12 May 2017

Natural Hair Care Routine | Homemade masks & Tips

Hello everybody! Finally my hair care routine is up, I've been following this routine for a while now and I've been loving hwo my hair feels after using this.

hello everybody and welcome back to my

channel so today I'm going to film my hair care routine until today until recently I didn't have a hair care routine to film so it's been so long anyway I recently found a routine and my hair is actually loving it I know I may seem like the last person you should be tape taking tips about growing your hair long since my hair is so short I actually recently cut my nails it's this long now I still like short hair that's why I cut it anyway my hair feels really shiny and today lively after using this routine so yes if you want to know how I take care of my hair please keep on watching also I use this routine about twice a twice a week generally twice sometimes twice so yes let's just dive right into it so the first step of my hair care routine is this hair mask which I made out of play ingredients I'll quickly show you the recipe math is very beneficial if you have dry split ends and if you want to bring back the shine in your hair so for this recipe you will need three ingredients that is some hair oil this is a mixture of sesame oil and

castor oil some honey and the yolks of two eggs so for me 2x are work great but if you have longer hair then you can increase the number of egg yolks and for two egg yolks I use six tablespoons of hair oil and two tablespoons of honey [Music] you can use any other hair oil if you want but sesame oil works amazing in summers and castor oil is even more amazing for hair growth so I'm just quickly going to whisk all of those ingredients in to make this really creamy and thick fair hair mask you can apply this hair mask onto the roots of your hair and the ends of your hair to get rid of dry split ends and yes I apply this hair mask all my root first when I do this I flip my hair upside down I apply this mask all over my hair root and I kind of massage it and do my head it gets really sticky so it takes about two to three minutes to kind of soak into your skin and then whatever is left I quote my the ends of my head with this mask and since I had short here it actually coats all of my hair with this amount of mass but if you have longer hair you can just apply it on your roots

and the way the ends of your hair or you can just apply it on your roots it works either way so when I apply it all over my hair I cover my hair with a polythene bag any plastic bag you should do this with any hair mask actually you should never let your hair mask dry so what I do is I apply it all over my hair back and then I wait for about an hour before washing it up so yes I just quickly apply it and I'll be back to show you why looks like so I've applied to semis covering my roots and the ends of my hair very well and now I'm going to cover my head with a polythene bag and let it sit for about 40 minutes to an hour and then I will use cold water to wash it off don't use a shampoo just yet because we will be going to oiler hair after the same us also the thing about this mask is that since we've used egg yolks it smells really really bad but the good part is that the smell won't be much of a problem to you if the people around you will have to deal with it and so yes that's a good thing and yes I'll be back after 40 minutes so I just got

done with washing my hair I just used plain running water I didn't use any shampoo or conditioner with it and now when it's about 50% dry I don't wait for my hair to get completely dry I all my hair as it is maybe it's recommended to wait for your hair to dry completely but it works better for me somehow so what I do is I use this all with it this is not came in this container in this maker in this container I have sesame oil and castor oil I used about this much of castor oil and I sell the rest of the body with sesame oil sesame oil is very good for hair growth especially in the summer because it kind of cools down the scalp or something like that long story short it's really good for you to you to be used in summers it's very good for hair good so yes I mix both of these oils in and what I do is I use a bowl like that and I just pour about 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil that much should do I think and then what I do is I just take my fingers and then I dip the fingers on in the oil so the my fingertips are really soaked into the oil and then I massage my scalp with

this it good if you massage your scalp oil your hair hair like this because if you use it on the palm and then apply it like that and there's a very good chance that you will miss your scalp so it's really good to soak your fingers into the oil and then apply it on the scan and then when I'm done reading the oil all over my scalp what I do is I flip my hair upside down and then I massage my head in that position for about 3 to 4 minutes at least and then I just put my hair up in a bun and then I let it sit for as long as you can actually you can do it overnight oh you can wait for a couple hours or you can even you away for an hour but the longer you wait the better so yes I think I'm going to wait a couple hours before I wash up so I don't have a hairband handy right now but this is how I'm going to sign my hair on the top of my head yes I'll be back after washing it off [Music] so I just wash my head and for shampoo I use this one by Patanjali it's the milk feeding women and for conditioner I used this almond conditioner epitaxy as well I've been using both of these

products for a year now and I've been loving it my hair doesn't fall now and even if I don't go in my hair before washing my hair my hair still feels a lot more shiny and really bouncy actually so yes I've been using this product for a really long time now and I am NOT going to change anytime soon so yes and that was my shampoo and my conditioner and sometimes I use this serum by streaks I always use serum by streaks and I use it on the very ends of my hair sometimes when when my hair feels kind of dry usually I don't so yes that was all the product and all the things that I do for my hair and yes do let me know what did you think about this video and thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next video bye