14 January 2019


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hi today we're going to be doing a

tutorial on eyes I had a lot of requests for an a video so that is what I am going to be showing you today this is my most favorite eye look this is going to be the one that we're doing I will put all the products in my video as well as the descriptions below and I will also tag my eyelashes in my descriptions and show you the Instagram for them and you can go follow and buy them from there and this is my eye lash company it's called style lash it is going to be featured in most of my videos these are the ones that I'll be using this for the time and here we go you start out I use my Kylie Jenner bronze palette it is my most favorite I use it every single day whether it's just like one or two shades or for like a full eye look it's also very good for that I have like hazel eyes so I feel like it really like brings my eyes out more especially like the warm tones like the Browns and it's kind of got a peachy color and the first shade that I like to go in with is this one right here it is called Goldstone and it is always what I start with every single day sometimes I just wear it by itself but we're going to go ahead

and try it out so I like to take it right here in the crease of my eye first it's a really good base as you can tell and then I like to also bring it down onto my lid it's mainly for a blending color blend it out up here do it to the other side so now that we've got the first base color blended out I like to go in with the more of a neutral brown tone called I can't really tell what it's called but it is just a great color it is a really good crease color and a really good transition color so we're gonna go in with that I like to apply it at the top of where the first shade ended gives it a good blend we've got that done and I like to go in with this more of like a reddish brownish it's a darker tone it's a really good color for the crease and so we're gonna go in with that and next is one of the most favorite colors in the palette it's the very middle one and it's more of like an orangish peachy tone it's called Citroen so what I like to do with this one is I like to put it just right on the top right here next I like to take like a more white color it's this one in the top right

corner of this palette and I like to take a more compacted skinny brush just to get in that crease right there so right under your eyebrow and then I like take it as well and I like to put it on the inner corner of my eye blend it next I like to take my fancy Beauty galaxy palette it is an amazing palette full of all of these beautiful colors they all are very pigmented and shimmery um since I have like kind of a greenish tint to my eyes I love to go in with this shade right here it is kind of a goldish bluish shade I think it really works well it's kind of silvery and what I do is I take my finger rub it in there and lay it right in the center so now that we've got the shadow finished I like to go in with my mascara it's my most favorite that I found so far is telescopic by L'Oreal it's got a very show you the brush it's very thin it really just separates your eyelashes doesn't make them stick together so what I'm going to do is I'm going to just apply this for the first step I like to take my tweezers and I like to gently pull them off of this so um don't be rough with

them it makes them last longer and then I like to take them off of the tweezers I like to get my glue it's pretty rough but this is my most favorite glue I have ever used it start brush on and it is so easy to just literally open it up and brush it on the line of your eyelashes so you don't have to like pour it out and then like apply it you literally just brush it on and so that is what I'm gonna do you just brush it along the corners make sure you get a lot of glue on the corners because you don't want them coming up as you're wearing them extra glue on the corners just brush it right across that line pretty simple but now that we've got the glue sat for about 20 seconds just let it dry so it gets sticky I take my tweezers right in the center of the lash this one I'm going to put on my left lash you literally just take the center and lay them right on the middle of your eye right on top of your lashes here actual lashes look that sit there for a second take the inner corner with your tweezers do the same exact thing just right along the lashes lay them on top and then kind of just press them and as you go so they don't start coming up and then I like to

take my hand and just press down the outer queer it's really actually pretty simple and I have enough flesh done I'm going to do my right one and I will be right back the next step is to go back with our mascara and we're going to apply them to our bottom lashes oh that is my eye shadow um next I am going to just like finish off my face with my highlighter and my lips and then I will show you the last step that I like to do and that will be it highlighter I like to use my fancy beauty and trophy wife with my fan brush it's a good highlighter brush it's beautiful it's so pigmented and glittery I'm gonna put it just right along the cheekbone I always like to bring it up there literally a little bit go such a long ways so now that I want that kind of sit and dry I like to go into my anastacio it's in milkshake is what the shade is called I like to just kind of like tap little dots right along the inside put them together and then fade it out again it's kind of like a contour to your lip the last I'm going to go in with my

fancy highlighter again in this eyeshadow brush the brush is by Ecotools and I'm going to just go right along why I already laid that shadow so it kind of gives it the same effect as my cheek well that is it for my eyes tutorial and um please go follow me on instagram at Maddy Tyler I will put it in the link below in the descriptions please subscribe to my channel and give me any recommendations on my next videos um thank you for watching and have a blessed day [Music]