27 November 2018

Natural Everday Makeup Look GRWM

Hello everyone!! Welcome to my first video where I show you my (sort of) natural, everyday makeup routine that I do whenever I want to look effortless yet still put ...

hello everyone welcome to my channel so

today I just did this everyday makeup look I don't wear this makeup look every day but on the days that I want to look presentable and natural just still glam I just do this makeup look if you guys want to learn how I get this makeup look just keep on watching so I just took a shower and I still need to moisturize so I'm gonna do that right now I'm going to use the tatcha water cream just make sure my skin's moisturize before the makeup next I'm going to be using my Too Faced hangover primer probably one of the best primers I've ever used my face is now ready for makeup my favourite of all time is the cosmetics to your skin but better CC cream I've been using this for over a year this is like my second bottle I got like that's how much I like it I'm just gonna square it pump onto my hand and just start it all over my face what I like about it is that it's a pump so that way it's not hard to get product out if you're in a rush I'm gonna be taking my Beauty Blender and just blending it out you I hope you guys liked this set out I'm filming in my sister's room because she has like five windows in here so the

natural light is like amazing my room has one window and it's not as big as her room so I don't know if it would be a good place to film but we'll see now that my foundation is blended out I'm going to go in with concealer so free concealer I've been loving this Maybelline fit me concealer and it's one of the best concealers and it's drugstore so I really love this I'm a li just do like three lines under my eye you well I just take the same beauty blender and I blend that up too you okay next I'm going to be using this Cody airspun loose face powder and I think it's in translucent translucent yes so I'm going to be taking that I have a napkin because this gets like everywhere and I don't want to spill it on my sister's bed so I'm going to take the same Beauty Blender and grab a little bit and I'm just going to Pat that underneath my eyes after I set those areas I take a big fluffy brush this is by Real Techniques and it's the powder brush and I'm gonna grab the tiniest bit of powder just a

little bit I'm going to set my cheeks and the rest of my face all right so next I'm going to use bronzer I'm going to be using this Laura Mercier matte radiance baked bronzer in bronze 3 so I got a little bit of this and then just bronze up my face there's like a mirror right here so I'm like looking at it to make sure I don't look insane and now for nose contours so I'm going to be using this morphe r34 brush but i'm going to take that same bronzer and just drawing two lines to contour my nose you I grab a little bit more bronzer and then I pinched the brush and I just go in right there and then I blend it out this just makes it look like you have like a cute button nose so I love doing that and they make sure I really blend it out cuz I don't like there to be like really harsh lines and then I'll also take that same bronzer and use it as an eye shadow so for this I put it everywhere I put it in my crease and on my lids okay now our nose contour is looking a bit rough so I'm just gonna be taking my Beauty Blender that has like excess

powder on it and I'm just going to be stinking over my nose so it'll diffuse the color a little bit and not make it look so harsh next is brows and my favorite brow product is the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow is in medium brown so I just take the spoolie side and I brush my eyebrows up and then just going to fill them in you to set my brows I'm going to be using this little tiny benefit gimme brow and it says three so I'm assuming that's the shade because it does have the tiniest bit of tint you what's next blush I love blush I never used to wear it I just started wearing it this year I'm gonna be taking this Tarte blush in the shade party I'm gonna be using this brush it's just a big fluffy brush it has no name just any blush brush will do I'm gonna be taking that and I'm going to smile and just apply it I'm going to highlight my face and before I do that I am going to spray it with a morphe continuous setting mist so that way my face is dewy for the highlighter to go

on so I'm going to be using the morphe and 501 and the Fenty Beauty kilowatt highlighters and lightning dust and fire crystal I'm just going to be going right on my cheeks and I'm going to be using my finger and highlighting my Cupid's bow and my nose next I'm going to be taking the same highlighter I use any tiny brush and I dip into the highlight shade and I go right into my inner corner and I'm going to be using the same brush and applying it underneath my brow and connecting it to the highlight my face is looking a little bit intense which is why I go back in with this Real Techniques powder brush and with nothing on it I'm just going to go over my whole face and just blend everything out so it's all connected together okay are we onto mascara are really done I'm going to be using this Lancome primer for my lashes you so next I'm going to be taking the Lancome I don't know how to pronounce it a grandiose extreme mascara like look at that difference I love mascara for my bottom lashes I'm going to be

using the L'Oreal telescopic mascara the wand is super thin so it makes my bottom lashes not look as clumpy next is lip liner finally I'm going to be going in with the morphe lip liner in the shade foolish and this is like one of my favorite lip liners you to moisturize my lips a little more I'm going to be using the glossy a bomb calm alright guys that is it for my makeup routine I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video I had so much fun making it and don't forget to Like and subscribe if you like this video and comment down below any video ideas or suggestions that you'd like to see on this channel thank you for watching I'm so excited I can't believe I did this oh is that it I feel like there's more okay that's it okay bye