09 April 2019

Nephew Guesses the Price of Makeup

My nephew Quinton and I decided to play a little bit. I got a video and he could get a Playstation gift card to use on his favourite game, Fortnite. He picked the ...


[Music] alright look at the camera oh hi Cameron look he right there hi wait there hi everyone welcome to my channel today I have my nephew Quinton who's going to be guessing prices of makeup he also picked the makeup that we're going to be guessing and I'm going to get ready guessing those things so yeah the Beca first light priming filter this is a mini the normal size is like like that big and it comes in a glass bottle forty-seven it was act was a yeah okay so you got one ring only like I'll put the ones you got right over here so if he wins this game by guessing half of them right within ten dollars he is going to win a fortnight gift card on PlayStation you picked this foundation yeah I'm gonna apply it with this a Oh a sponge you didn't pick those for joining us with this sponge cuffs on the cheaper side $3 dollar 55 photos in the time dollars yeah and this foundation is not my favorite Josie Maran vibrancy foundation see how much do you think this combination class foundations $17 billion $7 next is

concealer since the cover FX power play concealer it's gonna fix all of this mess with the privation did is it is it expensive or is it not expensive hmm listen for I don't know you did good with that timer no so let me guess $36 yeah $36 so now we're doing this powder okay it's the Maybelline fit me powder in light pass 50 is expensive so it makes I said we're not expensive is it like below 40 oh yeah that's right a merger question I can tell you then I get hit at shopper's don't wear okay now I know it's low price okay $39 1099 okay so I'm gonna do my eyebrows there's two products here I have the benefit precisely my brow I usually use a color pop pomade and then the 24-hour brow center that's where so she could shed no jellies yeah so I'm gonna start with this pencil by doing this does it give you any idea $29 32 I sure got it I know you did what did you say 29 yeah so you're three bucks huh $34.25 $34.25

I dunno and it's the no saint 24-hour brow Center absolutely no sentence it's 24 $34 yep what'd it smell like candy brow setter is $32 not round so you got it ring oh yeah really oh wait I need to put it on yeah hope you picked the sanitizer - no no gold palette and this kathleenlights the twins pigment aria 106 eat up $67 was it correct thundering $62 okay what about this [Music] below it ends eight Canadian times flies when you're having fun huh I'm gonna use the pigment with this lit cosmetics paint glitter glue wait so let me get so much older your $25 I know wait no no no look how big it is $9.00 okay so pretty close to the mic I'm gonna calculate leaves it picked the ciaté wonder wand mascara these is a mini so keep that in mind the full full-size look like a regular mess all right so that don't let me guess mascara goes on my eyelashes $32 26 joy you do bronzer this is the Chanel tan Deschanel Ronson is it below 50 or is it 50 or below I mean okay fine let me guess

for the nine Donna's I think you're right I think it's like 5554 doll hairs next is this Bella Bamba blush we're not gonna know exactly how much this is because it's discontinued but this brand has other blushes and they're all the same price $36 $40 yeah okay so next we have this crush on you highlighter palette don't color pop how much do you think this palette is a shout out to see em hi Sienna do you ever guess Oh what is it highlighter this palette forty three dollars and twenty-nine cents twenty dollars I bought it on poor coconut this is the Sephora coconut hydrangea hydrating mist I'm not saying 4790 yeah of the Maybelline new lust whew that was like five dollars exactly no it's like $10 but yeah not my best look but you did really good 12 right and four wrong so there's 16 all together yep so you won I did yeah so you could have gotten eight wrong and you only got four wrong oh wait dad cook drinking this whole video she took a diet coke drink everybody please don't have my life okay but I don't want the moon to jet out

this start so yeah she's not gonna edit it out okay no we're done now give me back attendance I thank you so much for watching please subscribe and I'll see you in my next one alright I hope are you gonna see them they see you you don't see them I'll see them in the comments bye