09 April 2019

* NEW Extension Launch * Sugar Cosmetics Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hello Everyone, Hope you all are doing well, recently I got my hands on new extension launch of #SugarCosmetics Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick so I thought of ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel hi

I'm stretchy and today I'm going to make a very interesting video that is a swatch video yes they are recently I have received 76 from she WA cosmetic and I am literally in love with the cuddles texture and everything so I thought of sharing this with you guys because the colors are really really nice and interesting I thought that so I'm like I need to share this thing with you all guys so one of them I am wearing that is this color this wine color I am wearing today and yes at first I'm going to talk about the packaging and then I'm going to talk about the texture and and the last I am going to show you the swatches before starting with this video I just wanted to tell you that please guys don't forget to follow me on Instagram because I love to get connected with my fam in Instagram in deems and whatnot guys I love to chat with you guys you know that this jewelry this fabric jewelry is up from my designer store a majestic boob and so now without any further ado let's get into the video [Music] this is from the range of Matt and he'll crayon lipstick they have launched more

seven lipsticks from this collection so they have send it to me and I've tried and I'm super satisfied and thought of sharing it with you guys and so let's start with the packaging first to be very very honest I love the packaging as you guys can see this digital face thing is so unique I always loved it I adored this print I don't know why but I love that and there is a black portion where everything is written like the range name the color shade name then the ingredients thing everything is given in this packaging and their logo is there a lips I a face is their digital face thing is there which is I am obsessed with then I'll open it and show you how it looks so the lipstick looks like this this is what I am wearing today the red wine color and it has got a black body with the shade at the bottom you can understand and it's easy for us to choose the lipstick which shade we want to take and the name is written dairy sugar and then the range name is written the shade name is which everything is written here as you open it also send it to me a sharpener a sugar shop not it's written here sugar I absolutely love the packaging so when

I come to the texture part I just want to tell that I am a person I love matte lipstick but I don't love such lipstick which makes my lips very dry so this lipstick is matte though it's very creamy and I love that because it won't make my lips very very very dry and I can wear it for a long time I go for shoots everyday and I'm very knit like every day and I am super satisfied it doesn't go away after a few hours and it's like super matte and also it's creamy at the same point doesn't make my lips dry wow that's the biggest last point for me so yes I love this lipstick and now without any further ado let's get into the swatches guys so what are we waiting for let's begin and the colors are so beautiful so I'm going to start in a random manner so that start guy I took the color Lily Aldrin the shade number is 25 okay I'm going to open it and show you the color oh my god the color is beautiful [Music] [Music] you [Music] the next shape that I'm going to talk

about is Rachel Berry the shape number is 24 [Music] an x-ray number is 22 yes don't forget to check my description box because I'll be writing all the shield numbers and everything all the details out there so don't forget to check that out guys okay it's not coming out oh wow so this is a complete red color [Music] you [Music] so now the shade number is 20 this is Buffy Summers [Music] so the next shape number is 21 [Music] [Music] the next shape number is 23 this is Jessica day [Music] you [Music] the mixture is 19 and the name is emma woodhouse [Music] [Music] so I hope guys you enjoyed this video

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