21 December 2018

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okay so I did a makeup tutorial

yesterday it was a really short one I didn't really explain how I got the look or anything like that and the look was not that good I'm gonna try to do a better one today like I said yesterday I'm not a professional the colors I'm choosing are just gonna be random so let's just see how [Music] I'm gonna go ahead and add white eyeliner I'm thinking about doing a wing as well I'm gonna go ahead and do that [Music] this is what I have so far okay so I went in head and added white eyeliner don't know if you could really see it now I'm gonna try and do the wing or I might just add a mascara and some eyelashes okay so I went in head and added eyeliner but it was glitter eyeliner it's the top of my lid [Music] okay so I went ahead and just put some mascara on instead of putting lashes on so this is the look so far [Music] I think it looks way better than yesterday's lip beat the base on the partying sky I still have to do my face

you can see I haven't done anything to my face let me know which I'll think about this I know I skip a lot of stuff when I'm making these videos and I'm gonna get better at it so um let me go ahead and get started it on my face okay so for my face I used Mary Kay I do mix two toes because I I've not been able to find a tone that actually matches my skin so I use a beige three and I use let me see what colors this one Creek I mean deep and it does have sunscreen so it's really good for your face and I'm just gonna use my blending slash okay so this is basically how my face looks but I'm starting to put my foundation on I'm gonna go ahead and blend this out so I finished blending out my foundation now I'm gonna go ahead and contour okay my contour on my cheeks forehead and around my nose okay when contouring I use this little contour duo kit has two little shades on it and I do use my blending sponge okay so I finished blending the console now I have to highlight okay so I just went ahead and added the highlight contour I just added some cherry lipstick to my lips as you can see this is the final look let me know what you guys think if you want me

to redo this one and be more explanatory let me know what you think about this look subscribe a like I will be making more videos about two or three every week this is my lip so this is the look so far [Music] we're gonna go ahead and do my face and then I'm going to be adding mascara