20 December 2018

Natural Holiday Glam Makeup Look | Glowing in the Winter ( SUPER EASY)

Hey Loves ! Here is a super cute bronze, glowy makeup look ! It's a very soft and natural look. I hope you enjoyed this video ! If you id, leave a comment down ...


what is up loves its name rose back with another video for you guys and in this video we're doing a makeup look today I know it's been so long since we've done a lookbook we're back for better yeah we're ready okay it's just like the holiday glam bronzy glow II feel vibe um if you guys like this look and if you want me to do more makeup looks let me know down in the comments also if you're not subscribed to my channel already what are you doing honestly you're missing out so just go ahead and click that subscribe button we're gonna get right into this video make sure you guys are keeping up with vlogmas this month we'll be going hard and yeah let's just get right into it so I'm starting off with a fresh clean and moisturized face and I'm gonna go ahead and prime with my pepper and thyme from that next I'm just gonna go ahead and do my eyebrows I don't like doing anything too too dramatic I just do a slight filling and that's it so you guys this is max hyper-real foundation in oh my gosh this stuff literally changed my life this is the main thing that's gonna give you the glow that you want I just put a layer of it underneath my foundation and I also

put a layer of it on top and you'll see that towards the end of the video but do you guys see this glow like it's just like a natural very subtle glow [Music] [Music] [Music] so for the eyeshadow look I'm gonna go in with this Tarte palette and I'm gonna first take this light brownish orange color and use that as my transition shade like this it's more so like brown next I'm gonna take this purple shimmery color but it has more of a dark tone to it so I think that's perfect for my crease and I have hooded eyelids you guys so like if you do then y'all know sometimes it's a little harder to do certain I looks I don't really like doing cut creases like that so I just took this lighter golden color and put that on my lid [Music] so this concealer from mac is literally my faith and I'm taking my la girl Pro concealer in a darker shade and like I said you guys everything will be in the description box but I use that to contour and here is it just me or is the most satisfying part of doing your

makeup like the blending part like you just watch it seep into your skin is it just me leave a comment down below if y'all fit the same way I just had to say that real quick and get y'all the pan [Music] so by the way you guys I'm pretty sure I failed to mention that I did my winged eyeliner off-camera because the angle of the mirror and the way this camera was set up that it was not working out so yeah but I just went ahead and put on these lashes they're just some beauty supply store lashes they were like a dollar nothing fancy nothing fancy [Music] [Music] y'all probably think I'm so extra for mixing my highlight colors but I literally always do this cuz like that bronze ishe mix them with the light color shade just gives me like the perfect perfect highlight color and we can't forget about the nose highlights [Music] so I was gonna do a dark lippy but I changed my mind I wanted to go for like a more neutral and subtle minimal look so I did a brown gloss that I just got

from the beauty supply store it was super cute and shimmery and I mix that in with my Sephora lip gloss [Music] [Music]