20 November 2018


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hey guys welcome back to my channel it's

Imani I'm gonna be filming a very natural and easy makeup look just cuz I don't really do anything oh I don't like do like a lot of makeup looks I hardly my makeup at all I can only wait when I have to but I want to start doing more makeup so this is a start so it's just really easy makeup not hard at all it's really really easy oh yeah I know I have not been making videos last video I posted was my Halloween blog and it's the weekend of Thanksgiving so I've definitely really been slacking but I'm back I'm back and I'm gonna be making more videos a lot more videos for you guys so yeah I have lots of fun stuff coming up and I will be vlogging just gonna be a great interview and I have you guys on my back camera I usually use my front camera I'm just gonna be show you guys is makeup look easy you so let's just get into video I'm starting out for a bare face I'm taking some lip balm I'm gonna be using this palette as a mirror and we spend time taking my Anastasia brow Wiz and I could not get it open but I think I'm using the color evany and I'm just gonna put that all over not all over I'm gonna put that on

my eyebrows I feel them in the reason they look so good as I just got them done so yeah I'm using a 3d that I got from Sephora that I stole and I'm just gonna be filling in my brows and I didn't steal it the schools are like free when you're like instant so I'm just filling it in and I'm just gonna brush it out so it looks natural now I'm taking the actual palette and this is just a regular Sephora palette I got like two years ago I'm taking some brushes some water in my beauty blenders some concealer and that's what I'm gonna be using for my eyeshadow so I'm starting off I didn't concealer on my eyes as a base so I'm taking my pro conceal and come to me from LA girl and I think this is in the color fun and there's using my Beauty Blender which is really dirty I'm just blending it out so you can see that color I was taking I'm just gonna take a blending brush I'm just gonna blend it out I'm taking this like bronze color I don't know I'm taking another brush I'm just gonna be putting this in my crease and I'm really blending it in and I'm taking a really really light shade I'm just putting this

in the corner of my eyes asking me what I do so now we're going to consider it I'm taking my purpose and I'm just gonna be putting this under my eyes and all over my dark spots take my Beauty Blender again I'm just going to blend for a really long time and it might like Ashley at first but I'm blending for a long time so it will look better I'm taking an angled brush I made a concealer brush and I'm just gonna go back over my continue just to make sure it looks good now I'm just taking some powder I'm taking the Mac mineralized pyrite things can finish up like that in dark tan I'm taking a really big brush I'm just gonna be putting this all over my face and now I'm not putting on foundation because I don't need it so I'm gonna eyelash curler I'm attempting to curl my eyelashes but I really failed it looks I can't I am so bad doing this I'm taking my Maybelline falsies mascara I'm just putting it all over my lashes I'm just taking some lipgloss putting that on I really didn't feel like wearing any lipstick and then I'm just taking my hair down I'm just taking my Maybelline

highlighter I'm taking like a angled brush and I'm just gonna be putting this on my cheekbones the my nose and my Cupid's bow and that is the last step to do my makeup routine I may never make a routine my natural makeup look at that I've made it's very easy as you can see yeah so I hope you guys enjoy the video make sure you like comment and subscribe and turn your notification bill so you get notifications every time I post and I will see you guys in my next video [Music]