29 January 2019


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hi guys so welcome back today I have for

you at this makeup tutorial featuring cover girls brand new full spectrum line this line is so amazing and beautiful because it is inspired by multicultural women and today's video is sponsored by covergirl so thank you so much to cover girl for working with me today this line is specifically designed to address the skin and color needs of multicultural women and this line offers an extensive selection of shades which have super rich pigments that pop and will really amp up your look I think it is super important for all brands to be inclusive especially at the drugstore and I feel like covergirl really has set the bar high for other brands before me growing up my struggle was always trying to find my foundation shade with the perfect undertone I have a lot of all of the yellow undertones so a lot of my foundations are always too pink or too gray and ashy on me but I'm really happy to see how far the makeup industry has come when it comes to foundations but I think that they could do better so hopefully covergirl will set the standard for other brands as well because I think it is super important for everyone to be inclusive especially

at the drugstore so yeah I really hope you guys enjoy this look it is a no false lashes look which is very out of my comfort zone but I really like the way that it turned out so I hope you guys do too as always don't forget to grab a snack and let's just go ahead and jump into it so of course as always I'm starting off with my eyeshadow first I already did my brows of course and I primed and all that fun stuff so today for eyeshadows I am going to be using these so saturated eight shades shadow palette this one is beautiful obviously it's warm its sultry it's perfect whether your doing something a little bit more natural or more dramatic and I love the fact that you have your mattes and shimmers in here so you don't really have to dip into a bunch of different other eyeshadow palettes because everything is all in one so it's super convenient so I'm gonna start off with this off the brown shade right in the crease you know I'm just gonna run that right in the crease it doesn't have to be perfect eyes are gonna go over top with other shades anyway of course and as I'm doing this I am dipping my brush ever so lightly into these shadows they

are super pigmented a little bit goes a long way and I'm tapping off the excess because it's really difficult to clean up i shadow mist I'm telling you been there done that and you guys always taught me I'm super heavy-handed so with eyeshadow I'm learning not to be because like I said it's just really hard to fix an eyeshadow mistake so if you start off with a little bit of product at a time and then just gradually build it up it's so much better and these eyeshadows are available in three different finishes mattes shimmers and metallics which is good depending on the type of look that you're going for today I want to do something very like smoky to match with the lip color that I'm doing as well as with what I'm wearing today I always love matching my makeup with my outfits it's always so hard doing my left eye like I'm a pro at this side of my face but this side I'm like always struggling I wish I was like right and left-handed because it's always different than the other eye picking up some of this darker brown color it's kind of like the same color that we just used but slightly darker I'm taking this on a different

brush and I'm gonna start packing that on on the outer V do you guys hear the sounds outside and every single one of my videos whenever I'm editing I'm like oh my gosh it's so loud my house is like in a woodsy area and then there's like a highway so anytime you guys hear like motorcycles or trucks it's because I live really close to a highway so I'm going to take that light shimmery yellow it's so frosty and it really opens up your eyes I'm gonna apply that on the inner part of my lid or right here you could cut your crease to do this or you can just kind of do what I do and cut it with the eyeshadow and make it very precise it's kind of like the lazy girl way of doing it but you just really kind of focus that eyeshadow right in that area and it makes it look very defined as if you kind of cut your crease I love this shade it really opens everything up and I like the little light yellow in it yellows my hair color so so pretty I'm gonna blend those edges out so I'm gonna just take this shade right here which is like that reddish brown color and I'm gonna be applying that on the outer edges a little bit okay now for

the fun part I'm gonna do some smokey winged liner using my shadow I'm gonna use some tape on the outer edges of my eyes you don't have to do this but I feel like it just makes the process easier I always have a hard time making these even but I always make it work I'm gonna take this dark chocolate brown in the palette to do this and what you're gonna need for this you could use a dark brown shadow you can use a black but this color is so dark and it almost looks black but it's not it's not as harsh which I like so I'm using an angled eyebrow brush and I'm basically just following along the edge of that tape and I'm doing a wing this isn't as harsh as doing your winged liner with like a gel liner or a liquid liner but it's still gonna give you that like effect but it's gonna be a very sultry very pretty I love doing this and if you're like me and you're not really the best a wound liner this could be even a really good guide if you're doing liquid over top of this and what's really good is that you don't have to be really precise like you can be a little bit more sloppy because it's just shadows so if you mess up you can just smoke it out

blimped out and it's really easy so it's a lot easier to clean up versus using like liquid liner ease so I'm gonna just take that same brown color I'm dipping my brush in ever so lightly and I'm using a different brush it's like a tinier fluffy brush and I'm just gonna be kind of smoking that out you don't have to do this you could just leave it the way that it was but I'm extra and I like that look and the effect that it gives so it's color is very rich so just tap your brush in like this is what I'm doing I'm dipping it just like so lightly and I'm getting so much pigment out of it I'm gonna take a little bit of these two colors right here and I'm gonna run those in my crease [Music] okay I think I'm gonna just keep the brow bone highlight Matt so I'm gonna go in with this shade right here on the end it's like a matte cream for mascara I'm gonna go in with you covergirl exhibitionist mascara I have this one in the shade black this has a really nice big wand so it really makes your lashes nice the number luminous I like to even coat the like top of my lashes just in case there's any shadow on them I think

for today I'm just gonna stick with mascara I recently did a look with no falsies and I was looking back at the footage and I was editing and I was like oh it doesn't look that bad I always feel super naked without lashes but I know not everybody wears false lashes and I want to be able to have some versatility with my look so that for those of you who don't wear falsies you don't have to feel like you need to wear falsies surfer foundation today I'm gonna be using the Mac ambition all-day shine free foundation I have the shade at medium golden and like gold and I'm just gonna mix the two to create my perfect shade this foundation is so beautiful on my skin I like it with a sponge or a brush it works well either way just depending on whatever I'm feeling that day so this foundation is a transfer resistant a long wearing buildable coverage and it has a really lightweight natural matte finish which I'm all about it sits really nicely on my skin and I feel like covergirl foundations in general work really well with my combo skin and I love that their shade range and this audition is very skin-like so it doesn't feel like you're

wearing a lot of makeup even though it is really really good coverage so I love that so next I'm going to be cream contouring with the new contour and correct expert cream at palette it comes with eight cream shade and you can use this to sculpt out your cheekbones or just hide any redness and perfections that you may have on your skin so the red and salmon tones that neutralize dark spots and help with dark circles the yellow tones are perfect for highlighting and the brown and tan shades of course art for contouring and sculpting your face out so today I'm going to use a mixture of all of them I'm going to pick up two of the brown shades in here to cream contour and I'm going to use a tiny concealer brush these shades are super creamy you don't need any type of oil or anything it's a really nice formula and they sit well on your face and they blend really easily so I'm also going to be taking the lighter shade just to highlight as well and I'm just going to use my Beauty sponge to blend that up so with the cream contour you want to just blend it upwards which is something that I am still trying to perfect I'm not

perfect at cream contouring I used to blend it downwards but that defeats the purpose of that the contours so you see it just blends effortlessly you don't need a lot of product too which is nice I used to cream contour actually a lot more I feel like in the summer for me it's one of my go-to things to do because I feel like it's just so pretty [Music] okay I'm gonna go ahead and set I did set my under eyes and everything but I'm gonna set the rest of my face and I'm gonna be using me Matt ambition all day a powder foundation I'm gonna be using the shade a light medium golden and I'm gonna apply this pretty much everywhere on my chest on my ears and all around the perimeter of my face so this powder will give you that natural full coverage look without being too powdery cakey it also helps for my oily skin people out there as well so you could use this over top of the foundation or just on its own okay but we're finishing up the rest of my face I'm just gonna finish up my lower lashes since I'm here so I'm gonna jump back into my eyeshadow palette of course I'm gonna just take these two Brown and red Brown shades and smudges

out on my lower lash line then I'm going to be taking the yellow shade and I'm going to apply that in the inner corners this is probably my favorite color in the palette because it's super brightening but it has a fat yellow to it which i think is so pretty and it would look so good unlike tanner and darker skin tone and of course I'm gonna be applying at some lower lash mascara you can not forget the lower lashes all righty and now I can go ahead and highlight which is the fun part of course so today I'm gonna be using the sculpt expert multi-use cheek palette this is an all-in-one highlighter palette so you have three different shades in here that you can use on your face on your cheekbones you can use it as a brow bone highlight as an eye shadow pretty much anything this palette in particular is formulated to pop against darker skin tones and it gives you a really natural yet shimmering glow so for today I'm gonna be mixing the two lighter shades in the palette if you guys have never tried covergirl highlighters you need to they are so

buttery and intense and you can get a more natural look you can really amp them up and make them super like wet looking and vibrant just depending on the type of look that you're going for alright so for my lips today I am gonna go in with a bold lip color I love the way bold lips look with camo and with the smokey eyes that I got going on so I'm gonna use the color Idol satin lipstick and this one is in the shade of bad conduct it's like a really deep vampy shade these are super pigmented and very rich and creamy you don't need anything over top or underneath because they just glide on your lips and they have a really good shade range as well but I wanted to do something different just because you guys know I always do nude lips okay so the final thing that I did with the lip color was just clean up the edges and I also Pat it away any excess lip product with some tissue paper but that is it for this a look I really hope you guys enjoyed it let me know if you want me to keep doing more looks with the no false lashes and I totally will for you as always all the products will be listed in the description box below

don't forget to check the links as well so you can check out cover girls new full spectrum lines also all the giveaway details will be in the description box below so don't forget to check that out as well so you guys can all have the full potential of hopefully winning thank you guys so much for watching and thank you once again to covergirl for working with me in today's video I love you all and I'll see you in a few days in my next video bye [Music]