01 July 2008

Natural Makeup for Teens {Makeup Geek}

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geeks today I'm going to show you if you

were a teenager if you're someone just starting out and make up some basic techniques that are very neutral very easy to do so let's get started so the main thing you need before you put on any eyeshadow is an eyeshadow primer the one I'm wearing today is L'Oreal decrease and I put that all over the lid up to the brow then what you need is a flat shader brush any kind as long as it's flat and I'm going to take since I'm putting pink eyeshadow on the lid and sometimes Pink's are hard to show up I'm gonna take NYX jumbo eye pencil in strawberry milk it's just a pinkish color you don't have to do this step if you're in a hurry just skip it I'm just doing it cuz I want that pink to show up so I'm putting this all over the lid which I'm gonna draw it on and it's a nice light paint color will just help make that pink pop just draw it on there use your finger to rub it out and I'm just putting this on the lid then you take that brush and I'm going to go in with NYX color platinum pink it's just a light pink color something nice and soft nice and neutral I'm putting this all over the lid just dab it on there then I'm going to take a fluffy dome brush

just like this one this is from Target it's a Sonia Kashuk brush it's just something that's kind of fluffy I'm going in with NYX iced mocha and it's a brownish taupe color put some on that brush flick it off because I don't want much color just one a little bit I'm going to put some on the outer part of my eye and then I'm going to bring it into my crease take a little bit more and just blend it in you want to feel for where that eye sockets at and just kind of get right in there with that color then wipe that off and I'm going in with my axé highlight and it's just a light cream color you want something that's close to your natural skin tone so if you're a little bit darker go for a little bit darker color just putting this all under the brow just sweeping it under there I'm going to testify that outer part just a little bit with more iced mocha it's your preference on how dark you want it and that's pretty much it for the shadow portion then what I'm going to do is take a brown eyeliner pencil now I don't have a generic one so I'm using Urban Decay's 24/7 and staffs you just need a

soft creamy Brown pencil and starting at the outer part of your lashes I'm just doing short strokes and just sweeping it in right next to the lash line very close to it you don't want to go in all the way you just want to go and wear your natural lashes stop and you can kind of smooth it out if you want and that's pretty much it for the eyeliner then all you need to do is add some mascara and I'm using L'Oreal carbon black voluminous we're just gonna coat the upper lashes so what I'm gonna do is Suika lat the base and then sweep up tilt your head back just a little bit you only need one coat for the day time if you're doing something at night going out with friends you can always put on a couple coats but for going to school you just need one and I'm not gonna do the lower lashes just the uppers and see how soft and natural that is let me zoom out show you what I'm gonna do for the lips this is a very very easy look you can do easily do it in five minutes okay so for my lips I'm just gonna put on some Revlon lip gloss it could be any kind of lip gloss you like I chose pink just because I like wearing pinks you could go with a peachy color a nude color if

you want something brighter and just put that lip gloss on and that's all you really need so a nice easy daytime wearable look something that you can do in just a few minutes so let me get up so you can see so I have just a little pink on here you can choose whatever color you want I put just a medium color brown and then a light color to highlight and then some lip gloss and a little bit of eyeliner mascara and you're good to go so if you guys have any questions you know how to reach me I'm either on my site makeup geek comm or you can email me at Marlena at makeup geek comm and thanks so much for watching and subscribing and I'll talk to you soon you I can explain