30 January 2019


Hey loves! In today's video I'm reviewing the NEW Kylie Cosmetics Bronzer, Blush, and Kylight. I also used the Sipping Pretty Palette. I hope you guys enjoyed ...

I know shocker this is new for me I know

you know I know what you're thinking what's up guys welcome back to my channel welcome back to another video I can new here my name is Nami amico welcome so today I'm gonna be doing a little bit of a different video as you can tell I have like a pop of color going on so and as you can tell by the title I'm gonna be reviewing and talking about the new Kylie Jenner complexion products which I'm really excited about and I feel like these products are really helping me step out of my comfort zone in 2019 I want to do more looks and I have this like Kylie Jenner inspired a look going on which I were living for I really like it hopefully you guys do too so if you want to see how I got this look then just keep on watching as well as my thoughts on the new complexion products I picked up three of them I got one of each she came out with a blush highlighter and also bronzers and I'm honestly living for them so without further ado let's get on to the video alright guys so I don't have anything on my face as of right now so we're gonna get into the base makeup but I'm really excited to try out of these new complexion products

from Kylie this is what the packaging looks like it's just kind of like low-key basic and it looks a little bit cheap you but it's okay hopefully the products are really nice I'm really curious to see how I'm gonna like it the only thing is I'm a little concerned I picked up the shade almond bronzer umm it's coming up like a little bit more bright on camera I think it'll be okay for my skin tone it's so hard trying to shop online for makeup I hate it I really wish I could just go in store just be so much easier just literally make my life so much easier but do darker shades seemed a little bit more red and I don't really like the reddish like undertone bronzers I like something a little bit more like golden but who knows maybe it's just I just really can never tell in photos I don't think I'll ever really know what shade to get unless she has another pop-up but hopefully all men will work fingers crossed then I also have the sipping a pretty palette I recently pick this up I'm excited to play with this I'm really trying to step out of my comfort zone in 2019 and do different

looks and yeah nothing too crazy though still really sticking to my true self of being very natural minimal but I do want to have fun with pops of colors and get into eyeshadows more I'm gonna be a priming my skin with the herb orient extra matte primer today I haven't tried this primer with the foundation that I'm wanting to use today and I'm really excited to see how I'm gonna like it I'm gonna go in with brows first cuz that's just what I do and today I'm going to be using my benefit precisely my brow pencil and I'm using this shade number six alright so now that my brows are done I'm gonna go in a foundation today I'm going to be using a DNR's natural radiance a long wear foundation [Music] Tahoe is actually looking like a baked ghostly like look at my arms and where my face I don't really like that all right so now that the foundation is applied and I set my face with some powder I'm going to go in with the Kylie pressed bronzing powder in the shade almond so I'm adding some of this bronzer I feel like this is a little bit sheer and it's a little light for my skin tone so it's not

giving me too much like color payoff but it is adding a little bit more color slightly back to my skin which is like it's a subtle bronze which you know me I know mine I like a subtle bronze so this color came out very subtle on my skintone but I actually really liked it I think it's like not too overpowering or overwhelming it looks really pretty natural in my opinion and especially with this foundation shade for some reason it just made me feel so much more ghostly and I feel like this bronzer really helped like bring me back to life girl just adds a little bit more warmth back to this skin and it just looks like my skin it just looks regular like it's supposed to be there alright so moving on and I'm gonna go on to do my eye makeup and I'm gonna be going in with the sipping pretty palette and I think I'm just gonna do a subtle hint of like a wash of color on the lid and then like a pop of color in the inner corner and that's what I've been wanting to do I'm gonna actually going in with the shade pre-game right here it's just this like really nice like caramel neutral brown shade and I'm just gonna pop that in my

crease and kind of like wash it all over the lid I'm just gonna run this kind of like in my crease all over the lid just to apply some type of like neutral base to my eye so I think I'm gonna just gonna go in with a pop of color in the inner corner and I'm gonna go in with the shade so I'm gonna go in with the shade right here which is pretty but before I do that I wanted to apply my lashes so today I'm just going to be using my Lillie lashes in the style of goddess alright so a lashes are on I'm just going to get that on my pencil brush and then just pop that into the inner corner or like the tear ducts so now that I popped pretty in the inner corners I'm gonna go in with this sparkly a pink sheet right here let me see what it is with that cold I think it's cool on the list so I feel like by adding on the list to the pink on top of the pink I feel like it gives a little bit more like a metallic II like shiny tip of luck which oh no I think it looks pretty cute I've never done something like this before totally stepping out of my comfort zone but I think I'm liking it so now that I've completely eyes and I'm gonna go in

with the blush and I picked up the blush and we're going shopping hopefully the camera is picking it up it's is really a beautiful like peachy pink shade and when I pick it up on the brush it's literally just such a sheer like wash of color I don't want to say sheer but like a diffuse wash of color it's not gonna be too like overpowering I feel like so that just added a little bit more of a nice flush of color to my cheeks which I really like I think this shade is really a pretty stuffy on my skin tone I think we're going shopping will be a nice blush shade it just adds a little pink this is like a nice natural like flush you know like I'm actually blushing maybe but very very natural so I really like it and I feel like it complements this like hot pink pop of color and the inner corners which I'm really liking and to finish off the last complexion product that I have is this highlighter and it's actually like highlighter and I picked this up in the shade Queen drip that's really pretty I really like it it was kind of worried that I'd be a little bit too like icy for my skin tone but I think it looks really good because it has a little bit

of that like peachy pinkish kind of rose gold type of vibe I don't know what I'm trying to say but a little bit more pinky so where it's blending in really nicely with the blush and I feel like the bronzer and it's really kind of pulling the look together cuz it's not too gold and I feel like it just no no it goes with the pink I'm really liking this look this is really fun okay so now I'm actually gonna go in with a little brow bone highlight and I'm just gonna take the Queen drip highlighter and just pop a little bit for my brow bone all right now and to complete the look I'm gonna go in with E I think I'm gonna go in with a nude lip all right guys so this is the completed look using all of my new hook kylie products the kylie complexion products as well as the sipping pretty palette what do you guys think I actually really like it this is something totally different for me I'm really starting to feel sent me on my comfort zone trying out new eyeshadows different looks getting a little bit more creative I mean I know this one is not like original I mean Kylie Jenner definitely rocked this but I was

definitely inspired by her this is like a video dedicated to her products anyways and I just wanted to try them out and I honestly had so much fun filming this hopefully you guys enjoy these types of videos when Kylie did at the pops of pink and also the yellow I was really drawn into that because it was still very natural but just a little bit more fun so I really enjoyed that so hopefully you guys enjoyed this look and these products so quickly I'm just gonna give you guys my review on earthy new complexion products I am really impressed I actually really like each and every one of the products I picked up the bronzer first of all let's talk about the bronzer where's that so this bronzer and almond I feel like it's a really nice shade for deeper skin tone so if you got my skin tone if you're a little bit darker than me I'm not sure if this is going to show up as much but if you're my skin tone we can definitely pull it off a foundation twins foundation sisters I think you'll be able to wear almond and it's very wearable it's very diffuse and it's buildable and it's not too overpowering

which I really like and of course if you have a lighter skin tone this would still look really beautiful and you obviously and then for the highlight and Queen drip I think it's really pretty it's something different that I don't have and that's basically what I wanted to do this one it still has that like rose gold like champagne shape but it's a little bit pink and it's just out of my comfort zone which I really like and I think it goes really well with this look and with the blush I was a little bit more nervous when it came to the blush but I'm really excited I picked it up again I got it in the shade we're going shopping and this is a nice shade for a deeper skin tone so if you're my skin tone even a little bit darker I think this would be a really pretty peachy tone blush and I think it just looks really natural I love how it's not we're powering as well these products are really really good so if you were interested in picking them up I definitely recommend trying these out I kind of want to pick up some more shades because it's just I don't know I'm having so much fun with these products

and if you haven't decided picking out I recommend checking them out because they are really nice and I'm pretty impressed and I really like how my makeup turned out it looks still really natural but still really fun with some pops of color I am going to be bringing some videos where you can definitely like wear it to the workplace I can't wait to bring some of those look I got some more eyeshadow palettes so I'm just really excited and there's more to come and I just can't wait for 2019 and I feel like this is a great way to start off the year doing something new I can show like different sides to me you know like I have more to offer so if you want to see more videos again and don't forget to hit the subscribe button thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next video bye [Music] then to come back I miss you girl I finally think I'm buying