14 January 2019


Hey my #CandiSweets and #VanityVixens Im so excited to get this video out to y'all, more than anything because YALL wanted it! I absolutely love doing videos ...

hey everybody it's me Candace welcome

back to my channel if you're here for the first time thank you so much for giving me a chance giving our little community our family a chance and hopefully soon you'll find out that you'll fit right in because we're just a bunch of weirdos creeps and basically normal people you know we're not your stuck-up beauty channel today's video is gonna be about an indie brand called make up a murder and it has super really cool original packaging the way they packaged everything it just makes you want to buy it and I went ahead and got their poison neon pigment set and in that set you get seven of them I placed my order on a Monday and it only took four days for it to arrive to me which is awesome Teresa Spencer is the owner of makeup a murderer she does like zombie like super cool like check out her Instagram I'll put it insert in here just show you her actual Instagram and then I'm also gonna show you guys make up for murders Instagram so you can go to their Instagram and give them a follow tell them Candace sent you and since we're only doing the neon poison pigments today I'm just gonna go over that now you can get the limited edition

neon skull poison eyeshadow bundle which I'll probably like pop it up on the screen you can get each for $8 or you can do what I did and get the whole bundle for $35 so that's an amazing deal and you can actually get the bottles without the little skull heads for $5 cheaper but I wanted the skull heads I thought that's what made the packaging so and I'm also gonna let you guys see how it arrived to me what it came in and this picture right here it's got the super cute like evidence it's all in theme all stays and themes throughout their entire brand like they've got forensic felt-tip eyeliner pen they've got criminology forensic brush kit chameleon multi color shifting eyeshadow test tube's make up a murder tide jack case file which is the eyeshadow palette they've got fingerprint setting powder with free duster brush cleaning evidence Beauty spun I love creepy stuff Halloween you all know that I love bright colors so as soon as I thought I was like gotta have that and all of you on Twitter said you wanted a video on it so I'm giving it to you I just want to let you guys know my first impression of

it and my first impression of like once I received it the shipping was super quick then I opened it and I did some swatches for you guys so if you hold on just a second I will put like the montage of Meece watching it and here [Music] [Music] and this is a cruelty-free brand I just want to like put that out there so I'm going to show you guys a little tutorial on how I did this I look and then when we get back from that we're gonna have our conclusion I'm gonna tell you my final thoughts on this whole first impressions last review whatever you want to call it hey okay I'm just putting some Tarte concealer over my eyes it's been primed and ready to go I'm going into the jeffree star alien palette now I'm using the shade todd gray right here blending that into my crease and kind of doing flight wing on the outside and I'm going into both OG which is a darker Craig color and putting that closer to the crease blending and blending some more okay now I'm going into the black color and the alien palette and just putting this focusing it more on the outer V

area and the crease and then also the very end of the lid yes hello 75 Buddha beauty concealer to cut the crease i'm using a mac 242 brush to do this place and I'm wiping and putting more concealer on because you don't want it to be great sanding it off with the play all day Mir yep playing with it you don't know how I am okay putting some tacos sugar pill white shadow to set it and now I'm going in with the neon pigment I'm trying my best to do voiceovers I don't make fun of me here is my first try as you guys can see I'm just patting the pigment on now comes the yellow in a corner next to the tear duct lay all day setting spray and I did this to wet it to see how it would be and honestly I liked it better dry so I wouldn't do that unless you want it to be more of a paint but it started messing up the texture of the shadow itself though I would just use the pigment dry if you're gonna put it over the concealer I'm using duraline from Inglot to make a paint out of the pigments now to do my

little polka dots I just wanted to try something different here in God and number 77 eyeliner and I also mixed that with duraline this is the best gel liner I've ever used I'm taking a morphe eyeliner brush to winged out the liner making it nice and thick now I'm just getting the pigments out of my lashes that look right here and I really wanted to do film this one for you guys too but you all know I have an issue with storage so there was just like no way possible that I could get this whole thing filmed without my phone going bonkers and I apologize for that if you guys do want like a little tutorial on this after I get this uploaded and take it off of my phone I will redo this for you guys and post it to my Instagram or my Twitter or something like that just to let you guys know on my lips I am wearing sugar and spice lip liner by Gerard cosmetics and then I'm also wearing it's Madison Avenue color your smile lip gloss that I have on and underneath that I just have the naked Hydra matte liquid lipstick I am waiting on a PR package right now

from Gerard cosmetics that I also bought some other stuff too on top of that that I used my own money on I just wanted to make sure I had one of everything at least to show you guys so I can do an in-depth review for you not only of the items but I also want to speak on the owner herself who I love very deeply and I feel like I have a right to speak on her behalf because I do know her well now you know we've been speaking for months but just stay tuned for that in a future video back to make a murder basically the whole thing that grabbed me was the neon pigments obviously and then the packaging now for I believe $35 you get seven of those is that what five dollars a piece not bad in my opinion you know like I bought it and y'all know me like I try to do things as cheap as possible being a mom being a wife and having children and you know we got to try and make our coins count put them where we really really want something we see it then we can get it I used to have an issue of just like oh whatever came out go ahead and buy it so I'd have to be the first person I have it of course but then I learned I was like I'm not doing

that because so much is the makeup just that so I only buy things that really draw me in now and then thank God for that because I mean it was getting bad there for a while like super bad I totally approved these pigments I hon drew Pacific do you need to learn how to work with them what I did as you saw in the tutorial is I just put concealer down first and then I just like kind of set it with a white eyeshadow and the swatches you saw that I did it three different ways I just watched the pigment by itself then I put the pigment on top of a concealer and then I also took the pigment and mix it with duraline bourlingueur line by Inglot which this is amazing stuff it's a mixing medium I'm like oh amazing and you basically make a paint out of it which is how I got the dots on the end over here there's so much that you can do with that I specifically like to use this on top of a concealer a hundred percent if I'm not using it with the Durham line or with the concealer I felt like it did not show up as well like it was just like you know pigment would just fly away

yeah I mean really honestly guys there's not much else to say I told you he's a brand owner wise I told you it's cruelty free I let you guys see their website their Instagram that this is 100 an indie brand and I love supporting indie brands because in my opinion they have better quality and more attention to detail on their things I have learned anyways I just I love giving them a chance they only have 3,000 followers on Instagram and I couldn't believe that when I saw that I was like there's no way I'm just excited to show you guys these and like I said if you guys go give them a follow on Instagram make sure you comment and tell them Candace sent you give them all the love in the world and in our next video it's gonna be the part to question and answer that I promised you guys from my collab with smokey glow I just wanted to go ahead and give you guys a little look with this swatches tell you about the brand yes it's Candace approve you know Jeffrey don't come for me but I approve this 110 percent did you only need a very very very little bit of this and it goes a long way like okay let me show you my place this is my little paper

plate and I did both of these looks with this and look how much I have left over like I accidentally spilled out way too much especially of the yellow like look at this I did not mean to do that like you do not need a lot at all a beautiful fine powder and yes it does glow in the dark or under a blacklight I I don't know about glow-in-the-dark because I guess I didn't really tried that but I did do it under a blacklight I'm trying a different way of doing my videos because I want to give you guys as much information in a video as possible so there's gonna be a lot of cuts a lot of overlays a lot of layers to this so it might take me a while to get it done basically you guys know I love this this is what I live for you know I love it so so so much if you have not yet entered the 1000 subscriber family in my opinion giveaway make sure you go watch that part one collab with smokey globe so you can figure out how to injure because that will be ending January 21st please give this video a thumbs up please subscribe please leave me a comment down below I'm trying to get two videos up a week I'm not gonna tell you guys I'm gonna upload it on a

certain day a certain time I can't do that I just can't at this point in my life I can't now when Jonah goes to school I probably can but my life is too hectic as it is to promise you guys I'm gonna upload it this time on this day all the time I don't want to let y'all down I want to give a shout out to my friends in you know what you did and I love you so much for that I really appreciate that you guys all mean the world to me every day I wake up and I actually have someone to talk to a friend you know that I can just have a conversation with and that's really new to me I'm not used to that after having children and that's what I want for our community for our family and for all of us to have a positive and happy healthy year please don't be discouraged or feel like you can't leave your channel down below in the comments we're all about support here we want to see everyone grow because if you do good and I do good and you know like if we can all build each other up then we all succeed in life or whatever you know whatever you do like you make jewelry or you know you do hair or any of that stuff like leave it down

in the comments maybe there's somebody who is watching that sort of service and will see that and you know we can you just all be there for each other I love you guys that's enough I'll see you in the next video have a good night [Music]