20 December 2018

Natural everyday make up tutorial

hi guys today we are doing a natural

beauty makeup tutorial first we are going to apply the foundation above our eyebrows are under our cheekbones the bridge of her nose by her hairline if we have zits or pimples definitely want to cover those up and under a chin and above our lip next we are going to blend that in next we are going to add concealer I'm using this gel concealer pen and we are going to apply that under our eyes almost like in a star shape almost and apply that under your other eye across by your eyebrows and make a plus sign down the bridge of your nose and at the tip on their temples don't forget that under your eyebrows and the creases are her nose and that's it next you're gonna blend that in for the places by my eye where I have to do the concealer I'm using a smaller Beauty Blender okay next you are going to do the eye shadow I recommend using a brush that's like this like a makeup brush and I'm going to apply a sort of like darkish color and I'm going to apply that by the creases of my eye and all over my eyelid okay now I'm going to use a little bit later color and blend that in with the

darker color about half way up to your eyebrow okay now I'm going to add a lighter color on the creases of my eye and the top just to smooth out where I kind of messed up and if you feel like you messed up grab a tissue or anything that you could wipe your eyes off with and do it where you feel like you messed up now I'm gonna do it I'm gonna do it around by where my eye like half way where my eyebrow meets and around okay we are also going to add the lighter color to the tips of our to the tips of our eyelids and just blend that in and if you accidentally wiped off the creases I thought I can again okay after you're done with that and you feel like it looks good add your mascara I'm using the falsies by Maybelline and just apply that all over your eyelashes and if you accidentally messed up on the mascara to take a makeup wipe or like I said earlier in the video take a tissue and just wipe it off and after that we are going to add lip gloss or lipstick

I'm using the collab non-stop matte color and I'm just gonna apply that to my bottom lip after you're done just give it a little swish around and you've accidentally get the makeup everywhere just take a tissue or something and wipe it off and things you look make sure you subscribe and hit the bell in like this video bye pizza