20 November 2018

Natural Everyday Makeup: WOC

Hey Beauties! This video is a beginners friendly quick, natural, everyday makeup look! The best part is everything is a drugstore product or drugstore price! Also ...

I love beautiful people and welcome back

to it for sale today I had a natural everyday makeup tutorial this will be my first making tutorial I am very excited so if you guys would like to see hi created this look with all drugstore products please make sure to stay tuned [Music] so I'm just going in and my ELF eyebrow pencil this right here is beautiful you guys and as I slowly on one in and a retractable pencil on the other I always like to go in and outline my brows just do a simple outline at the bottom and then at the top as you can see on the morning with a very very light hand so this is optional you can use that else around kids with which is a wax and a powder to fill in your brows which I sometimes do it but it's definitely not like all the time things mostly I will use that pencil that else I brought filters I show you to go in this is also optional it's just a elf filling these kind of seals everything the third thing is me that I love this feel and all these products I like there's no more than five out there that shows you so now I'm taking my approach and filler in toffee and I'm going to

outline or conceal my brows [Music] [Music] for my eyeshadow I'll be using my BH Cosmetics 88 neutral palette and my eyeshadow palette that I got them all so beauty along with my Real Techniques out our brushes [Music] this is a simple look South I don't think I use no more than like three eyeshadows for this look I just had a transitional color a lead color and I'd get a color in my outer corner of my eyes it's time to give it some extra definition you know extra just a little extra there so the eyes will look slick if you ever notice if you just lean in with light to a shuttle colors so ice is very flat and just my vision you know so good to them in the diaper a deeper tone or outer corners even when you do a just a simple everyday natural eye or neutral eyes so you see I'm just taking this another real technique breast that I'm using and I'm just going in with a system tad bit like a dark clown not very dark just with a little special aid of the darker plan and I'm kidding and I do apologize because those colors do not

show as pigmented as they are on camera [Music] under second airbrush that I use for my transition color and I'm just slightly blending all that and I don't want to have to be very harsh that there that's another thing even you as your colors to the out of corner but I outside that I'd make sure that you're not really baby you don't want to come up real big and make your eyes look heavy [Applause] [Music] [Music] seeing this gonna be my highlight color just gonna go right below my eyebrow or like on the eyebrow bone or whatever right under those eyebrows you're gonna pop that color on those brows so we lift those brows how to lift them and my favorite liner which is else liner it's just in the and I usually do like a winged look but due to this being a very simple natural everyday look when they're gonna wing it at all you're just gonna do a line across her just across the lash line keep it simple cuz I know sometimes so if you do a wing line you can get away from you and you know then you won't deal with that today okay so

I'm going in with L'Oreal voluminous fiber lash mascara one of my favorite lash one of my favorite mascara excuse me I've been using this the Chiefs gonna bring her for like the past 3-4 years I never shame on me but if it ain't broke why speak to the side this last this mascara does awesome job lifting and volumizing my lashes so I just thought continue to use that [Music] and that's pretty much it for the eyes and you think tells you three colors tops you're doing so we're going to go and set the face this is my ELF poreless primer and I want to use even if you guys have not noticed I love me some old photos like I'm gonna do a video of 8 from the favorite point that I love and that I had in my kid so actually do make this on the sides I have I faked it because the most of the products are exporting like 99.99 I've said the back is dreadful let you just go straight it primer all over yes I go there's my neck area [Music] yeah it's gotta be extra sorry oh I'm sorry I cannot be the only one that

listens to music when I'm still on makeup doing my hair like come on and get it girl get okay so favorite foundation true color buy black opal that is another one of my favorite brands to use like opal [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] another way thing they're gonna do what they're gonna skip over them arms been tied up in a run up at the battery up from another governor I'm gonna recharge now eat up