03 March 2017


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hi Guys hi Guys hi Guys hi Guys hi Guys hi guys I'm feeling funny about my way today like what what's going on with my hand why's it feelingly it is hi guys and welcome to my channel it's nanea and it's time for a challenge hey you may notice for this introduction I don't currently have any makeup on usually for my introduction I like to have a bit of makeup on trick you guys into thinking i'm somewhat attractive before then revealing that i am you know somewhat of a rodent and or even for that is simple and it's because i'm doing a challenge today and i really want us to go on this journey of self-discovery together so the challenge i'm going to be doing today is applying my full face of makeup with food instead of Russians still using makeup though but applying it with food yeah let that sink in now before I claim this challenge and pass it off as my own the internet is a big dark scary world and there are a lot of things out there so there is a good chance that this has already been done before by someone else I have made an attempt to google this YouTube it if I haven't found it I am very sorry please let me know if someone else has done this

before me and I will by all means give them credit below and say yeah now I was actually inspired to do this video because I was watching one of makeup by Michael Finch's videos and he's so funny oh my god I love his videos and he's also from Melbourne and I actually saw someone leave and comment on one of his videos asking him to do a challenge where he would blend out his makeup using a marshmallow instead of beauty blender and I was like that's a really cool idea what if i blended my whole face and did all my makeup just with all different food products and I'm not going to lie but why would you I have in fact tried to over compensate just a little bit today I put in all week on and some accessories knowing full well that it is likely i'm going to come out the other end of this walking like a troll so my hair looks like a troll already so without further ado I heard you all to hop on board this train wreck express with me and let's get into it so to start wind i'm going to be using my benefit Porefessional primer to no doubt for on my face i'm just going to be using a mushroom to apply my primer and a blend that in there's an

aunt on my mushroom okay this is not as soft as i thought it would be and you know the great thing about this is when you're done knowing your makeup you've got lunch at the end because all your products are edible sure there might be some element of poisoning there because if makeup on all the food but you know i like to live life on the edge i'm not mad at that primer so far i'm not mad next up we're going to apply our foundation and i'm going to be using my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in natural change I'm going to go ahead and use another mushroom and apply my foundation we've that all right somewhat Patrick very little absorption I'll tell you that much definitely full coverage you know I've never had a mushroom in my eye oh I have a mushroom junk why did the mushroom get invited to a little planning to give up because he was a fun guy okay so I've discovered this is not very good at getting into crevices because it doesn't seem to sort of end and mold like a Beauty Blender actually sort of giving me a headache from like bashing myself in the face with a mushroom I'm impressed like for a mushroom I got this like

pretty good now next up we have the dreaded browns and I thought about this and I thought you know I'm going to need something that is sharp and the full of small to get some kind of definition and I came up with goji berries yeah goji berries so I'm going to pick my goji well I'm going to go with this little guy so I browse i'm going to be using and none other than my Attis kasnia beverly hills dipbrow pomade in dark brown I don't really have great browse to begin with it so I feel like I don't really have too much to lose here hey that's a pretty straight woman come through I think I with a little bit to take my brow looks like a sad poem so you know what I can clean it up with outs later the challenge here is getting bus Browns to be equally as hidden feel like I've given up on trying to make them look good but if I can at least make them equally as ugly there's a skill in that these brows Oh quick quick I am going to go in with my NARS creamy concealer and an oat just one just one little load and I'm just going to apply that underneath my breath yeah I just crumbled in my hand turns out they're not as strong as I thought they'd be

yeah now on to our said out and I'm just going to go in with my mushroom stem and blend minute hey we have a brown ladies and gentlemen we have a brow oh okay we're on two eyes so to prime my eyes I'm going to be using my Mac soft ochre Paint Pot and a great so I'm just going to dip that in there karate that seems to be applied just fine so I'm just going to wipe up that great and eat it start to a set my primer before I apply my lovely eyeshadow i'm going to be using my laura mercier translucent powder and I'm going to be applying that to my lids with a lovely portion of a slice of hell good whole grain bread and using the other side of that bread i'm just gonna dust off that powder so my eyeshadow i'm going to start with my what a beauty Hrothgar palette and I'm going to be using any color barrier now eyeshadow it was definitely the hardest man I finally came to the conclusion that I was going to use Keeley Skin I don't know how well this will work but you know if you will close the tiny toes on Kiwi skins look like many brushes so this is really patchy yeah and that kiwi skin is not great for blending eyeshadow that I turned out okay when the plus

side i'm also not blind next up I'm going to use my madam at cosmetics a bombshell pallets i'm going to use as this shade here that's actually going on quite nice a little bit scratchy bit just going to blend out with another piece of kiwi skin and then to my crease i'm going to go in with shade feel this isn't through bad guys I think I just discovered a cheap alternative to make up brushes to rely rely us here singer to run I all desire I'm going to take a risk here and I'm going to add some trust-fund using a Kiwi skin to my lips starting to think i shouldn up with the transponder just going to go back and blend all that together alright en to highlight my brow bone I'm going to go in with mundo so moving on to concealer I'm going to be going back in with my trusty mushroom stem and i'm going to apply my NARS creamy concealer underneath my eyes with that see the end of this mushrooms them it actually gives me quite good precision asking abside that to my forehead chin King Minos you know it stays like this that I just sit here and I won that what has my life come to really I mean I'm certain here blending my makeup with a

mushroom like at what point did I tell myself that was a good idea so baked I'm going to go in with my Laura thiet my trusty Helga's bread you really want to grab a generous amount I've got no idea how I'm going to remove this yet but we'll cross that bridge when we get there pretty good so to apply my contour imbrose up my face I've decided to get a little bit creative here went out into the garden or reconnected a little bit with nature and I decided to use an unopened hibiscus flower so it hasn't fully up lived yet and I've also got a partially opened hibiscus flower that I could possibly use to you know blend out the cheeks a little bit more these are a form of food before you say it's a flower that can be used to tea so there hi and I'm going to be using my pretty much almost empty Mac bronzing powder my mom actually gave me this idea to use this way so shout-out to my mom and happy birthday it's her birthday today so happy birthday mummy that's not blended too great it looks like a good like bruise on my forehead add me large hibiscus Lee Buccaneer so that really works to blend oh well I'm just gonna enter under my cheek Oh time

to rip out how to actually what if i use the crook y'all's crosses yeah prophetic lon whoa like I'm shading my face all right I think that is all of it my face is looking a little bit talcum powder II what I think we got most of it off alrighty so to finish off my eyes I'm going to go in with my quarter Beauty rose gold palette and I'm going to use the color sandalwood underneath my eyes and my trusty Kiwi skin all right I quit I quit with eyes I'm done with eyes I quit so I can go on the way expected so i'm just going to move on just going to move on so for my blush i'm going to be using my anoxia blush in nice and the roses are edible so they're a form of food and then I'm just going to use this lovely broth to a boil a blue oh nice and touchy as i thought maybe i need like a smaller since this area okay now I look like I have a rash on my cheeks what what what what you get a little work work work work work alrighty is my favorite time of the day is highlight o'clock and i'm going to be using my Jeffrey Stehr can you talk a lot on 0 & 2 app online my line I'm going to be using a smello obviously not that one and

marshmallows are quite powdery so I'm just going to dab off someone out how does that some of that to my new you Nicola does my own got marshmallow in my eye oh my god it's lipstick time so out for my lipstick i'm going to be using a jeffrey stuff liberty skin and jeffree star mannequin and to a final i'm going to be using a carrot that i have sharpened here's what i said earlier yep I knew this count come to Italy that went pretty well so that's what sticks off and we're just going to add a bit of mannequin to the middle so i am gonna add some mascara i'm going to try using this unopened hibiscus thanks resistance assistance please visit my lashes look like straw i am going to have lashes though i am going to add lashes so if my lashes i'm going to be using my royalty elections in a lowly star rating from my record to get written from a nutshell to get weight and everything i'm just waiting for my message to Jack if I get through in my if I set you in my office so I'm waiting yeah when I'm just waiting for my magic yeah and that's it guys we're all done and you know what I'm just going to say it I'm impressed with myself the eyes aren't great there

is a bit of patchiness in the skin but thank you guys so much for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed the train wreck that it was I do guys like the challenge as well and if you recreate it i would love to see it definitely tag me well if you like this video give it a thumbs up if you are new to my channel hit grab button follow me on instagram share this video if you can it always helps and I shall see you guys next time bye [Music] okay [Applause]