02 September 2017

Natural Glam Makeup Tutorial ft Pinklipps Cosmetics | Essentialsbybri

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hello beautiful people welcome back to

my channel today I am introducing two new products to you these are by pink lips cosmetics and they have just released their voltage of lightening highlighters line so I'm so in love and I have a coupon code for you also I will lift that down below make sure that you watch to the end of the video to get all the details and let's go ahead and get started so first for my brows I am going in with the Benefit Cosmetics a goof proof brow pencil and I'm just lining my brows starting from the bottom and filling in to the top so yeah I wanted to go with a little bit of a thicker more dramatic brow today so I'm feeling I mean nice and fancy and then with the spoolie end of the pencil I am just go over look at that oh look at that look at it look at it okay so for concealer I'm using the Maybelline fit me concealer in deep and I'm taking this right along the bottom line of my brow and I'm also taking it in the middle and I'll do the same to the other side then I'm just gonna go ahead and take this flat concealer brush from morphe and I'm going to blend that product out I really like it because if you put an extra little layer on there then it has a nice

full coverage as you can see if you have any flyaways or stray hairs and you need to be waxed or tweezed or whatever then it's pretty good for that to tame my brows I'm going in with the what is this the elf brow gel and I'm just adding that to my eyebrow nice and sit and in place so for above my brows I'm gonna go ahead and use the Maybelline fit me foundation and this is in I think spicy Brown whatever it is 338 and I'm just taking that same concealer brush and putting that above my brow gives it a really nice natural look and helps it blend with your foundation so to set that I'm using the NYX mineral finishing powder and this fluffy brush from morphe and just doing that thing I've seen me do my brows a thousand times so you pretty much know the routine and again I'm going to go ahead and prime my eyelids my birthday was in July and I'm just now getting around to using this happy birthday next palette so thanks NYX for the happy birthday wishes and I'm taking the morphe 504 brush with that brown shade and this is really backwards right here but I'm taking that orange shade right above but yeah and then just to

deepen up the look a little bit I'm going in with this deep purple shade with the morphe 504 brush on at the outer corner of my eye I wanted it to be a little bit smoky but still kind of natural for this look I have been wanting to use some glitter lately and I finally got around to it so I'm using this NYX glitter glue and I'm just packing that on with my finger you can use a brush but I think it's a little bit easier for me to use my finger and then I'm going on with this bomb glitter is so pretty and pigmented I love it so just putting it on with my finger and then later on I'm gonna go in with my what is that my wet and wild brush and pack that into the smaller areas that I wasn't able to reach and it's okay if you get a little bit of fallout because I'm going to go ahead and clean that up with my Neutrogena makeup wipes these are an oil-based makeup wipes so make sure you wipe your face down after using them but on the outer corner just to blend everything together one more time I'm taking that deep purplish shade right on the outer corner of my eye now for some eyeliner I'm using the NYX liquid liner

and I am creating a winged beginning at the inner corner of my eye and then I make a line to a triangle and then I just go ahead and fill it all in so simple process but you just have to practice and get your technique down whatever works for you now for lashes i'm using the Ardell mink lashes in 811 and I'm applying them with a pair of tweezers for my mascara I'm using their real mascara but Benefit Cosmetics and I like to do this some times before but today I've decided to do it after just to blend my lashes with the falsies now to start on my face I'm using this elf blemish control black primer and just taking this all over my skin to prep it for my foundation it does have a bit of a tacky filling so that's gonna help your foundation stick real nice and for a foundation I have the Maybelline fit me foundation in 335 and 338 and I'm transitioning in color right now so I'm gonna go ahead and take both of them with my Real Techniques brush and blend those two foundations in as you can see this foundation looks like super oily and wet right now on my face but I promise it does dry down matte and what's up with my powder on there then

it gives me a really nice matte finish and I really like it so yeah concealer today I'm using the Maybelline fit me concealer in deep and I'm taking that right on my nose underneath my eyes and down to my Cupid's bow and then I'm just blending that in with my Real Techniques sponge and with the clean side of my sponge I'm just going around the rest of my face just to make sure everything is nice and seamless to set that liquid concealer and foundation I am using this powder brush from ELF with the NYX powder to finish off the look for my under eyes I'm going back in with that kind of orangish brown shade and taking that right underneath my lower lash line and then adding a little bit of mascara to set my face I'm using the Mario of a desk scoop powder that bra strap is bothering so much while I'm editing but anyways I like to just test that hand with my Real Techniques sponge to keep everything nice and flawless and now for the main event for this video yes pop in highlight oh my god this highlight is beautiful absolutely gorgeous I love it and I've been like it's super pigmented look at that one swipe and it's already there yeah look

at it look at it's amazing no seriously though I have the golden goddess highlighter and I feel like it's really nice for my skin tone it gives me that natural glowy dewy look which is really awesome and it doesn't look white or Casti so it's like really the perfect color and then I just went ahead and added that in my inner corners as well as my brow bone and of course just blending that out for a seamless finish and then I added a little bit to my Cupid's bow as well now I'm taking a little bit of this NYX matte bronzer around my forehead and along my cheekbones and then a little bit on my nose and of course can't forget the highlight on the nose so it can be popping now for the lips I'm going back in with that pink lips cosmetic matte lipstick this color is really pretty it's called a mover mu of the eggs they have such cute little names I love it but this is the final look you guys of course I have the coupon code listed down below so don't forget to Like and subscribe follow me on snapchat Facebook and Instagram and I'll have so much more coming for you all very soon much love peace