27 June 2017


Hey guys! I'm SO excited to be swatching and reviewing the NEW Dose of Colors “Lip it Up!” Satin Lipsticks! These are SO gorgeous and have quickly become ...

hey guys and welcome back to my channel

today's video is going to be another lip swatch video I was so excited to receive this box in PR it's one of my favorites I've ever received so far I'm going to be swatching the new lip it up satin lipsticks by dose of colors let me open this up for ease you can see how stunning it is look at those oh my goodness me tell you the glare oh and what like across the room one moment let me not dump it out but look how gorgeous this box is I love the makeup looks if they're wearing up there and then there are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 new shade and this is the new formula as well it's a satin lip so it's not like a liquid lipstick like a lot of their other ones are but I was so dangerous even thank you so much in Joseph's colors and I knew I had to do a lip swatch video because they're just like they just look so beautiful so before we get into this the swatch video please make sure you hit the subscribe button your audience's grabber as always a little notifications also you can notified each time I upload and you guys want to see the swatches of the lip it up satin lip sync - um dose of colors then just keep watching [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] thank you so much for watching our hope for this lip swatch video was helpful for you normally after lip swatch videos i do a little review so i'm going to review a couple things but then as far as where time goes i haven't tried these out for a long period of time so i'm going to wear this for a while and leave a little note in my description box whether you guys know how i feel about the wear time as far as colors go i think these colors are incredible i do have a couple favorites out of the collection so you want to know my favorites i'll put a little star next to them in the description box right now I'm wearing toast and I put a little bit of butterscotch in the center I feel like butterscotch is the color that I probably won't wear on its own but I feel like in the center can really be a gorgeous lipstick to lighten up any lipstick color and to kind of bring more dimension to the lips so that's what I have on my lips right now the packaging

is beautiful these rose gold little tooth other ends I also love the shape of this lipstick the way that it's flat up here makes it so easy to apply my only downside to this is this is as low as it goes it doesn't go into the tube so I have to let these super careful to put them back into the lid and I have like scraped them a couple times already and I'm really sad so that's the one thing that I don't love about the packaging to be honest you can't really just like twist it down and put the cap back on like a normal lipstick would you had it in your person you're in a rush you have to kind of be more gentle so that's the one thing that I don't love about these the color selection is amazing the colors apply really nicely I will say like a lot of the lighter colors of lipsticks that I own I take my finger and dab them in the darker colors I felt like I didn't have to do that but to really blend in the light colors I had to dab them into my lips so that they didn't have any streaks or anything like that that's all we looked beautiful they're super comfortable on lips overall I'm really impressed with these lipsticks I

think they're so beautiful different colors one of my favorite brands for lip products so I was so excited to see that they came out with a new lip range once again you hear how these where just check the description box I'll leave a little note and yeah I hope you guys like this video please make sure you subscribe button on your way out up is the like button if you did and if you like seeing this watch videos and with that being said I will see you all in my next video love you bye [Music]