07 May 2019

Natural make up look.

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good morning guys listen guys to pass up

Marco pimmy echo echo may begin so Amanda damn it Cole alright we make up Coco trabajo y opening palma de león POC medallion Lang si oh that's impossible 6 so modest moon i5 34 33 trabajo me to see in foundation or I eat oh I believe it's a Filipino movie a Pilate educational quality I advance cream BB cream then the shot I see university hype adam natural long look human pattern la pagina gamete no foundation yeah this you blend great cylindrical panel on simply long sharper natural look lava the a foundation and then he lay avoid like within a Maybelline tougher bro Brown for made sure that Brown I am - Matt are you okay sorry no one with the little guys you see I support are you possible work Papa no so yeah a little scooter trabajo Putnam and I'll put a silencer seated in doing a multi-city knee and Thailand super lucky me believe that I you know Cervantes happiness I see monopoly paya go away did you know in a tie or entice a aroun

en Neelam she's gonna she's a gay lead should stay just on you know meet your mom [Music] the everyday low coupon the rhombus of war there's a church missile working too long in a local see my hand : simply a number but I in dementia I wish I'd finish our mommy Michelle up a lot of the day and again Mary bar give us a villa near in Pantheon key lately thank you some of you guys and you stand by in a show that I can killing nothing and then touch my girl up an arm so are you with your mascara economic go high flows Hypnose man yeah I'm in the shower go along at all maybe Linden Shah controlled turn left so to you know make long ago my cousin mousseline and completely didn't I was like man I still ain't no good no relate to decide it on the end taking the meat or you think winter some get laid yeah do you do then slick make up and it to your flash ROM pressure on highlights and teen shot detentions together than with Conan speed 20 you to contend it and guys and the money and the splitter nothing up on the highlights it's not reached in but I belong

leadership aunty yeah did imagine to give need that Malaysia day saw it did since it didn't even every day course over now look you know an Ambu thank you for watching guys and see you the next video bye [Music]