23 November 2018

Natural Makeup for Beginners| Ari J.

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what's up YouTube it's Ari and I'm back

with another video if you would like to see how I got this fall is kind of natural makeup look that can see you watching so first what you do is mr. Spacely they send prey or letís say we want to prep your eyes I just [Music] now I'm about to go in with my transition shade is closer to my skin tone and after that I'm gonna go with darker colors [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] to make sure your liner is very sharp you just go in with some concealer then you just underline it so get those sharp that you're looking for and then blend it out when you continue on the tomato I'm going in with lashes for my lash company and these are the style passion you can get them off my website super fluffy and y'all gonna see how it's on the game and I did see your hands I have no so much users are but I kind of inner lashes for Minnie Mouse are y'all gonna see how to go [Music] now sort of fun part I'm using my

Maybelline fit me I think this is in the shade classic tan and I just put it all over my face you know I've been taking good care of my skin so it's like really quiet [Music] consumer time y'all know I love my ass to be right up under so I went in with some Matt pinky 42 I think I really strongly think it is in secrecy and I'm just growing up yeah y'all are gonna be pitcher and then after that you just basically been blender [Music] [Applause] [Music] and I actually fit the contour parts amount on the cheekbones with some bronzer that I got my mom gave it to me I have no clue where she got it from her I really really love me but hopefully somebody knows it down below I have no idea where to go and now I'm just about to visit my Sasha buttercup [Music] now I'm going in with my neck they started and basically did taken away all that bacon bacon that I did and this is gonna just give me a smooth flawless finish and it is brings the makeup I

bought together if I had thought I really really loved his mentality [Music] before I do my highlight I have to stop my makeup artist beau-word though but I think it makes it pop more I don't know I just saw people doing nice are doing it and I was like I was like hey so do this and this is my highlights in the shade is physics oh my gosh all looks at the wrong way yet exquisite and you can purchase this also on my website I'm gonna lose everything in the description below [Music] [Applause] [Music] and now I'm going in with my chocolate liquid lipstick and you can get that also on my sites but here I'm just gonna line my lips just a tad bit and then go in with this beautiful shade and y'all gonna see this baby it's poppin you I hope y'all babies love this video I had so much fun making this video and it was so super easy all the products will be listed down below don't forget to Like comment and subscribe to my channel and in the comment section below don't

forget to let me know any ideas you guys want to see any videos you guys like to see anything in that nature just let me know but don't forget once again like comment and subscribe to my channel