23 March 2013


Hi Guys, A lot of my subbies have been asking what makeup I own/use.. So I thought I would show you :) Hope you guys enjoy. Please comment, like, and ...

hey guys so today I am going to be

showing you my natural organic makeup collection I decided to get a little dolled up for you today because I really wanted to show you that you can get dramatic nice results with natural brands of makeup just like you would any other brand a lot of people seem to think that natural brands of makeup don't come in nice colors they don't work very well they're too sheer so you have to apply million layers and a lot of that's true I will admit but I found really great products and great brands that I really stand behind their good quality highly pigmented and most of all they're safe for you so I'm really really excited to share this with you guys because it was a highly requested video and yeah I'm just gonna quit talking and get started so first off I am going to show you my foundations and concealers I think if you are thinking of switching over to a more natural brand and you're currently wearing a foundation that should be the first thing you switch because if you think about it you're slathering on chemicals and synthetic colors and all sorts of yucky stuff onto your face every day and that's just going to age

you it's going to clog your pores and it's just not good for you in general my two favorite brands for foundation and concealer are RMS Beauty cosmetics which stands for Rosemarie Swift cosmetics and Alima pure minerals so the first product I'm going to show you is by rms beauty and it's their uncover-up it's made with raw food grade ingredients which is really cool and I'm just going to quickly read you out the ingredients so you can see how awesome they are it just has coconut oil castor seed oil beeswax cacao butter jojoba oil rosemary extract and then the mineral pigments so it's a pretty safe cosmetic it comes in four different colors I use the shade 22 and that's the second lightest shade it's a really really versatile product because you can kind of dab your finger into it and Pat it onto your skin for more full coverage or concealing or else you can just smooth a little bit over your skin and kind of shear it out and use it more as a light foundation or a tinted moisturizer I use it to conceal my under eye circles and some acne scarring I meant overtop of the RMS and cover up

I use the Alima pure satin matte foundation and this stuff is awesome I am so thankful for its discovery and this comes in a ton of different shades you can find a shade for any skin tone it has all the undertones and then from the undertones that you choose it goes from lightest to darkest so usually I'm a neutral - but right - now I own beige - because neutral - is sold out but it's alright it's not the best match for me but it'll do till I get neutral - a lot of mineral makeups contain bismuth oxychloride and my skin reacts really bad - it gets really hot and itchy and kind of just a red rash but with this product I don't react at all it has no fillers or additives so it's just a really great product for sensitive skin and then to apply the minerals I use the Alima pure foundation brush and it's just a really really great brush it gives you full coverage it's really dense and I like a lot and D'Alema pure also makes a mineral powder concealer and I use the shade linen it's really great for covering up under-eye circles and I use it over top of my uncover-up

to kind of set my and cover up under my eyes and I'll also just mention this foundation by Zoey organics it's an Australian brand and this is actually made with crushed flower petals and I don't know about you but I think having crushed flower petals on your face is pretty cool it's a really great foundation it gives nice flawless coverage but what I absolutely dislike about this brand is the shade selection this does not come in enough shades and everything's too dark for my skin tone so I can really only use this in the summer and when I do use it I use the shade almond but if you have a darker complexion this might work for you and then for finishing powders I have the satin finishing powder by a Lima Pierre and I have that in the shade Kiko and then I also have the RMS Beauty onion powder which is just silica powder so it's translucent on the skin so now on to blush I really really love blush my favorite shade of blush is by Jane Eyre Adele and I don't know if I'm completely butchering her name but that's what I call it and it's this beautiful dusty rose color and it's the shade dubenich Dubonnet and it's just

really pretty I wear it I wear this one the most and I'm actually wearing it today for you guys and then I have a blush by Zoe organics and it's in the shade Mellon it's just a really pretty kind of corley pink color with some gold shimmer in it it's really really nice and again this one is made with crushed flower petals which is awesome another good brand for blushes is Envy eco and I have two shades here I have 9:55 which is a nice baby pink color just a matte baby pink color and then I have nine five one which is kind of a plummy color and this one would look really nice on darker complexions I think and I like the packaging of these because it comes with a little compact mirror so you can take it on the go and then lastly I have a cream blush by Aramis Beauty and this is their lip to cheek in the shade smile and you can use this either on your lips or your cheeks hence the name and this one's just kind of a coral pink color it's a really mod color and I like it it's really really pigmented so you just need a little bit to smooth out but it's a little bit expensive and I got this one in a swap so yeah and if you like bronzer I have

Anna Lee my peer bronzer it's in the shade Monde Aloha and I just love this stuff it's not shimmery at all so you can use it for contouring and it's just a really really good blush or bronzer and then to apply my blushes I use the 187 brush by Mac and I really love this brush it's super soft and the bristles aren't that dense so it doesn't make you look like a clown and now moving on to lipsticks my favorite lip color of all time is by mineral fusion and it's in the color mystery it's just this beautiful kind of vampy wine red color it looks really nice against fair skin and I love using it in the fall in the winter and then my favorite pink shade is by peacekeeper cosmetics and it's just a light matte baby pink color and it's actually what I have on my lips today and then I have a couple lipsticks by Zoe cosmetics I have the shade sheer rose which is a nice pink and these kind of have a balm texture and they smell like roses I have butterscotch which is kind of a cotton candy pink kind of looks like Easter or something I don't really wear this one because it's a bit too pink for me and then I have the color nude and

when I first saw this one I was like wow that's gonna be an awesome nude color on me but when I applied it it just kind of showed up all the dry skin and it just made me look ill so I don't really recommend that shade and for lip liner I have AJ and I are Dell one in the color spice and this is the only lip liner I use but it's nice it's just a natural looking color kind of like the color of my lips but a bit darker and yeah so Jane Iredale for lip liners I don't really wear lip glosses because I don't like that gloopy gross feeling on my lips but if I did have to recommend one I would definitely choose the dr hauschka lip gloss in the shade oh one it's just this beautiful pink color and it has kind of a oily texture so it's really moisturizing to the lips so if you are interested in lip glosses definitely check out dr. Hauschka my favorite mascara of all time is by dr. Hauschka and it's the Volume Mascara this stuff is absolutely amazing I've been using it for like four years and I don't even have an interest in trying other natural mascaras that's how much I love this product it just really thickens my lashes it smells really good

and it doesn't irritate my eyes at all so this is definitely something that I cannot live without and I love it for eyeliner I kind of make my own liquid eyeliner I take the Alima pure mineral in black just their eyeliner and then I put a little bit of the pigment into the lid and then take a few squirts of either toner or water and then take my small angled brush and just kind of mix that up and then use it as a eyeliner liquid eyeliner and it dries stays for a long time it's just a really nice option to having a liquid liner and then if you're interested in a pencil liner dr. Hauschka makes a nice line of pencil liners and I have this in the shade black as you can see it's almost gone and I just kind of line my waterline sometimes with it so if you're looking for a good coal liner definitely check out dr. Hauschka you so that's it that is my natural makeup collection I hope you enjoy the video and maybe found some products that you'd be interested in trying if you have any products that you'd recommend for me comment down below and I would love to

check those out oh and follow me on instagram at holistic habits I do kind of daily pictures of things I eat and all sorts of fun stuff so I guess I will see you in my next video bye