09 June 2017


If you are struggling to get your hair define, but then after 2 hours, the definition is gone. Check this video out where discus the reason why your definition doesn't ...

hi everyone a PowerBar welcome to my

channel this is keeping a realist if you guys don't know I love you guys for coming by to my channel thank you guys for subscribing we are 200 subscribers thank you so much thank you so much good god bless you all let's keep it a real and let's have a chitchat me and you because me and my hair and this weather we have a problem so let's discuss it but before that I will love you I will love for you guys to spring subscribe to my channel right there and also click on the bell so that you don't miss any of my videos this is that down the left keep it real deal ok um I was going to a graduation last week and I decided to do braids out now you I know I haven't done any braid out tutorials which style been tuned and so on I will do that so stay tuned and stay tuned I will do that I'm just having some problems with the weather okay that is why I'm making this video because I have to say my hair is not always perfect ok so let's kick it around I did braids out and it was fabulous calm I did a snapshot if you guys do not have me on snapchat you better add me okay cuz I'm very outgoing snapshot and my hair was

popping but it didn't last forever it didn't last because of the weather was so human mind you guys I live in California now if I did the same start in Ghana or Nigeria it will be the same result because the weather is so humid over there and I just could not take it I mean I when the the definition was gonna I have to just let it be the way it is I can't do anything about it and I was like okay now I have to really do a research about it because I just wonder Stan I do my Twitter it was so Bob it's on my house the minute I went out it was like selecia dot-com it went straight back to the Afro and I know this and I've done it before I didn't research about it about which products that you use for human weather like this in the summertime and I did not do anything about it but here I am and I'm taking back the issue and let's address it so what is human whether human whether is basically the water cycle is in your hair in the hand okay then what the water water into the atmosphere okay and humid is very very hot and it's very it's like you can't

even breathe when you're outside because it's so hot right and it is fate fate of being humid or the quality of the amount of water vapor in the atmosphere so the bottom part again is in the hair which can affect through a lot of different tests such as braid out twist out okay and it also costs the hair to be frizzy so that's what I had in my hand I'm going to show you pictures right here how it looks like and the day after that to church I just have to wear my hair frizzy because I didn't have time so what can we do for this problem now welcome let's go back again what causes to get your hair frizzy from defined to frizzy Wow another product that we use it is contains a lot of dissonance you feel have a lot of grit simmer then you have to stop using some of the products are meant to used for the winter and spring but not for the summer so you how the products such a house then you better stay away from it that's why I try to stay away from all gels such as eco styler gel that contains a lot of grizzling because I do not want my hair to be frizzy in a summer I want to wear my hair like fro the natural products that is not humid

if the product is not humectant that it's going to lead your head to be frizzy so you have to look back on your product like this one here this product is humid so I can use in the summer and I can get my definition will be moisturized and my definition will be beautiful calm so read the ingredients back that's very important to know if you can use this in the summer or in the winter because that's very important okay um what you can't do is wear protective that any protective style like this or to a cold row have your hair as it would be perfect to fight footing that humid weather but if you want to wear your hair out like braids out and twist out they use light oil they use product that is human it is for humidity Twitter and I have this one here this one is very expensive but I bought it like two years ago and it's very very good butter such as chilled butter and mango butter or perfect for the humidity weather and I have one right here this is very amazing so ingredients heavily butter and it's so good and that is for Humanity weather cuz it has all butters and also this is also another one Shea Moisture I still

use this in the summertime and it's perfectly fine because it does not have any gristle no water in it another thing that is also really good is oil castor oil is very very good for humidity winner so use that and also try to minimize your oil so some of the oils can be used for the winter and some of them are not but it all depends on your hand side if your hair type very fire or thick how the density is because so the have fine hair cannot take it when it's humid weather like that or some of of us who have sticks here can use castor oil or can use light oils to use light oils such as coconut oil agonal and sweet almond oil and so on the list goes on that you can use that will control the frizz another thing that is also going to fight for humidity whether it is deep condition you see this is much the condition is important for you guys it's very very important it will control the frizz and it will minimize it another thing that is very very important that fight for human whether it's silicone I know silicone is not good but it's good for human weather so you better not stay

away from it so if you have some product that contains silicone then it will fight and it will reduce the prisoners to your hair nothing but not least please check on your weather or your phone check on the dew points dew point shows how much moisture is in the air or get it out matter of fact check two days ahead before checking and see what s that you want to do and which product you're going to use for that day or for that month whatever so that you know exactly what you put it in your nano nation will last a whole tire day but my hair did not do that so check on your phone or check on everywhere to see which what kind of weather it is - for today what kind of dew point I what I can say about the dew point for the whether it is over 60 presented then you have to use product that is you mix it but if it's under 50% they use product that is just regular that is anti-human see simple example you gotta you live in Europe it's very easy for you guys because the weather is cool it's not too hot and not too cold you can use any product you want but for us they live in such as West African countries and

Caribbean and all the climates that are really religious you method we need to use products that is for humectants products ok so I hope this video was very beneficial and I hope you got understanding it was very clear for you guys if you guys have any questions please leave it down below give it a thumbs up for this video and you like my taping you want more natural hair tips that's also comment down below I love you guys for watching this have a great weekend and that's it [Music]