20 December 2018

Natural Holiday Make-Up Look In France | Red Lip Love Paris Edition | Sanne Vloet

Natural Holiday Make-Up Look | Christmas Theme, Filmed In France | For All You Red Lip Lovers And Anyone Who Loves Paris | Sanne Vloet Hey Guys, WOW!

hey guys welcome back to new video today

I'm going to share my natural holiday makeup look and maybe you know I don't normally wear that much makeup so this holiday makeup look might be slightly different than other looks you have seen on YouTube before so let's get started I like to start off with my Maria Badescu spray and this one contains aloe herbs and rosewater and this really hydrates and tightens up my skin on top of this I'm going to use the nukes oil and this is a multifunctional oil for skin body and hair which makes it very easy to take with and this really gives my skin like a satin and smooth feeling using oil is not for everyone underneath the makeup look my skin is very dry so I can really use it and it will give a nice glowy look on top of this I'm using my Giorgio Armani foundation in the color 6 and this is a medium coverage foundation so it's quite transparent and I'm just adding a tiny tiny bit on my red spots I don't want to put everything on my face because I still want to keep it natural and actually I feel during a Christmas or during a nice dinner the lights are always turned off so you won't need as much foundation so I'm using my Beauty

Blender which I wet before a little bit so it has a spongy feeling and really blends in the foundation well on top of this I'm going to use my NARS creamy concealer this is the color two and a half I'm just adding this on my little spots underneath my eyes on my eyelids and a little bit on my chin the usual concealer spots then I'm adding the charlatan berry wonder glow and I sometimes use this as a primer but today I'm going to use this on the highlights of us so I'm adding this on top of my cheekbones with my chin to put my nose and I'm blending this all together with my Beauty Blender and I feel this wonder glow kind of gives your skin like a radiant and dewy look so I'm just blending the concealer and highlighter into my skin and I will actually link all the products also down below so you can take a look at it so this is going to be my first Christmas I'm not spending with my family and I'm wondering with who are you gonna spend Christmas then I'm using my two phases peach blur translucent finishing powder and this is a very light powder and it just blurs and gives it a finished look

it's smooth lines and evens out my skin and the primers I put on before then I'm using the Tom Ford shade and illuminate I'm going to use the highlighter just using my finger and I'm putting this on top of the highlight spots above my cheekbones again [Music] top of my nose on my Cupid's bow [Music] and also on the inside of my eyes I feel even though I do a very very natural look I always try to put highlighter on because it really opens up your face and gives like a nice shape to it then I'm brushing my eyebrows never leaving the house without doing my res and I'm filling these in with my Mac eyebrow pencil in the color stylist and it's just to give them like a little bit more definition just filling them in and extending them slightly then I'm going to use the fan tear Ayana matte skin stick and this is actually for contour but today I'm going to use this as an eyeshadow so my plan is on my eyelids and I feel this gives kind of like a natural look and I also really like to use products for different parts of the face so a contour stick I can put

on my eyelid or use for contour then I'm going to curl my eyelashes with this Tarte eyelash curler it's still one of my favorites even though it looks kind of funky and for mascara I'm using this Max Factor masterpiece High Definition and I really feel this like extends and lengthens all my eyelashes it's still kind of natural and it doesn't get clumpy but it does really get my eyelashes like a really nice volume the tiny brush can really reach every little lash then I'm going to use the Revlon red lipstick this is the color 325 toast of New York and I'm using like a little brush because I feel I can put it on a little bit more precise instead of using the lipstick directly so I'm really using this kind of as an lipliner first and then filling everything in I really like a good red lip I feel actually this look you can even wear during the day it is that natural then I'm going to use another fancy Ariana lipstick and this is kind of like a dark red this is the color shotty warm chestnut and I'm just going to tap a

little bit on the inside of my lips this really gives my lips more definition to use like light red around your lips and a little darker inside because I'm wearing a red lip I don't want to have like red pinkish blush so I'm going to use this omena bronzer by Marc Jacobs which is the bronzer tantastic and this is a very natural brown shade and I'm using this as a blush so I'm adding this a little bit on top of my cheekbones and this really looks great on every skin tone and then my makeup look is ready so you can wear this during your day or on your way to a nice Christmas dinner party I really hope you guys like this video and if you want to see more makeup looks then leave a comment down below and I hope to see you guys in my next video happy holidays everyone [Music] you [Music]