looks right now so I applied this around six something this morning and it is now six something and that's about twelve hours with a foundation on which is like dang I feel like right before I live work I looked really really good and I don't know if I just was kind of really stressed out on the road but then I feel like that's where my all start to break my oils probably saying you know a girl is at the fire we bout to come out we've been holding this together all day because I swear like my foundation just looked really really good up until I just got home now like I went in looked in the mirror right before I turn the camera I was like dang girl you yours are starting to break but as far as like everything like look at my smile lines typically honestly guys I like my foundation starts to settle into my lines and it has not done that yet so it's just really like my oils it's not even that the foundation is moving a lot of times when the foundation is getting old like this you see the foundation just start to just look a mess and

starts to settle in the finalize he starts to move this foundation has not moved it's just trying to like keep it together moving because my oils are like showing out but I mean can you really blame it 12 hours the last time I checked in with you guys it was about six hours of me wearing it at that point so what you saw was six hours down of me wearing it and then here goes another you know six hours with me wearing the foundation so just at the sixth hour mark like maker was beat okay makeup was beat so I'm definitely like I hate to put something on my favorites list so early but I like this one right here this foundation right here is one that you need to get your hands on I'm I'm not gonna even lie to you the color was perfect the concealer was perfect everything was just perfect about this foundation like I didn't have to work hard with this foundation honestly it really surprises me with this with covergirl like I never ever expected this from covergirl but I'm so happy that they're offering it up the foundation of course is I mean $11 so it's still in the drugstore range the concealer is about the same thing get a

good foundation you get a good concealer for it just a really great great price and around this time things everything's going ourselves 20% off here thirty fifty like it's sales going everywhere so I definitely recommend you guys get on this like yes like I'm even liking this I'm not gonna lie to you I'm even liking this right now more than I can stop won't stop and if you've been watching me you know can't stop won't stop has been BAE for a minute ever since I tried that foundation that has been the foundation that I recommend to everybody but this one this one tops that for me this one top step for me I mean I still love my can't stop won't stop but this one tops out for me and I just I don't know it's a funny like when I have a perfect application when I have a perfect just it just sets into my face perfect when you don't see any smile lines I mean when I don't see me smile nice I cannot help but give this like a double thumbs up because you know leave the worst in foundations and I could just really appreciate this honestly I feel like I can go touch up my face and I can go out like I can go out with this same

foundation on like it does not feel heavy it feels super light like even under my eyes under my eyes are still sitting there very well which is just like blowing my mind like seriously blowing my mind that this is a covergirl foundation hold up covergirl what you're trying to do yeah so that's my take on this foundation I therefore recommend you guys go get it because it's worth for sure it's worth your money it's worth it it's worth it is like yesterday I received a package from open glory which I thought was so so cute so I've kind of started to unwrap it but I'm gonna show you guys like how it looks so they sent this big old box right here and in it it has this like let's get fierce ball it's like all connected it's like a hand and foot and food little thing right here then they have oh this is so cute they have this stuff you using the shower clean on me sugar crush it's a body wash gel guess it's like body products and then in this box they have a whole bunch of masks I thought this was so cute that they sent this to me honestly a little cookie in they're all super duper cute I thought that was so cute that they said that to me I want

to show you guys like everything they said and how super cute it was yeah that's so super cute I'm definitely gonna be using this stuff I need a pamper day okay I need a pimper day I'm just feel like I'm exhausted I'm exhausted and I just need a day off like a complete day off a day off from social media a day from it all at this point I'm just tired typepad