20 December 2018

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM 4| Tras la mascara

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4| Tras la mascara.


[Music] land of fire hidden leaf village here lives a boy who dreams of becoming the village leader the Hokage that boy's name is Naruto Uzumaki in his body dwell the nine-tailed Fox the mighty tailed beast that once attacked the village but the strong will that he was born with allowed him to run down the path of growth however there was trouble brewing in the Ninja world an organization known as the Akatsuki had set out to collect the nine tailed beasts including the nine tails and declared war on the Ninja world releasing the flames of a massive conflict once they were ignited the flames continued to burn on at all [Music] but Naruto Uzumaki just kept staring straight ahead having forged new bonds he kept his eyes fixed on the future and that new Sal Gore that roar grew stronger and spread and as if they were echoes his many allies left into action Naruto all for his sake as he keeps on fighting this world [Music] the Gedo statue here don't tell me he's

ready to begin now time for chaos the roars from the splitting earth Herald the end as this battle to save the ninja world enters its final stage the ultimate deathmatch begins the world no longer needs hope a future or any famous heroes when this reality ends is a seemingly endless dream [Music] I had a dad come on old man sage kids look up to heroes so I'm gonna keep charging ahead without losing my way I'm gonna become the best Hokage there's ever been that's my dream you idiot you [Music] they really is strong what should we do juicy maybe the same as my comely the sis's right we'll be using the same jutsu so be the same if I can use that to our advantage [Music] [Music] you we're not done yet time to up the stakes [Music] all right

got you Oh shadow clone its your limit Kakashi you're too late you're wasting your time nowhere to run now Toby I get it my attack is run erase that shadow clone it was comely damn Kakashi he figured out that were connected to the same space are you you are Obito you