16 September 2012

Natural Nail Care Tutorial! How Care For & Keep Natural Nails Beautiful, Strong & Healthy!

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yeah so I'm here again and today I want

to bring you a video on natural nail care some tips for your nail tips and you guys know that especially recently I've been trying really really hard to like have a manicure and make them look nice but I am an avid lover and I just I really believe in and I really love natural nails and taking care of natural nails is just as important as taking care of manicured nails there are times where I really love natural nails more than I love polished nails and it's just something I want to rock but I know that a lot of times my nails look kind of blah and don't always look their best um and we have videos on growing your nails and nail talk and stuff like that I'll link you to like a blast in the past this isn't gonna be how and grow your nails or anything like that or keep them strong but this is just gonna be some some kind of things that I do to keep my nails in their top shape when they're natural I use some things to keep them strong and to keep them lubricated and oiled up nice and I really just want to keep them looking our best so I'm actually going to show you guys a close that put my hands a couple of the different products I use a

couple of the different things I do um and of course you guys do some of the same things or different things be sure to share so that we can all do that but um yeah I'll show you what I do to kind of keep my natural nails at their best alright so the very first thing that you want to do is file your nails and this is just one from Sephora I believe yeah this is just one from Sephora you can use any nail file that you prefer but just you want to file them in a way that you like and I've been told by some people instead of filing back and forth like this you just want to file in one direction um personally I do it in both directions and I don't see any difference in my nail growth or any bad you know repercussions I do prefer to do mine oval but do yours however you please to do so and like I said I already finished with this step just to save time now the next thing you want to do is work with your cuticles and your cuticle is basically this little area right here that some people like to cut off now the cuticle is there for a reason and if you really want to I suppose you could cut off your cuticle this little skin flap personally don't

do that to you my cuticles I personally like to push mine back reason why is because the cuticle some people believe it's there to prevent dirt and bacteria from on your nail from getting under your skin and causing an infection here in the actual nail bed because the nail is actually formed right here and that's why if you bump yourself if you have trauma here it can create like those little white patches I don't think I have any now like this if you get like those little white patches it could be from trauma here on the nail bed and but the idea is the cuticle is meant to protect the nail bed right here from getting you know dirt and bacteria in there so what I like to do is actually push mine back and you guys can um soak your nails inside of hot water or take a shower and then push them back I'm just going like this when I push mine back but my favorite thing to do is using oil this is a vitamin E oil from Trader Joe's and you guys know that vitamin E oil is amazing for hair for skin but it's amazing for scarring too if you have scars this is amazing but it's also fantastic for nails so what I do is I

put a little bit of this on each of my nails and I use this to push them back so this does help me to push the cuticle back but it also helps me to nourish the nail bed and the nail plate and since vitamin E oil is great for growth and great for strength it really does help strengthen the nail and really just give it what it needs so I apply a little dot just to the tops of each of these nails then I take my finger and I just kind of massage this in and you guys can see it gets messy it gets all over the place but that's okay so I'm just going to massage this in and like I said you guys can gently gently push this back a little bit because I prefer not to cut mine now this is a great practice to do for natural nails if you have natural nails and you're going to be putting nail polish on them I would recommend skipping this step reason why is because oil is something that's just amazing for your nails but it can also make them slippery so if you're trying to apply polish after this the Polish won't stick so for natural nails this is great it's a great conditioning treatment for them but avoid it if you are going to be applying polish and you can leave them

like this and just wait for them to soak in it should take them around 10 minutes but I am just going to continue until that's all absorbed so it's been about fifteen to twenty minutes and I'm going to finish up with my cuticles I've just applied oil now this is a product that I like to use this is Burt's Bees lemon butter cuticle cream and this is made with a bunch of different things and it's just supposed to kind of help help your cuticles help prevent hangnails etc what happens is that sometimes we get hang nails or flaps of skin here on the side that are very painful a lot of times that comes from either biting your nails or because you have very dry skin this really helps to moist in that up so now that our cuticles are really really conditioned with that vitamin E oil I'm going to take a little bit of this and just apply to the cuticles here and sometimes it's easier is if you take the back of your nail and scrape you get a little something like that so you could use the back of your nail or you could just take it little by little with your fingertips depending on what you like um but I'm going to put a little bit of this on each cuticle and just like we

would did with the vitamin E oil I'm going to rub this in the only difference is that with the vitamin E oil I put it underneath my nail as well and just all over to condition it with this cuticle cream you really only need to put it at the actual base of the cuticles you don't even need to work it up the rest of the nail but this really just helps you get the sides you get the bottom and it prevents those issues from happening and you just want to kind of condition and rub that in and this one will and this is just one that I love of course you don't have to use this one you can use any cuticle cream but try to find one that is natural and it does have some of those biochemical ingredients this bird speeds one I think is only three or four dollars and the best thing is that it smells amazing it smells like lemons this is personally my favorite it's the only one that I can recommend because it's really the only one that I use in love um but do whatever you think is right for you so now it's been about another ten minutes and I've kind of just rubbed that all in and you guys can see I have a little bit of like a sheen there but

it's not oily or sticky or anything like it was now if you are not going to do anything with your nails I would recommend doing this to natural label nails maybe once a week just to keep them trimmed and keep them you know proper and clean now if you are going to go a little bit longer I would recommend putting on a strengthening coat and what is strengthening coat is for is actually to strengthen your nails and for me you know things are kind of busy I don't always have time every week to do this so I actually like to put this on to strengthen them and then you can even put polish over this now like we said you do not want to do this before applying polish because it will cause the polish to slide off this is different this has a little bit more of like a sticky almost like a gummy texture so it's okay if we put this over a little bit of oil and then you can put nail polish over this once this is dried but I like to use this over natural nails or over freshly um what would this be conditioned nails and this is just one by Sephora by OPI this is one that I like you guys do not have to use this one you can use whatever you want but I

love this and it works very well for me I usually only apply one to two layers of it I've noticed if you you have to dry between layers but I have noticed that if you apply more than two layers that it almost gets a little bit gray and I don't care for that because if you just apply one or two it just looks very very natural and so I am going to apply this going to a Politis and let it dry and try not to get it all over the carpet so now that that's been applied it's just time to let it dry and that is really all I do for my natural nails like I said once this is completely dried if you want to you can put a regular color nail polish over it but if you like the look of natural nails or if you need it for work or for whatever it is you're doing this is a great way to keep them natural yet still beautiful and still strong so guys I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial I don't know if this tutorial or not it's just kind of like what I do and what I think and again some of these things are really great to just keeping your nails strong natural and healthy so that way if they look at natural they're going to look great and when you do decide to paint

them with a Polish or something your nails will be stronger polish will adhere better and overall your hands will just look a lot healthier and prettier so I love you guys so much again I hope to enjoy this um I will link you do some nail videos around here just for the heck of it and I hope this Lighting's okay I'm really trying to work with it but I love you guys so much I hope you enjoyed and I can't wait to talk to y'all soon love you guys bye