17 May 2017

Natural Gray Hair Care | ROUTINE TIPS and TRICKS!

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- Today's video is all about silver gray hair

and how you can keep it beautiful and gorgeous. I'm gonna go through some of the products that have helped me and some of the things you can do to keep your silver gray hair gorgeous and kind of not so, you know, help it out along the way because when you stop dying your hair and you transition to gray hair, you actually have to invest a lot more in products. So you save money in coloring your hair but at the same time you spend a lot of money on products. And I will go through some of the products I've been using for some of them I've been using for several years and some of them I have been trying for a couple months and I've been really liking them and I wanted to share them with you. If you're new to my channel, welcome to my channel. My name is Maryam. I'm gonna give you a little background about my hair and my transition to gray hair. Even though I have a transitioning story already in my channel but I wanted to kind of do an update of what's going on, what happened to me. Tell my story a little bit. I transitioned to gray hair because I was allergic to permanent hair color. I'm allergic to the chemical that's inside, in any kind of permanent color. And it was burning my scalp. It was really irritating. Three years ago I got really sick of it.

I decided to start the transition to gray hair and see how I feel about it. It was a very long process, hard decision to make. It was kind of, I wasn't sure if I was gonna do it. And but finally I decided. I talked to my husband. I thought about it really hard and decided to do it. If you like me to talk about that more, if you have any questions about transitioning or anything I can help you with, really any kind of gray hair situation, question, leave a comment below and let me know your questions. Some of the stuff I talk about here, works the same for platinum blond or silver, dyed silver hair. But I'm gonna touch upon natural silver hair because that's what we're dealing with here. I do sometimes ombre my hair on the bottom because I just get bored. (laughs) So, I like to experiment with semi-permanent hair colors and the colors that I use is vegan colors. It has no chemicals in it whatsoever and it doesn't irritate my head, my scalp. I can go all the way to my roots and not get irritation. First I wanted to talk about shampoo. If you have silver gray hair, you do have to use a specific shampoo to maintain your silver hair. Because silver hair tends to get yellow over time. If you are out in the sun too long.

If you use hot tools on your hair all the time, that tends to make it yellow, extra heat that you put on your hair and the stresses that it puts on your hair, it just turns it yellow. Exposure to, over exposing it to sunlight turns it yellow. If you are a swimmer and you go in the pool and swim a lot, you love to swim, you get yellowing in your hair. So you do have to use purple shampoo to kind of deposit some tone in your hair. And I have been using several shampoos. I'm in the process of testing out more shampoos because I'm still in the quest for a shampoo that doesn't make my hair completely dry and strip out of the moisture. The only thing that is, the only thing I have to complain about with purple shampoo is that it's very drying. But I love using purple shampoo once a week or every other week depending on how brassy it gets. I have already done my shampooing last week so I'm due for another one this week. I was using this shampoo for the longest time and shimmer lights was my first shampoo, purple shampoo I used and I actually really loved the shampoo. I just like the way it deposits purple in my hair. I don't mind the cast of purple in my hair. If you don't want that purple cast in your hair, what you have to do is put it on for three minutes.

I have done it where I have left this on for 45 minutes on my hair 'cause I just wanted that really purple-y kind of cast. But that's me, I just like experimenting with my hair and just, I like to tone it and I don't mind blue or purple in my hair. But if you don't like that, you might wanna start with two three minutes and wash it off and see how you like it. If you want more than you can add on five minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. You don't really have to use, you don't have to put it put 45 minutes of this in your hair. You can if you want to but you don't have to. Only five minutes will do. It's only nine, $10 at Sally's I get this. And I really love it but the only complaint I have about that shimmer lights is that it's very very drying. So I don't put it on my scalp because I do still can experience a lot of drying because my scalp is so sensitive. I don't put purple shampoo on my scalp. What I do is shampoo my hair with sulfate free shampoo. The days that I want to purple shampoo, I put the purple shampoo from here down. So I try not to go on my scalp. I do this. I just put a saturate all of this. And then I let it sit. I lather it a little bit in there and let it sit.

And rinse it out without trying to, without rubbing it into my scalp. I have put it in my scalp and it really irritated and dried out my scalp. And since I have a very sensitive scalp, I don't do that. The other shampoo that I bought, and I bought a big one because Ulta had a big sale, a buy two get one free or something like that so, I went and bought this big one. It's called So Silver, it's Total Results. It's by the brand Matrix. I have mixed feelings about this. I bought it because someone on YouTube was talking about this and she was really raving about this. So I figured I'd give it a try. And since there was a sale, I bought it. But I still have a lot to go through. I don't know if this is my favorite favorite purple shampoo but I have a lot of it so I'm using it and I wanted to mention it here. The thing is that it's not as drying as shimmer lights so that what I like about it. It's not drying as much even though it does still dry. But, and I found that this doesn't give me the same purple-y kind of deposit that I really like. It just kind of neutralizes some of the yellow but I feel like I need to use two three times of this to get that result that I want with one use of this shampoo.

So I don't know, you know, if you are not into the deposit of purple, then you might really like this. But for me, I feel like it's not strong enough for my hair. You can also tone your hair and to tone your hair, you can either go to your hairstylist to have them take the yellowness out with some toner. Or you can buy some toners at Sally's. And I have done that before. I've used toners from Sally's before and I really like the effect that it gave my hair. The unfortunate thing is that toning, toner is still irritating to my scalp. So I can't go all the way to my scalp but I do, I am able to put it on down here, you know, from midway down. But I haven't used toner really lately since I have purple shampoo, I haven't really had to use toning to tone my hair. But that's an option. If you wanna know what process you could do besides purple shampoo to tone your hair, leave a comment below too. I might even just do a video on it but I just wanna know your interests and see if you're interested in me making it but, I may make it anyways but just wanted to ask you. Silver and gray hair tend to get a lot more frizzy than dark hair or blond hair or any other color besides gray and silver.

And I'm talking about natural gray hair so but if you are already dyed and bleached your hair, your hair seems to be less frizzy, I don't know bleach just kind of relaxes the hair. But if you have natural gray and silver hair, your hair tends to be more frizzy. So you want to definitely deep condition your hair and especially if you are using purple shampoo, you definitely wanna do deep conditioning regularly every week or every time after you use your purple shampoo and this is the brand I use for deep conditioning for my hair. I still have a lot of this. It smells really good. I still have a lot of it, I still have to go through. But, the only thing that you want to prevent. And I didn't know this before I bought this. So this is kind of new. I learned this over time that if you have any products that have yellow tint in it or a yellow coloring in it, avoid those because those will add more yellow into your hair. So get products or conditioners or even hairstyling products that are white. Make sure you don't get anything that has yellow. I had this already so I have to finish it. But, I don't recommend anything that has yellow in it because all that work that you do did with your toning and your purple shampoo goes to waste because you are going to deposit more yellow into it.

This one is not for only curly hair. It's sulfur free. You could use it on straight hair too. And it has Argan oil in it which I really love. And this brand, Mark Anthony has been a really really amazing, especially this blue container. They are sulfur free and they're very affordable. This is like $7. And it is white. So that's why I like it. The actual product is white and I really like using this one because it doesn't deposit any more yellow. The conditioner of this is amazing conditioner for anyone who has coarse, and just gets a lot of tangles and things like that. This is really amazing conditioner. And there is another pouch that I ran out of that I need to get of this but it's more intense hydration and that one's white too. So you can use that. So it's this brand and they come in pouches which I wish that he would come out or they, would come out with something like this where I can get a big bulk of conditioner, deep conditioner like this. But they don't have anything like that. They only have the little pouches, which is like 2.99 or something like that. And they sell 'em at Ulta but I don't know where else they sell 'em.

Maybe at CVS too. But they come in little pouches which I only use, I can only use two times and then I run out and then I have to buy more. This is a everyday conditioner and it's sulfur free. I really love this. This is a really good brand. Definitely look into this. It's only seven, $8 so I mean, it's really affordable. Then another conditioner I really like to use, I really like this brand. I got introduced to it last year and I have been using this conditioner just like spraying it. You just spray it in your hair. You wanna shake it. Just spray it like that and it just gives you nice, shiny, shiny hair. I really like it. After straightening my hair especially, I really like using this. I even use this sometimes on my daughter, even though I don't use this as much because it's a spray. But if she has tangles, I put it on her tangles and it completely gets rid of the tangles so, yeah it's a really good brand. I am in the process of trying out their conditioner and leave in conditioner so I will let you know

later on how I feel about those. But this one in particular and they have a dry shampoo too like this that I use sometimes. I am not really big on dry shampoo. I just can't, even though I have curly hair, a dry hair, I need to like wash my hair (laughs) less. I feel like after three days, I can't not wash my hair. So every two days or three days, I just need to wash my hair. So they do have a dry shampoo too. That's why I'm telling you this because they do have a dry shampoo that is really good. And it smells really amazing and it's this big. So it lasts you a long time. Now since I have, right now, I have straightened my hair. My hair is curly, very curly. And because it's curly, I try not to do heat styling as much anymore. I used to for the past couple years because I felt that I like to straighten my hair more because it's silver, it's gray, I felt like it looked better, even wavey or looser curls and things like that but lately, I've been really embracing my curls and I really like my hair curly. I don't wanna do too much processing, you know not as much as couple years ago. So I have been looking into styling products

that really help my hair, curly and you know stay curly and just give it, give nice curls. And recently I started using this product, the Dove product. And this is amazing for de tangling your hair. It's only, I think it's less than $5. You can get it anywhere really. I got mine at target. It's really amazing. For curly, coarse hair. So if you have curly hair and coarse hair and even if you don't have curly hair but you have silver hair that's really dry, try this on, I do put this on my daughter. She has very straight hair and it works really well on her too. Detangles her hair and it doesn't weigh her hair down. And she has very straight long hair. So definitely this is a really good, something you should really look into. Then I found this styling product which I'm absolutely obsessed with. This is, I bought the Garnier number two, because I want soft hold. I don't want crunchy hair. I just want something that would hold my curls without, and still have movement. So I bought the number two of Garnier. I don't love it as much as this. This is my number one

styling product for curly hair right now. Right now, this is amazing. And it's less than $5 again. And it's white. So I really like it. It's just like, you just shake it. Just put, well I put this much but usually I put a big gulp of it and just saturate my hair with it. It makes my curls really nice. It really holds well, really amazing stuff. Definitely check these two out. If you have curly hair, check the detangler and the mouse. And if you don't have curly hair, check out the detangler. (laughs) Okay now, silver hair, gray hair tends to get a little bit dull. That's why we put a lot of conditioning. And it's already frizzy so we wanna tame the frizz. This is the thing I do, I use oils. And again, I can use oils, I believe you can use oil even on straight hair but I'm not sure. I guess it depends on how heavy the oil is. But this oil I found is really light and it doesn't weigh the hair down and it moisturizes. But for me, because I have curly, coarse hair I can even do, I can even do coconut oil. So if you have thick hair, curly hair, coarse hair

which and you can afford the weighing down of coconut oil because it will weigh your hair down, you can put a little bit of coconut oil in the palm of your hand and just work it into your hair. And you can even use it as a pre-shower treatment and you can see your hair gets so nice and hydrated and it just looks beautiful. But again, if you have very fine hair, if your hair is very straight, you may not wanna try coconut oil because it may be too heavy for you. And I have heard somewhere, I don't know where I read it but I've heard that you shouldn't be doing coconut treatment on your hair too often either because it has too much protein. But I do recommend these kind of oils that are made for hair that doesn't weigh your hair down. Definitely, anyone can really benefit from it but if you have silver gray hair and coarse hair, you will definitely see a difference when you do use these. And avoid heat treatment, I mean, I know it's hard. Hot tools, avoid hot tools if you can, as much as you can because that contributes to the yellowness and dryness. So if you, you know, keep that once in a while, if you can. If you can do that. That is it that I had for you today. I hope that you find this video helpful and you can get gorgeous, beautiful, silver gray hair.

And maintain your gray hair and you will see you will fall in love with it if you put the right products in your hair that works for you. You'll definitely see a huge difference in your hair. And I hope that this video helps you, if you like it, please like always give it a thumbs up and if you haven't subscribed to my channel, please subscribe, I upload regularly, weekly and so I will come back with more videos. And leave a comment below, let me know what kind of videos you like me to make and that is for gray hair or silver hair. Or anything really, any kind of video you like me to make, let me know in the comments below. I want to make more videos like this because I know it's very helpful. I get a lot of comments, a lot of emails from you telling me about your transition to gray hair and silver hair and I really appreciate every single comment, every single message, private message that I get about this. I really appreciate you. Thank you so much for everything, for your support for my channel. I will see you next time. Bye.